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  1. I had a wonderful CRS representative who worked with a resolution specialist and was able to switch our southern Caribbean cruise from SJU to a western cruise from MIA for next year. There were no Southern cruises going out of SJU in our 4 week Lift & Switch timeframe. We feel extremely fortunate since others are having issues doing this type of change. I would say keep calling.
  2. Thank you for the review, we will be on the Meraviglia next week,can't wait. Can you let us know if there are any loungers around the pool area in the shade? also are there loungers in the indoor pool area? Any info would be great.
  3. Great info! Thank you so much!
  4. Great pictures,we are going there in Feb. We have reserved an umbrella and it says that you can pick up at a stand. Does anyone know where the umbrella stands are or if there will be someone that can dig the hole to put the umbrella in when we find open chairs. Any info would be appreciated. Happy Holidays to all!
  5. Has anyone recently upgraded from easy to premium before sailing? Looking to do that before our July 2020 sailing just booked. Any info would be great! Price info would be appreciated as well. Thanks
  6. Great information! We are on the Meraviglia in Jan.2020 our cabin is 13181 any ifo would be appreciated as would a picture with location. Thanks so much! Debbie
  7. Thank you, we are looking forward to a new port! Was there a beach area that you preferred in the West end beach area? Have a great day! Debbie
  8. Good Afternoon, We will be on the Meraviglia in Feb. 2020 and are going to Honduras. Can someone let me know what port we dock at and about how far West End Beach is from there. Would also be interested is best method of getting there. Any info would be appreciated! Thank you, Debbie
  9. It is pass straw market and before Junkanoo maybe 15 minutes tops. It is in a brand new building.
  10. Best time in Nassau was doing the real 737 jet simulator the owner Ryan and one of the instructors James were great. A totally awesome time. Check out website http://jetlinesimulationbahamas.com/ Deb
  11. I was wondering if Bacardi Rum is one of the drinks included on the Easy Package. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you!
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