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  1. You are correct. I have had them in BLU as well. Unfortunately my last experience was in 2017, so that may not be a very reliable source for today.
  2. We're booked on the October 2nd sailing... We're hoping too!! Good luck to us all!
  3. Hi Everyone!! I took the plunge and booked for October 2nd on the Meraviglia. We chose Fantastica over Aurea because of the uncertainty with what the Covid restrictions will be onboard. I don't see an option in my booking to purchase a thermal spa pass. Am I correct in assuming that if they decide to allow use of the thermal spa area, this will open for purchase prior to sailing? Or... is this something I may need to call about? Also, does anyone have an idea of what pricing for the week may look like? Thanks in advance for any input!! -Chris
  4. I'm curious on this as well. We have always enjoyed the Blu restaurant on Celebrity with Aqua class cabins. I was hoping this would be something similar. Where did you find the draft specs?
  5. Hey everyone, I realize cruises out of Miami in May are a long shot. If I book a cruise for May and it gets canceled, would I be able to apply the FCC to a cruise for this October? Just curious if there is any issue applying these immediately to a new cruise. I am ok tying up the money if I knew there would be the benefit of the 125% amount. Just as an FYI this is for 2 cabins on Meriviglia for a Caribbean sailing. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks! Chris
  6. Thanks for the additional feedback regarding being separated. After weighing all of this I think we'll go with Aurea for this one. If we enjoy MSC, I'll shoot for YC on the new ship (Seashore) for 2022 when it would likely be just my wife and I. Thanks again and happy sailing to you all!!
  7. Thank you all for the feedback!! I really appreciate it! Sounds like I will be happy either way! I'm hopeful if I book a YC interior, I might be able to upgrade for a better price depending on how all the COVID stuff shakes out. Right now it's almost double the price to move from interior to deluxe suite for YC.
  8. Hi everyone! I've been reading lots of good stuff about the Yacht Club experience. I'm wondering if the experience is worth giving up a balcony? It looks like the price between the two choices is very similar. We're thinking of trying MSC as a make up vacation in April for my son's graduation trip (2020) He is taking a couple of friends and they will share a standard interior or ocean view. I'm trying to decide if my wife and I would enjoy the perks of the Yacht Club enough to offset not having a balcony. We've enjoyed spending time in the thermal suites on other lines and the idea of a s
  9. This is intriguing to me... Is it pretty straight forwards getting MSC to honor this if I haven't sailed with them at all? Thanks for the information!! Chris
  10. Hi everyone!! Are there any details as to the Aurea restaurant on Seashore? I saw it in the description of the new ship and it was intriguing!! We have thoroughly enjoyed Blu on Celebrity with the Aqua class cabins in the past. It would awesome if it was something similar! I'm looking at trying out MSC Meriviglia in the spring and then hopefully Seashore in February 2022. Thanks for any input, it's much appreciated!! Chris
  11. Hi everyone! I am contemplating booking an aft facing veranda for an Eastern Caribbean in April. We sailed in one on the Eurodam to the Mexican Riviera in December of 2018. We loved everything about it with one exception. There was a strange vibration that wasn't constant. It would come and go. Is this typical of aft facing verandas, or was there maybe an issue with the ship? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! My other options are one of the angled balconies on either deck 4 (partially obstructed) or deck 8. Thanks in advance!! Chris
  12. Interesting responses! We are in our mid 40's and generally prefer Celebrity, but the price has gotten out of our desired range. We tried the Eurodam in December of 2018 for a Mexican Riviera cruise. We really enjoyed the ship, crew, and dining. However we found it difficult finding many people in our age demographic to hang out with. It was definitely the oldest crowd we have had in the 6 cruises we've taken. I'm looking at the Eastern itinerary on the Neiuw Statendam for 2021. I really like the feel of this ship as it seems more contemporary. Any chance this will have more folks in our range
  13. Hi everyone!! We are thinking of trying out MSC in the next year or two. We would like to try one of the new ships in the Caribbean, probably February 2021. We have always booked our cruises through Costco, but MSC is not serviced as far as I can tell. Would you recommend finding a TA or booking directly? I know we're not supposed to ask about specific companies here, but I'm just not quite sure of the best place to start. I was hoping to get some OBC or some other perk that a TA may provide. Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. Hey everyone!! I'm on the Getaway leaving this weekend from New Orleans. I'm trying to decide which internet package I need. My choices are Unlimited Wifi or Unlimited with Streaming. My reason for needing the internet is that I need to be able to work some on the trip. I have to access the web for some small files to download and I will need to be able to upload files in the range of 5-10MB each. Am I ok with the regular internet or should I pay the extra for the "streaming" one?? Does anyone know the difference in bandwidth between the two? Thanks!! Chris
  15. Sthrngary Thanks very much for the info! Your review was terrific! Very helpful! The video posted above was great to get a visual of the area as well! Thanks again everyone! This is why I love Cruise Critic! So many helpful people here!!
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