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  1. I too have a mint allergy and have yet to across another who share's that condition until now! I discovered mine after always getting sick after brushing my teeth as a child. Always a bummer to get excited about a watermelon & basil salad and find out it's actually mint, LOL. Like you, I've removed more dessert garnishes than I can count 😬
  2. While undoubtedly well-intentioned, your post is both inappropriate and over dramatic. Chances of a flock of Cruise Critic users all on the same sailing overwhelming.Luminae are next to none. And as the previous posted pointed out, by the time many sail the settling in period will likely be eel behind us. Everyone please continue to post their dining requests without hesitation 😊
  3. I've read that if given 24 hours notice, Luminae can prepared off-menu dishes on request. I'm curious to know what such dishes people have ordered on their past cruises that they'd recommend. Huge foodie here and am looking for some inspiration for my upcoming cruise 🙂
  4. Hope the pasta station comes back soon — one of my favorite parts of the buffet.
  5. Can you confirm if the dishes served at the Chef's Table dinner are exclusive to the Chef's Table experience? A few years back I noticed on Reflection, that the Chef's Table dinner was a collection of dishes taken from the Murano menu with the addition of wine pairings — which led me not to book. If the food being served cannot be found elsewhere, I'd definitely be interested in booking this.
  6. Saw multiple posts on this thread mention having breakfast from Luminae sent to your suite — is this the standard suite room service breakfast menu? Or must one call room service and specially request Luminae menu items when ordering?
  7. Does anyone know if attention needs to be brought to Celebrity pre-cruise if one has back-to-backs booked? We ended up booking 3 back-to-back sailings on Apex, same stateroom for each. But all three sailings were booked in separate phone calls to different agents and I never specified we'd be back-to-back guests....should I call and mention it? Or Celebrity will figure it out on their own?
  8. I'm glad this was resolved - but I have always had an issue with the cruise lines being unwilling to move guests who somehow took the room originally booked. It seems if someone should end up inconvenienced, it should be the party who received the room when it was technically unavailable — not the ones who had it first.
  9. Onboard Millennium right now for the inaugural return sailing - and was told all the martinis at Martini Bar carry a $4 surcharge for classic package holders - only included for Premium. Was this true for pre-pandemic sailings? Lychee Martinis we’re my absolute favorite and I never remember having to pay extra with the classic beverage package.
  10. I always look forward to the Apple & Raisin Pancakes at MDR for breakfast
  11. We're booked for June 5th! Kinda bummed about the opening starting earlier than posted — our first choice of a Celebrity Suite was completely sold out when we called to book at 8:00 AM. So we're in two balconies instead. But we're so excited just to have this cruise to look forward to after so long. Flights for us through Celebrity were a MASSIVE bargain. Close to 60% off the price if we'd booked direct.
  12. On my Explorer cruise a few years ago, I had luck booking a couple of additional excursions that were just 5 or 10 minutes over the threshold mentioned in previous posts when calling Regent on the phone to book. May be worth a shot.
  13. @ALWAYS CRUZIN, You remind me of a certain poster who frequented the Scenic Eclipse threads during the ship's construction (another venture that was plagued by construction delays and economic issues with the shipyard). Like you, he seemingly had a chip on his shoulder about a product he clearly never had any intention of booking or sailing. He made countless of posts criticizing anyone who had booked or was thinking about it, endlessly speculated the company was scamming consumers and the ship would never see the light of day. While concern was definitely warranted, his obsession
  14. Our final glimpse of the Eclipse as we took the skies from Lima Disembarkation and Scenic's transfer to the airport was a totally different and far better experience the the embarkation transfer. They couldn't have made it easier, and Scenic representatives handled luggage all the way through your airline check-in, and escorted you all the way until security. Our last night of the cruise included the farewell recap, and the Captain's remarks before a fantastic dinner at Elements. Luggage was requested to be place outside your stateroom by 11:00PM that even
  15. Here are some photos from the horse and dancing show as part of the Enriching activity arranged by Scenic. It was a very lovely evening.
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