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  1. Thanks for the responses. I’m looking seriously at the Grand Circle trip. They sail one-way, and theirs is a 12-day trip. All the nights are spent on the boat (MS Bizet) except for the last night. That night is at a hotel close to CDG in preparation for the trip home. The bus trip from Honfleur back to Paris includes a visit to the Peace Memorial Museum in Caen. The ship is docked in Paris for the first two nights, so plenty of opportunities for Paris sightseeing. They also appear to do a significant amount of day-time sailing which we enjoy.
  2. We're thinking about cruising the Seine, and were wondering which lines actually dock in Honfleur. From a search of the forum, it seems that Scenic, Vantage, Croisieurope, and Grand Circle dock there rather than docking nearby and busing people to Honfleur. I also noted that Grand Circle and Croisieurope do one-way cruises. So, 1) are there other lines that dock in Honfleur?, and 2) Are there other lines that do the Seine as one-way tours rather than Paris to Paris? Thanks!
  3. Sorry you're having trouble finding what you need. I would suggest using the search function and search for the word Christmas, searching only on the River Cruise forum and looking in titles only. I've not done a Christmas Markets cruise, but perhaps the most important thing I've seen from other posts is to make sure that you don't start too early or too late. Make sure that you understand the dates the markets open and close.
  4. You might also check Avalon for similar itineraries. Their ships have a similar configuration where the front part of the sundeck is significantly lower than the back part. Also they have a nice open area in the front of the ship just in front of the lounge (similar to Viking's Aquavit Terrace).
  5. We did this cruise (northbound) a couple of years ago and enjoyed it. Avalon uses the Poetry II on the Rhone, so you might want to check out the reviews at the link below. Also, when you're in Tournon/Tain L'Hermitage, I would suggest skipping the walking tour and set out on your own and visit the Valrhona chocolate store across the river (about a mile walk). There are tons of incredible free samples, and when I checked out with my chocolates, the clerk dropped another handful of samples into my bag! You only have half a day there, but you should have plenty of time to load up on chocolate. Valrhona has a tour that gets mixed reviews, but everyone loves the shop. Enjoy! https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/getreviews.cfm?action=ship&ShipID=822 https://www.citeduchocolat.com/en https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g674303-d3704337-Reviews-Cite_du_Chocolat_Valrhona-Tain_l_Hermitage_Drome_Auvergne_Rhone_Alpes.html
  6. This is one you can do on your own if you're a little adventurous. You can catch the 357 bus in front of Centraal Station. The bus takes about 50-55 minutes and drops you off right at the auction. Our bus driver was eager to help us and make sure that we got off at the right stop. We took a 7:00 a.m. bus, but if I had it to do over, I would take an earlier bus in case the auction runs short (normal run is 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.). You can also take a train to the airport and get a bus from there. The auction is definitely worth seeing!
  7. If there's a "must do" optional excursion, you should book through Avalon before travelling. On our Rhone cruise a couple of years ago, some tours didn't take place because not enough people signed up. The exception was for cruises where people had pre-booked. These excursions took place even if there were only a few people who had booked. It may have changed since, but Avalon's policy was that any tour booked before the cruise would take place regardless. If no one had booked before the cruise, then the excursion was conditional on some minimum number of participants.
  8. A couple of suggestions. First, just google what to wear on a river cruise, and you'll get lots of hits. Also, check out the blog at the link below. It's hard to navigate since the relevant posts are now archived (hint: do it by months). This cruiser posted a really comprehensive blog on what she packed for her Amsterdam to Budapest cruise. Also after the cruise she listed the items she wished she'd left at home. She also posted a lot on this site, but apparently the search function only goes back a year or so. https://rivercruisenewbie.wordpress.com/2014/07/
  9. You might give Avalon a call. they set a number of solo cabins aside for many of their cruises.
  10. Post #12 on this thread says that the cruiser docked in Honfleur on a Grand Circle cruise.
  11. Thanks for a great review. When planning your trip did you consider the Uniworld's one-way itinerary: Lisbon to Porto to Barca d' Alva to Madrid or reverse? We did the Douro in 2018 with Vantage and enjoyed the one-way trip: Madrid, Barca d' Alva, Porto, Lisbon (with an optional Madeira add-on). One nice thing was that Salamanca becomes a stop on the Madrid-Barca d' Alva trip rather than an all day out and back from Barca de Alva.
  12. My experience is a little different. On our Avalon Rhone cruise a couple of years ago, any optional tours that were booked before the cruise went on as planned, regardless of how many people had signed up. There were a couple of optional tours where no one signed up beforehand, and then only a few people signed up on board. Those tours were canceled due to lack of interest.
  13. Does the Elbe have similar problems downstream from Berlin? None of the lines serving North America seem to sail to Hamburg, but it might be a route worth pursuing if it doesn't suffer from the same navigation issues as the upper Elbe.
  14. Great to hear that you had a good trip. Look forward to hearing more. I have a couple of specific questions: Did you book directly with Croisieurope, or did you go through a secondary agency like Adventure Live or Road Scholar. I've heard that Croisieurope has a fixed menu rather than a choice of entrées. If so, was that a problem? Were you able to see the menus in advance and ask for an alternate entrée? Were English language tours available at stops? Thanks
  15. I wonder if Viking might be offering some last minute deals to people willing to put up with the bus tours in order to fill some of the spots that people are abandoning. I checked the web site, but didn't see any.
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