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  1. ALS1214

    Swizzle Inn

    I’ll be on The Gem in a few weeks and want to visit the Swizzle Inn. If I get on a ferry to Hamilton, is it a close cab or bus ride away? I’ve been to Bermuda before but never to Swizzle Inn and want to check it out.
  2. Does NCL have a free ferry to Hamilton as well? how often do they leave the Docklands?
  3. I’m on the Bliss in February, where do they do sail away party in winter out of NYC? Atrium seems too s,all.
  4. I was thinking of booking it since it coming to NYC for a bit. I was thrilled to see your pics. I know we will get a great review.
  5. I have done the Dawn 4 times and I am ready for some new things. I did the Gem last summer and it was fun. I always wanted to see Patti and Jose, but they were always on vacation when I sailed. I was sorta hoping to catch them on the Gem.
  6. Now that the Gem is sailing out of Boston I noticed that it seems like the entertainment is not the same as last summer out of NYC. It's a shame as that was the best entertainment I have seen in a while. How are the acts on the Gem so far? We usually like to enjoy cocktails in Magnums and listen to music.
  7. We are looking at cabins on the Bliss and have children with us. We see ocean views on Deck 5 near the kids clubs and wonder if they are under the Galley since it looked like Taste and Savor are above. Any experience in these Cabins? Noise level etc..
  8. I’m looking to book the Bliss for February school vacation , but lots of balconies are on the same floor as the waterfront. Are they noisy at night?
  9. Wish they would overnight in Canaveral all trips or at least leave at Midnight to give people a chance to do Disney.
  10. If No one orders them and complains to person in charge of restaurants then maybe they will roll it back. But if people buy it, then they will up charge something else. I would rather pay a bit more for the overall dining package than to be charged on top of what you pay. It is getting ridiculous. Yes, all lines nickel and dime but the drink package is ridiculous, when other lines charge $55-80 a day with higher coast limit. Pretty soon we will only get the watered down, bottom shelf pre made cocktails on a beverage plan. The suits listen when their profit margins may be challenged.
  11. My bliss cruise went down about $400 if I price adjust would I lose the $200 onboard credit. Also would they apply a fee to do an adjustment?
  12. I am shocked that the ship conitues on course and not pull into Charleston to offload injured passengers. I am sure the medical staff and suite are great, but nothing beats a proper hospital. I hope I never have to experience this, but knowing it can happen also prepares me to TRY to be calm in the situation. I am shocked that the machines are not properly secured as the ship can list. My prayers to the injured and hope NCL looks into making the ships more stable in high winds to reduce instances of extreme listing.
  13. Wow! I'd be panic stricken for sure! Hopefully, everyone will be OK. I hope NCL takes care of the injured.
  14. So instead of a $15 drink limit, there is now a $25 drink limit for the regular drink perk? That would be nice.
  15. I e sailed 4 times with NCL needed 2 more days to be Silver and not changed yet.
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