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  1. 2 TA emails 2day confirm registration opens 14 Oct 4sale 21 october
  2. According 2 a FB post 14 Oct 4 registering interest 21 Oct on sale
  3. if you do an AIS search on Marine Traffic for Lifeboat 17 18 based at Stornoway you will see she went to QE's position shortly before QE's departure at about 2015, I assume to do the medevac. QE would have advised Stornoway Coastguard of the medical problem and they would have requested a lifeboat launch as per normal UK procedure ( or helo if more appropriate), something I have been involved in more than once. I suspect HH can confirm.
  4. cmv vessel smaller so presumably could go nearer shore: back to original question re Amsterdam paying £8 would not bother us but unless the weather is extreme and Ijmuiden is closed you will dock there more times than not and will get to Amsterdam
  5. as I write she is 6.7 miles from the bridge at 17.7 knots eta times are almost always to the pilot station eg eta Southampton @ 0345 is for the Nab
  6. Yes displacement of water creates pressure when it is checked by anything fixed/solid (corasion)
  7. Venice foundations and geological conditions are rather unique
  8. it is the water displacement and pressure caused by cruise ships not wash that is the cause of the problem.
  9. Large cruise ships to be banned from Venice grand canal Cruise News headline don't think cruise ships have ever gone down grand canal l figure of 1,000 tons quoted in Cruise News as the limit for cruise ships accurate info would certainly help
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/aug/08/venice-cruise-ships-could-be-rerouted-from-city-centre-next-month slightly different from Daily Fail account note the politics
  11. Viking Sky had enough oil in tanks to satisfy regulation but due to the rolling at times the sensors were above the oil level as it moved in the tanks, I believe sensors have been placed lower in the tanks . Anyone remember a British Leyland car with a computer many years ago Allegro? when parked up or downhill or braking sharply the helpful voice said "low oil pressure"
  12. she was in Venice on 4th and Split on 5th left Split at 2009 UTC
  13. we did this in 2017, bus stopped at road for the cemetery and we walked about 30 minutes cemetery is on right, not far or expensive with a taxi I suspect
  14. Ok on QE for what we want emails, general internet in cabins , not been on QV since 2014 when we sometimes had to prop cabin door open but nit was ok in grand lobby and other open places
  15. we did the Curonian Spit excursion with Cunard very good
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