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  1. unless things have changed since my sea going days the captain is responsible for the accuracy of the log ships today have a multitude of tech equipment that records data of all sorts and what about the pilot is his opinion being falsified?
  2. The sea description in the Beaufort Scale applies to open waters not confined areas such as the approach to St PP where strong tides, shallow water and wind gaps between areas of land such as bays, islands and headlands can and do differ from a forecast. The Dover Strait often has stronger winds through the wind gap between Dover and Cap Griz Nez than areas close by. Also in onshore winds especially those from high pressure are often stronger close to ashore than offshore in the same way offshore winds are lighter close to land than out a t sea. Today all seems to be well but Friday for Britannia seems to a possible problem.
  3. Outlook for the following 24 hours: WIND East 2 to 4, soon veering southeast, then backing east to northeast 3 to 5 by midnight. SEA STATE Slight, locally smooth, with a low swell. WEATHER Occasional haze, risk of mist near French coast around dawn risk of isolated thundery showers later. VISIBILITY Moderate to good, perhaps locally poor near French coast around dawn. Met Office Inshore Waters forecast outlook 4 Monday when Ventura will try again notice the suggested low swell the wind has been in an easterly point now for some days so that swell may be more significant
  4. I dont know I was not here, were you? log says upto F8 as I said easterly winds blowing for some days right down channel would probably built up an inshore swell not obvious form the anchorage point. This with the numerous offlying rocks not to mention Herm lying just offshore from St PP might well have created a confused sea state in shallower water. The CI lying across the main tidal streams create very difficult currents which the ship tenders together with swell possibly breaking over the approach might well have been too much for the tenders and not least the passengers. Having tendered many times in calm conditions I an amazed how some com[plain later that it was dangerous and should not have happened. I can honestly say that I have never disagreed with decisions to cancel tendering and so miss a port You seem to be suggesting that the captain and the pilot are making things up or worse that the pilot's opinion has been falsified. Assuming you are not a airline pilot have you ever questioned the pilot of any plane you have been passenger on any decisions he has made?
  5. firstly I can assure you I am not an apologist for PO infact we have only done 3 cruises with them with another one next year. Reeds Nautical Almanac states for St PP " beware of offlying dangers, strong tidal streams and big tidal range demand careful navigation" There is more to taken into account than just getting on a tender, holding ground, enough room to swing at anchor clear of any danger for scope of chain required etc. I would imagine the harbour authorities would have given their opinion as the pilot appears to have done. I cannot imagine that would have been entered in the log it was false for it would be simple to verify. Winds have been blowing from an easterly point for several days which might have built up a swell in swallower water close to shore. This would properly not been apparent from the ship. This was a spring tide period which would have maximum tidal flow and range although in my experience St PP is easier than St Helier The captain has the ultimate responsibility and I expect a major factor would have been the demographic and mobility of passengers. Some years ago on QV we were delayed by an electrical supply problem to the pods which required a new cable to installed. Some passengers were adamant this was a lie or a porkie to allow us to miss the next port to save money. In fact we reached that on time.
  6. having been involved with SAR for 25 years I know how the sea can be time and date is not a specialised maritime forecast been into St Peter Port several times (not on cruise) shipping forecast I saw and heard was upto F6 slowing decreasing during the day but having been in a easterly quarter for some days Captains have a great responsibility (I know form personal experience) and have to take account of the mobility of passengers, pilot boarding is different experienced seaman knowing their job missing tender ports have happened to us several times and although I would have been happy to board tender looking at other people I was not too sure about them almost every time some fellow passengers were convinced it was to save money and yet when I have tendered in calm sheltered conditions with just a little role of the tender some people have been very nervous and convinced it was rough Being critical without responsibility or expert knowledge is very easy to do
  7. u should be able to go independently by booking at the tourist office opposite the ship's berth which also gives you the advantage of more time at the summit but also allows you to judge if the weather is good enough on the day
  8. don't know about Corner Brook but plenty of tour companies in Rekjavik just google Rekyjavik tours
  9. Not just QM2 it occurs with other vessels on MT
  10. this new site has the potenila to be just as useless as the new Cunard site webcams can be found at https://www.pocruises.com/cruise-ships/webcams
  11. if you saw the very difficult passage into St Helier at low tide you would soon see the problem many rocks and difficult currents been in there professionally more than once
  12. Cunard now give port times on their website
  13. I have just concluded very satisfactorily dealing with a family bereavement on behalf of a relative regarding an upcoming cruise. At all times it was dealt with sympathetically with no problems and another relative was put on the booking at no cost, the original fare and OBC being transferred.
  14. now arriving in Molde https://www.webcamtaxi.com/en/norway/more-og-romsdal/molde-panorama.html
  15. We cancelled and rebooked a cruise a bit more expensive £1 more will do deposit & OBC retained £100 admin fee no flying 4 either cruise only possible with Cunard fare
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