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  1. No. Because when I got sick I thought it was sinuses and I felt so bad I just crawled in bed and slept. And my steward brought me hot water to drink because I could not get warm. I stayed in my cabin for two days. Never came out. Then my fever was gone and I was feeling slightly better So i came out for the last day of the cruise. I'm the type person that only goes to the doctor after I've tried all home remedies and rest. LOL! As my mom says I'm stubborn!
  2. Well, I would have thought that too, except it didn't act like the flu usually does on me. Plus I had taken the flu shot a month or so before leaving. I don't know what it was. I was just curious. But I am very glad if no one else got ill.
  3. No, I'm not taking any test yet. I don't trust them. LOL! I was just curious. And yes, September was early, but I have read where they have found cases around then. So,,,,,,,,, plus there were a few other reasons that I suspect COVID. Ah well, I healed! Even if the last part of the trip was miserable. Hopefully I can return in the near future.
  4. Yes, nothing on there since before sailing. But thanks for the suggestion. I had not thought of that.
  5. I was wondering if anyone else on this trip got sick? I did the land tour first and then the cruise. I came down sick five days after this tour started. Chills, fever, lethargy, cough. Stayed sick for over a month with this. Anyone else? I'm curious. Thinking it was COVID. Wondering if anyone else had symptoms. On a side note, Day 1 I started feeling bad I stayed in my cabin. I wasn't wanting to infect anyone no matter what I had.
  6. Deck 7 was my favorite spot too! And will be this September when I am there again. Last time on the Grand, this time on the Golden! Can't wait!
  7. We had to show ours in 2015, So I keep it on me. Just in case.
  8. September 11 land tour/September 14, 2019 Golden Princess Alaska. My second solo to Alaska. My third solo total.
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