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  1. Hi to all my Cruise Critic friends, It was hot & sticky today in Boston. I’m still out on the Rowboat and it’s great in Boston harbor tonight. Luckily no rain all day today. 😁 BTW Thrak now I know why all the girls call you HOT STUFF 😳😁. The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  2. I’m sorry for your loss that’s terrible! I know myself and all you’re Cruise Critic friends wish you the best!!! Be Safe and Stay Strong. Tony
  3. Good luck on the May 2021 cruise🤞. I totally agree with you about the 2020 cruise season. Tony
  4. Hi all my Cruise Critic friends, I was out on The Rowboat last night and all day today the weather was great. The fireworks were fabulous last night 🎆 🇺🇸 🎇 🇺🇸. Tony
  5. Wow they should call you Lucky not me. Tony
  6. Hi to all my Cruise Critic friends, It’s going to be a good day in Boston today so I’m getting on the Rowboat right now. it’s 4:15 am and very quiet at the pier. I just wanted to say Happy 4, of July to everyone.
  7. Who is designing these polls no handrails no steps how do the elderly people get in and out of the pools just ridiculous. Tony
  8. Hi Thrak and 1980 dory, I have one question will this be called the great (See Photo) 😁 😁 BTW I’m on The Rowboat the weather in Boston was just OK today, The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  9. Hi 1980 dory, I haven’t been looking at any cruises. I just can’t see being on a cruise ship wearing a mask all day long. So for now I will be doing all my cruising on the Rowboat. I know I’m going to miss watching the Super Bowl on the MUTS screen. I booked a cruise every year just to be on the ship at that time. I hope they come up with a cure for this Virus. So we all can get back to Cruising. BTW it was not too bad of a day in Boston today. For all the Patriots fans this one is for you. See Photo 😁 The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  10. I totally agree with you. I don’t think Princess wants to invest any money until they see what’s going to happen with the cruise Industry. Tony
  11. Hi 1980, I was luck today the weather was not good at all, off and on rain all day. I came in early this morning with the Rowboat. I wish I could stay out on the Rowboat until this virus is over. We like to cruise with Princess because all our friends do and they’re just too many of us for the Rowboat. My wife likes being waited on also 😁 LOL. Love Ya All, Tony
  12. Hi Jo and Tom, Your welcome any time let me know when you’re in Boston. BTW no formal nights on the Rowboat 😳😁. Your friend!!
  13. Hi all my Cruise Critic friends for me there’s too many If’s and butts. I will only be cruising on my Rowboat this year. The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  14. Hi all my Cruise Critic friends. It’s 3:00 am and it’s great out here at sea on the Rowboat. I will be coming home today. I hope it’s not going to be too hot? If it is I will be going right back out.
  15. Now this is one of the best secrets. I totally agree with you. I have at least one Volcano on every cruise. See Photo 😋 The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
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