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  1. Great review I loved it. If I ever see Rene on a cruise I will tell him how much you miss him.😳😁 Tony
  2. I’m putting my first edition Medallion on eBay tomorrow. I think I will use the money I receive to purchase a new Rowboat. The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  3. Welcome back to Princess Cruises. Have a great time on the cruise.
  4. Hi GO3, In Boston we just Say FUGHEDDABOUDIT it’s only money πŸ’Έ . Tony
  5. I have been saving them for years. See Photo Tony
  6. You friends had some sugar free ice cream and told my wife it was really good. Tony
  7. You still have to pick it up at the port. Tony
  8. I only tip in bags of gold. The last time someone gave me a sawbuck it hurt. 😳😁
  9. Good luck I hope things get a lot better for you. Tony
  10. I don’t go but my wife and her cousin went every day on the Caribbean Princess last year. Tony
  11. I totally agree with you. Tony
  12. Thanks to all I will be on the Crown in 2 weeks. Tony
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