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  1. Hi Mr. G I always take my own sheets ( See Photo) so I can get a good night sleep 😴 Your Pal, Tony
  2. What a horrible decision by Princess to make all the pools that way. I know that my wife will NEVER book a cruise on the Sky Princess for that reason. (Only Ladder Access). 👎 Tony
  3. Let give the rep an (A) for the good old college try. Tony
  4. Very glad everything is going good for you !! Enjoy the rest of the cruise. Tony
  5. We were on the Caribbean Princess this year for a 14 day cruise. Your allowed 1 bottle of wine p.p. and we received 1 mini bar . Tony
  6. To whom it may concern. I will be getting up at 6:30 a.m. everyday. If I see towels on a lounge chair and no one there I’am going to put them in a big pile. Then go back to bed. Chair hogs beware. I will be looking for this thick also. (See Photo) Tony
  7. Thanks for sharing nice review. Sorry about the 🐕 Dog poop. 😳😁 Tony
  8. To all the Doubting Thomases .This is one of the tee-shirts. I got back from Princess laundry with tiny holes in them. (See Photo) Every time you wash the shirt the holes get bigger. Tony
  9. Polmcs, I totally agree with you. You might have to Sleep in one of the chairs over night to get one at The Retreat Pool or The Wake View Pool. 😳😁. If you do 😳 that will make you a Chair Hog so you can’t win. The Captain of The Rowboat, Tony
  10. neverbeenhere, Maybe this time they might have a godfather. Do you think I have a chance. Your Pal,
  11. I agree with you do it. Just in case. Tony
  12. Hi jwattle, You mentioned smuggling. I just want you to know I gave that up years ago. 😁 Your Friend,
  13. Thanks for sharing great photos & review as always. Tony
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