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  1. Also look at Cunard. On our crossing we had a retired ambassador, a speaker from NASA, a professor of music with talks specializing in jazz era and one other that I can't recall at the moment. They also have a really extensive library.
  2. We have done this itinerary four or five times and love it. The last time was a b2b and we rented a car almost every day and did our own itinerary at each port. Enjoy your trip. HAL has some of the best crew and we feel as if we are home each time we board a HAL ship.
  3. So happy to read this and know that Princess is doing the right thing for their crew under theses extraordinary circumstances.
  4. Thank you for the comparison and review.
  5. What is the proportion of vodka to vanilla beans? Thanks.
  6. We did a TA on QE2 and there were very interesting lectures given by a retired US Ambassador, a noted jazz musician, a gentleman that worked on the NASA program and one other that I can't remember at the moment. There were at least two lectures a day as well as concerts, astronomy lecture with viewing in their planetarium (I think they said it was the only one at sea). And, their library is really wonderful. We had more than enough books to keep us busy for the duration when not attending an event.
  7. When we have done this we received (2) $100 credits. In the past, when a B to B was also offered as a "collector" segment, we have done the math for each way to book to figure out which way was to our advantage.
  8. I second the idea that HAL go back to pre-ATK food events. The cooking was much more interesting and I found that ATK was pretty basic. HAL needs to step up the offerings on board especially on sea days.
  9. Some changes with the two new ships: --bathrooms; large glass walled showers, nicely lighted mirrors, (dislike) toilet on Koningsdam at weird angle so knees for taller people hit shower glass wall but fixed on NS --bedrooms; well thought out storage, fridge at counter level, lots of electrical sockets and USB outlets, good hair dryers, flat screen tvs with a wide range of movie options, (dislike) smaller coffee table, sofa side cushion that falls off end of sofa, the tv doesn't swivel so you can only watch it comfortably when sitting on the bed, smaller balconies with tiny table and only one footstool --entertainment; large theater has fantastic 280 degree surround that allows for computer driven graphics/pics and good visual seating almost everywhere in the room, Music Walk with dual piano lounge (Billboard on Board), a Rock lounge, BB King theater and Lincoln Center (classical music concerts), (dislike) the cancelling of live shows with singing and dancing. One Step (an outside company) has two shows that are sometimes done with dancing to canned music, the elimination of most music in the Ocean Bar, having to go very early to get seating for some shows in the large theater --public areas; like the individual art on each ship fleet wide, many smaller areas to find a place to read, (dislike) the elimination of the wide promenade with lounges (smaller/older ships still have this), the depth of the promenade in some areas so it is difficult for two people to pass each other, the identical design of the atrium of the K and NS, smoking still allowed in the casino One thing that hasn't changed is the staff's friendliness and helpfulness. Yes, there are fewer of them but they still go the extra mile to make our stay memorable and comfortable.
  10. Sounds like a perfect retirement plan! Enjoy...
  11. In November the schedule was for Lincoln Center to have an afternoon concert (on sea days) and two in early evening. BB King, Rock and Roll and Billboard on Board usually took turns playing in the evening. It was not a set schedule and it was posted in Where and When each day. The theater show was usually at 7 and 9 p.m.
  12. Last cruise on NS (14 day) I counted 22 tuxes (that I could see) when we walked into late main dining. my husband enjoys wearing his and does so for each cruise.
  13. We were on the K and my DH loved the bed but I found it too hard. They folded a duvet and put it under the bottom sheet. It made enough of a difference so that I was comfortable for the remainder of the trip. Let me say this is the only time that I haven't been in love with our beds on HAL.
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