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  1. One of the benefits from this pandemic is that animal shelters have had their numbers of animals waiting to be adopted, crash. So many pets that would have had to wait for long periods or worse, have found loving homes and people who are home have found new companionship and love.
  2. Good morning, Thanks, Rich for another good week. Lighter nachos sound good to me. Will take to my sister's for our socially responsible late afternoon cocktails on her patio. Will make two plates so there won't be any cross contamination. Flowers are beautiful with vibrant color and perfectly shaped petals. I often think how lucky my DH and I have been to see so many countries all over the world and visit gardens, museums, cathedrals and walk through little villages and rolling countrysides. Prayers for those in need and those in the path of the hurricane.
  3. Good morning to all, Another hot day in N.E. to match many in the rest of the country and Canada too. Seems each summer that we get more days of 90's+. Liked those summer days past that (at least in memory) seemed to be more tolerable. Love ice cream although vanilla not one of those flavors unless it is smothered in sticky hot fudge. Pasta supper will have to wait for cooler days. Today will be tabouli, grilled chicken and fresh green beans from the garden. And white sangria. Happy birthday to Summer Slope and St. Louis Cruisers M-I-L. And a special prayer to every senior in a care facility that hasn't had any visits from loved ones in weeks and months. How sad for them and their loved ones. Joy--sounds as if you are making your new home "yours". Love all the changes/additions you are making. Have a good weekend and thinking of you and Allen next week.
  4. Nice celebrations for the day. Finally a break from the 90+ days but going right back tomorrow so we are enjoying the sun room with sliders totally open to the outside. Really a lovely day. Quote so apt for these days. Everyone stay safe and be well.
  5. Kazu, hope you are o.k. after that barrage of flying hornets. What an awful experience.
  6. Good Sunday morning, Love the three "days" for today. How can you go wrong with and ice cream day, a raspberry cake day and a daiquiri day (although these days it is too acidic for me). Two or three flavors of ice cream always can be found in our freezer with pistachio being my DH's favorite. Joy, your new house is lovely and the plantings and flowers will be fun to plan and execute. A good way to settle in and make it your own. We grow pentas here in N.E. but only as annuals. The ones I had last year were a neon pink. Don't have any this year. We are in the midst of temps hitting mid 90's each day--today 96 with humidity making it feel like 102. I realize that that isn't hot in some areas of our country but, for here, it is hot. Hope everyone finds something in today that will renew your spirit and give energy to the day.
  7. Over the years I have been reading many topics on the threads and have learned a lot from experienced posters and KrazyKruisers is one of them. Please send my thanks, good wishes and prayers for her recovery with the others. And, with this thread, I have learned where new places are when the ships have been moving around, new wines and great suggestions for meals (pork tenderloin is one of our favorites and will be on the menu tomorrow when our daughter comes over), names of new plants and beautiful pictures. And, I have gotten to "know" more posters. Thanks, Rich.
  8. Good morning, Beautiful and breathtaking photos by some excellent photographers. So enjoyable--thanks for sharing. Read about Yellow Pig Day. Very interesting. Thanks for posting the explanation. We've had some really excellent southern peaches in the last two weeks. I have 5 or 6 right now and will try to make some peach gelato for supper tonight. Another favorite is cold peach soup. My DH and I fell in love with cold soup when on HAL cruises and started to make them at home. Prayers for those needing good thoughts and continued path to wellness.
  9. Good morning, Thanks for the Daily and lovely pics. Nice to see while having morning coffee.
  10. Good morning, I imagine that pandemonium will set in as the nude campers march in the Bastille Day parade. The chicken salad sounds good and we have a grilled chicken piece leftover from last night so will make a green salad with chicken for lunch today. Thanks for the beautiful pics that everyone is sharing. Hope they will be posted each day. Prayers to all where Covid is ramping up. Prayers of thanks for Allen's continuing recovery. A beautiful day here with lessening humidity and temps to reach just 80 today.
  11. Never realized that "d" could mean so many things. Thanks for my chuckle of the morning.
  12. I am so enjoying the beautiful pics that you all are posting. Takes me back to some travels previously enjoyed. Yearning to trek to places not visited and some favorites too. Hot, humid day here with thunderstorms on the horizon. Love baked beans and hot dogs. It is one of the go-to dinners to put together when nothing else has been planned or thought about. Thanks for posting ship positions, Rich. Like to keep track of where they are. Sending good thoughts to all those dealing with medical issues.
  13. Nice to read how they put the ships in abeyance mode. I hope they are working on protocols for restarting so when the time comes, it can be done in an effective manner.
  14. Good morning, Another hot and humid morning here and will stay until tomorrow. Yesterday had about 7-10 minutes of drenching, pouring rain while the sun was shining. Always a lovely happening. Tonight is DIL birthday celebration so will have her favorites, cold cherry soup, summer salad, grilled chicken with mango salsa, roasted potatoes with garlic and onions, grilled veggies and fruit tart. Would love to serve the wine suggestion but it would break the budget. Thank you all for the beautiful garden pics. Hope we can see them progress through the season. Joy and Allen, keep on the path of getting healthy again. Have a good weekend.
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