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  1. Obviously this is great info. Thanks so much for posting it! Too bad they don't have a consistent policy.
  2. Liberty of the Seas // Out of Galveston on March 3rd. Western Caribbean.
  3. Do you have any links relating to this? Also, is this for all ages categories, or just some of them. Thanks!
  4. Early dining is at 5:30 pm. The website seems to say 6 - 9:30 is MTD. But I am seeing people here who say if you show up at 5, 5:15 you can MTD right away. This doesn't seem to make sense... Real world experiences / knowledge appreciated. : )
  5. What is the size of your party? I am seeing very mixed reviews that parties (particularly of size) don't get a major run around with MTD. Just very inconsistent execution.
  6. What is "adventure dining"? The only thing I can find is where they pick your kids up from the dining room. Not where they take them to dining also. https://www.royalcaribbean.ae/my-family-time-dining/
  7. Cruising in March with 8 kids. The only time available was late seating. There is of course My Time Dining, but I've heard that this is very challenging with a party of 11 to get seated with any expediency, even with reservations. I am concerned about two things: 1) That the kids will just be straight up hungry to be sitting down to eat dinner at 8 PM. BTW - when does this seating time usually let out? 2) It seems like all of the evening "kid activities" are geared for the early seating. As in, we will be eating right over the top of kid activities for kids aged <5, 5- 8, 8-11, 12+. It seems really lame (am I wrong?) that they will get out of dinner and everything will be more or less over as far as this stuff. I have tried working with RCCL on this. They are saying the early time is "closed" and that changes are very unlikely to happen. Advice, sympathy, pro-tips please.
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