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  1. No, the sand didn’t cause any problems. He would make sure to run lots of water through it in the shower to try and get it out.
  2. My son broke his arm two weeks before our cruise. He was 12 at the time. He was able to get a waterproof cast and he was able to do all the water activities on the ship. At one point I found him in the hot tub with his arm completely submerged in the hot tub. 😂 When we got home they changed out the cast and got all the sand out. Fun memories!
  3. We always eat at 5:30 so we can get to the early show. We are usually running in at the last minute. I know 5:30 seems early but then we have lots of our evening left to enjoy all the entertainment. There's always late night snacks that start at 9:00 if necessary.
  4. I thought you were behind some indecisive people at the buffet. 😂
  5. We had a group of 24 on the Escape. We made reservations in advance through our PCC for 5:30 every night. They were always ready for us and it worked out fine.
  6. Even decks in one terminal and odds in the other. I don't think they will let you in the other terminal. They check documents at the door.
  7. Its a 30-40 minute ride from FLL to Miami port area. No free shuttles. We have paid around $10-12 per person for a shuttle depending on the time of day you are traveling. Most of the hotels in Miami also sub contract shuttles to the port the next morning. We haven't found anything free in Miami.
  8. I will be on the Breakaway on March 14th. I see the Pearl is supposed to be there the same day. I wonder if they will dock one boat and tender the other. The Breakaway is already stopping in Belize City so not sure how our itinerary would change if they took off HC. The Getaway is at HC the 13th so the pattern looks pretty full.
  9. Another vote for MDR on embarkation day. The buffet and MDR serve very different menus. Both MDRs serve the same menu each night.
  10. You earn points based on your purchases. Then a couple weeks before your cruise you call in and convert your points to OBC.
  11. You can also check the balances on the TV in your cabin to see what she spends everyday.
  12. For the Record is a musical based on John Hughes films. If you have watched his films from the 80's it will all make sense to you. (Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science) If not, it's just a good musical. After Midnight is singing and dancing and tap dancing. Talented group but not much story line.
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