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  1. Curious to hear specifics that precipitated such a strong reaction. We'll be in the Haven this Thanksgiving, on the Epic, so have a bit of a vested interest.
  2. Add me to the list of interested followers! Eager to hear storage hints based on your experience. Doing 20 nights in an inside on the TA from Miami back to Kiel in April. Mostly concerned about storage due to the length of our trip and need for cool/cold weather clothes. We'll be on the ship for a total of 34 nights because we're staying aboard for the following 2 cruises, St. Petersburg/et all followed by Norway. Switching to an aft fantasica cabin for those legs to have the balcony for the scenery and also save $$. Love the Yacht Club so pleased the insides offer an affordable option for enjoying the service and amenities.
  3. Loved the video- put a smile on my face! Beautiful family. Looks like you go all in on vacation, which I love (and am a bit jealous of to be honest). Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!!
  4. Thanks to a change in our itinerary we have booked this excursion for 12/6. Will be our 1st stop after 5 sea days on the Epic TA. Super excited and appreciate all the helpful comments!
  5. I’d choose Epic. Sailed early October last year on the Breakaway to NYC and ended up with blustery weather that kept us indoors most of the trip. Without access to the waterfront and outside decks there were few places indoors to sit and hangout on sea days. We did have spa access but it got very crowded and the pool was drained for a few days due to the constant sloshing back and forth. December would be too cold to risk the Getaway sailing for us. Disclaimer: we’re on the Epic sailing this November so a bit prejudiced lol
  6. Terrific report with lots of details and your much appreciated perspective. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I highly recommend the Chase Sapphire Reserve card. When I first heard of it the $450 annual fee scared me off. Once I researched it though I found out it really isn’t $450 because I get credited back $300 in travel charges. This can be cruises, airfare, hotels, Uber, highway tolls etc. So really just $150 and there are many benefits that make it worth it: - credit toward TSA precheck or global entry - primary insurance for car rentals - travel insurance for trip delays and cancellation - travel medical & evacuation insurance - bonus sign up points - 3x points for restaurants and travel - when points are redeemed they are worth 50% more - points from one of their other cards can be combined. I use chase freedom unlimited for all purchases I can (except for travel/ restaurants) getting 1.5 points for those that I then move over to my Sapphire reserve account balance I don’t buy trip cancelation insurance anymore (there are pre-existing condition exclusions but I’m ok with that). I do though buy an additional medical policy to supplement because their medical coverage is low, but typically costs me less than $70 I never played the credit card point game but the last 2 years it has saved me so much money. And I don’t travel for work or anything like that. For example, on our Nov transatlantic we are staying 7 nites pre-cruise at a nice hotel in Barcelona with breakfast included for free! We are then staying 2 nights after in San Juan on the ocean at LaConcha with points! I learned so much about all this from these boards so always eager to pass it on.
  8. I saw Haven prices dropped for my Nov cruise so called NCL for quote to upgrade from spa mini suite. She found an additional $500 savings in their system so we upgraded to a haven spa suite for a crazy low price (compared to the normally super high Haven prices lol)
  9. I suggest waiting and watching prices as your cruise gets closer. We’re on the Epic TA this Nov, originally booked in a spa mini suite. We weren’t planning to upgrade but then I noticed Haven prices had dropped. Called NCL yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to be quoted a price even lower than their website showed. We upgraded to a Haven spa balcony cabin for just over $1500 ($2750 each for 16 nights)! This was at the 60 day mark. Personally I find the Haven overpriced, but apparently there are deals to be found on some cruises like TAs as cruise date gets closer. For comparison to a typical 7 day cruise we’re paying the equivalent of $1285 pp per week, taxes and fees included. (Even sweeter, we’re in an “old” group booking that includes the drink package and the 20% gratuity, as well as the daily $18 pp Haven service charge!). Loads of Haven 2 bedroom suites available at bargain prices on our sailing if anyone wants to join us!
  10. My advice is to call NCL or your travel agent to see what it would cost to upgrade. You're cruising during low season and there are lots of H5 cabins available on your sailing. I'm sailing on the Epic on 11/22 and just today was able to upgrade to the Haven for around the same price as a bid in the low range. Generally I think the Haven is overpriced but the cost on some cruises over the next couple months have dropped significantly making them a surprisingly good value. I've been in the Haven on the Getaway and would not bid/pay for that again, but have heard that the Haven on the Escape is one of the best. Keep checking prices over the next few weeks and you should be able to snag a good deal without the waiting and uncertainty of the bidding program. And wow- 50 years!!! Congratulations!! The Haven would add a special touch to your trip.
  11. OMG- never see a reference to the Americanis so can't resist poking my nose into this thread. That was our very 1st cruise back on our honeymoon in 1986! We were clueless, picking the ship because it conveniently departed on the Monday following our wedding lol. Old ship, but amazing staff. Departed from San Juan and being a small ship we were able to dock at a different island every day. Looking back, can now appreciate how fortunate we were to experience the Caribbean in its more pure, non-touristy state.
  12. My husband and I will be 1st time Regent cruisers along with you! (Barcelona to Montreal) Sailed our first TA last October from Copenhagen to NYC which was chilly and blustery with high waves and wind spray to the 14th deck. Loved it regardless and looking forward to our southern route to San Juan this November.
  13. Last fall Breakaway TA 1&2- Le Bistro: Dover sole I believe, best meal of the cruise, not sure what DH had 3&4- Ocean Blue 5-7- MDR breakfasts
  14. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your adventures!! We recently booked our 1st Regent cruise on the Navigator for next Sept so soaking up everything I can about the ship and the Regent experience. Also, traveling to Norway, though on a different cruise line, in the spring so a double bonus viewing your gorgeous photos of the scenery. I also enjoyed a reminiscent moment when you mentioned the Mersey Boys. They performed last fall on our NCL Breakaway TA and joined the dueling piano singers for a few songs here and there as well. Again, a warm thank you for brightening my days with your blog!
  15. We just booked suite 600 which appears to be the ocean view version of 601. So far no luck in finding pics or video of this cabin. Having a hard time getting a visual image in my head of the layout so am soaking up all info about these cabins.
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