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  1. Of course anything around the virus changes by the day or the week, for better or worse. At the moment the numbers are still rising unfortunately. Indeed most workers in condos, restaurants, beach vendors come by bus. Just recently it was reported that unfortunately buses were not cleaned as much as was promised before. Also many people in the (sometimes overcrowded) buses donot cover their mouth and nose and even people were standing as no seats were available. That might be another reasons that the virus is still rising in and around Vallarta.The numbers in Vallarta arenot correct as mentioned earlier. Patients in private hospitals arenot counted, those transported to Guadalajara are now in the GD numbers. Yes the government has opened almost anything (apart from schools), but that doesnot mean the situation is under control. Since no job means no money in Mexico it is a difficult decision. I know mexicans and permanent residents that donot have a job at the moment. But people coming to Mexico and Vallarta keep an eye on the actual situation by the time you travel. I donot know how US insurances work. We have dutch travel insurance valid for allover the world. However since Mexico is in code Orange (red is the worst) we are NOT covered when traveling there. Another point to be aware of. Of course we hope to be in Vallarta again this winter and to meet with you and Kathy. However we didnot book tickets yet. You know it is our home away from home.
  2. If there is a 24 hr cancelation policy, you might as well book.
  3. Although some hotels, restaurants, beaches, parks, Malecon etc. In Puerto Vallarta/Jalisco are now open ( with some restrictions) please be aware Covid-19 is far from over in Puerto Vallarta. Known is that numbers mentioned are not correct as those patients in private hospitals arenot counted. Patients have been transfered to Guadalajara as there are not enough beds/staff in Vallarta to help those that need it. Testing is hardly done. In the state of Nayarit where a.o. Nuevo Vallarta is situated still more restrictions are in place. So depending when you are coming, be very careful. This was today report in Puerto Vallarata Daily News. I copy: Puerto Vallarta also set a daily record for COVID-19 deaths today with six new deaths in the city. There have been 723 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the city, with 33 new cases added today, also a new daily record for the city. This is two weeks after the economy and beaches reopening and seven days after people flocked to the beaches for the Father’s Day Weekend in Puerto Vallarta where little social distancing or mask usage was observed.
  4. John, can you also post it on the site Vrienden van Holland America please.
  5. Norse Legend for sure since it includes Geiranger. A great sail into and from the fjord. One of the most beautiful. Indeed August is better then September
  6. PS You can check hotels like Marriott or Hilton, they probably have some rooms for 3 or 4 persons. Also this hotel has some family rooms. However again you are traveling in an expensive and busy time of the year. https://www.lecoin.nl/en/
  7. It might be rather difficult since May is always rather busy. Indeed hotels can be very expensive then. Early May more then later in May due to tuliptime and various holidays. For a group you might try one of these hostels: https://www.stayokay.com/en/amsterdam AirB&B is very regulated in Amsterdam due to many problems in the past. Most houses are small and donot have accommodations for such a large group. The same with many condos, that in general often have a minimumstay of 3 or more nights. PS be aware Amsterdam if on the other Western Europe board, where you might get more answers.
  8. Regal Princess arrived with o.a. various HAL crewmembers.
  9. Today Regal Princess will arrive in Rotterdam also with HAL crewmembers on board.
  10. Not only that but sometimes in busy ports ships dock next to eachother. Which means that to go ashore or return to the ship you need to cross walk over that ship. That of course makes it also very difficult for your friend.
  11. We were supposed to celebrate ""Koningsdag"" - Kings birthday- on the Nieuw Statendam. Even in The Netherlands today there are no celebrations, just a speech by the king on TV. The advice still is stay at home.
  12. Apart from the Uitmarkt also a convention was planned, but almost for sure that will be canceled too. https://www.iamsterdam.com/en/business/meetings/calendar/event/european-society-of-cardiology-annual-congress Prices for sure will go down, but you might wonder what can and will take place around those days.
  13. No it is canceled and will take place now in 2025!!! So you need to wait another 5 years. The event is every 5 years anyway.
  14. We should be boarding Nieuw Statendam in Ft.Lauderdale and sail transatlantic home to Amsterdam.
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