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  1. I can recommand those restaurnts for a rijsttafel in Amsterdam. Apart from the well known rijsttafel with many different items, also the ""Rames dish"" is populair. A place service with various items. near the musea area: https://www.samasebo.nl/#Overons on Rembrandtsplein: https://www.indrapura.nl/ on Utrechtsestraat: http://www.tempodoeloerestaurant.nl/
  2. Busfares are still 10 Pesos per person, not all drivers take US$. Going into town you might have to transfer to another bus at the stadium, so keep your ticket as prove. Check with the driver when entering the bus. No transfer on the way back. I am not there yet, but have this information from locals.
  3. Be aware in highseason the hotel might decide not to issue any daypasses. Hotelguests come first of course.
  4. Ine

    HAM to CGD

    Indeed that will be safer. It seems total traveltime to Kiel station, then by train from Kiel to Hamburg airport will be about 2 hours.
  5. PS In the latest PV Mirror people are complaining about the sometimes confusing transfers at the stadium and the new routes. Some people have been waiting at the no more existing stops. However since most cruise passengers only get to the area of the Malecon only the possible transfer at the stadium will be important. This coming days till December 12 the pilgrim Maria de Guadalupe festivities take place in the church at the end of the Malecon. In the afternoon and evening due to many pilgrims walking to the church often buses will not go into the centre. The same during the day on the 11th and 12th.
  6. Ine

    HAM to CGD

    It seems you have some walking problems, why not also make a reservation with your airline for wheelchair transportation at the airport. That way you skip some walking and get priorty boarding etc.
  7. Maybe yes, maybe no. We sailed Northsea 3 times without any rough seas. Maybe you are lucky, nobody knows.
  8. Yes indeed. If replaced it might be another of those monster large buildings. Things have changed a lot already the last few years.
  9. Donot be surprised, this is Mexico! I was given 2 reasons, one it is too busy in old town with buses etc and the other it seems they are finaly updating or tearing down that awful building at plaza Lazaro Cardenas at the bus stop. So insstead of making a right turn to this Plaza on Venustiana Carranza buses go left towards hwy 200 for the return journey. But... you never know how long this will be.
  10. Apart from what Hank tell you also be aware that also some busroutes/stops in the centre have changed. I was told no more stops at Plaza Lazaro Cardenas but it seems many (but not all) buses make their way back at an earlier stop now. Only buses going through the tunel seem to have the same route.
  11. Yes you will be fine. Cruiselines will not go to dangerous places. The problems in Mexico in general arenot against tourists but in the drugwworld, like in any other country in the world. Just leave valuables on the ship, donot drink too much, donot show a lot of money etc. You can opt for a ship excursion and have a great time!
  12. The change will be good for your stay in Puerto Vallarta. On the original itinary it would be on Wednesday. A very busy day with 2 other big Carnival and Princess ships in port. Of course the town will be crowded and cabs and touroperators might have had some problems with that many passengers! Now you dock on Tuesday and most of the time it will be the only ship.
  13. I donot think Uber has vans for that many passengers plus luggage. So you probably need 2 or even 3 cabs!. You can also check the website of one of these companies. to check with them and/or prebook. https://www.tcataxi.nl/en/taxi-fares/ https://www.taxi2airport.com/en/airport-transfers/schiphol-airport-taxi Remember that like in many other cities cabs from the airport are often more expensive then going to the airport
  14. You can check the exact location of the ship on this website. Almost for sure it will be at the terminal at Piet Heinkade, close to city center. Only seldom it is a different location. https://www.ptamsterdam.com/cruise-calender/
  15. check: https://www.airporttransfer.amsterdam/
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