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  1. This new card system is on Quest as well. The gift shop appears cleaner, more upscale, with the sundries removed.
  2. At embarkation in Tokyo they used my uploaded photo but retook DHs. It took only a couple seconds.
  3. Thank you oddjob16. The seas have been calm, the temperatures warm, the officers/crew/guests all fabulous, the mattress is perfect and the food is excellent...what more could I ask for!
  4. Yes, in Miami it’s best to stow any alcohol in your luggage.
  5. Hello all...just a quick note to let you know I am on vacation on the Quest - Japan Intensive cruise 9/4-9/19. I will be logging on periodically, such as today, the first day and a sea day while we head to Hakadote. But I'm only online for a few minutes right now as I have a full day planned with a pedicure, shorex lecture, a pop into the special interest lecture because curious about the title "overpaid, over-sexed, over here", lunch with DH, watercolor class, and then hopefully a long nap to wrap up the jet lag. Be good while I'm away! Bonnie
  6. Thank you MNgardens for this post.
  7. Thank you werangels for your loyalty! I concur with laurieb (who BTW is always spot on with her help on this forum) that you should use your TA in this situation. There is no benefit in trying to book the last minute Nov/Dec cruise yourself, and there is potentially a good benefit in using your travel professional.
  8. Ah, if only I had such a magic wand! But please accept our gratitude for the kind words for our brand, and my thank you ❤️ on your post #71. We hope to have you back sailing Azamara once you save up again after your Regent dalliance ;)
  9. I apologize for not providing more clarity yesterday. The Azamara team has been working hard to coordinate another event since the US government advised travel to Cuba would no longer be permitted. As you can imagine, everyone is disappointed to not be able to offer the AzAmazing Evening that was originally planned in Cuba. Typically planning these types of events starts more than a year out to be able to secure a venue that can accommodate 600+ guests as well as entertainment. Our goal now is to provide a Caribbean-themed evening on all three sailings, similar to the cultural experience you’d expect from an AzAmazing Evening. The details of the event are being confirmed; however, rest assured, you will still have an enjoyable evening of entertainment in addition to a White Night Party on your upcoming sailing. More information will be shared with everyone soon!
  10. The Itinerary Team is considering it for 2022 or 2023.
  11. Hi Living.the.Life, Our tours roll out at different times but typically 4-6 months in advance. Some ports have issues for a variety of reasons and can be delayed. I apologize re. Beijing. As for the pre-cruise Land Tour to Taj Mahal, I believe that has been on offer for quite awhile. I know bookings have been trickling in, with some space still available. That's why back on 8/14 I posted on your Roll Call (12/28 Quest) that there was space available. We would have loved to have you on this Land Tour! (Post #403 of your Roll Call https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/azamara-quest-december-28-2019/)
  12. BBMacLaird


    Thanks Phil. That 'Learn More' takes one to the normal website page(s) for each voyage. I thought maybe you'd found the prices embedded into the Newsletter, which, who knows, may someday happen.
  13. BBMacLaird


    LCV discount is added at the very end. As Combine points out, it isn't factored into the published price because most shoppers are not LCV members (wish that they were!)
  14. To make the most of your time in Dublin, we’ve put together two 36-hour itineraries: one that takes you to the best parts of the city, plus a few hidden gems, and another for travelers who’ve been before and want to experience the city from a new perspective. Have you been to Dublin? What was your favorite thing to do there?
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