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  1. I do hope you get the suite you want. Unfortunately I will be away from CC for an undetermined period of time, so best if you follow up, or ask your TA to f/u for you.
  2. Hi globalmethod, Did you email AzamaraCustomerService@Azamara.com? That is always manned. Was your planning question about our itineraries (that’s what I think of re. planning) or re. planning your next cruise? The office is not at all shut down; it is operating with a reduced staff for the time being. We all will be happy when our ships are sailing again. Thank you for the lovely quote.
  3. Hello Thameside, don't give up on us just yet! I shared your post and received this reply about soon allowing FCC to cover your deposit on a new cruise booking ... "Our operations teams are working on a process to override this limitation and we expect to have it in soon. I don’t have a date on this yet, but should be relatively soon. A guest will be able to use their FCC for a deposit (taxes and fees still need to be paid separately)."
  4. Thank you Host Jazzbeau. I appreciate it. I will be back soon, hopefully 🙂
  5. Not exactly accurate...I expect the AZ board will be read on a time available basis.
  6. Thank you Denise. I'll miss the community too; I may pop on now and then just to see how everyone is doing. But I won't be posting as 'an authorized representative'.
  7. Thank you for your kind words, Art. I too hope to be back soon.
  8. Dear Friends, I’m going to be away from our Cruise Critic forum for a while. As you can imagine, the current state of the industry has required some unwelcome changes. When our ships are sailing again, and as soon as I’m called back to duty, I’ll be back to serve you and this community. In my absence, the Azamara team will continue to check in and engage with you all, but perhaps not every day. In the meantime, stay well, and may you have fair winds and following seas in all your travels. Yours sincerely, Bonnie
  9. I have shared the comments of this thread with our management. I’m confident your various complaints will be reviewed this coming week. FWIW I apologize for your frustrations with the refunds and the FCCs. If I had a silver wand, all refunds would be in hand and all FCCs would be without limitations, but alas no silver wand for any of us.
  10. Hi HJB, I think it is a fun idea. I've looked through my stored photos and don't seem to have any pictures of the M&M. But assuming someone out there has a picture with me in it, I do give you permission to use it...assuming it's not a terrible picture of me, haha! 😅
  11. Hi Mackdogmolly, You can make the booking with deposit, and once you receive the expected FCC we will apply it to the new booking. Thank you for your loyalty. ❤️
  12. It has always been so. Each market creates their own promotions.
  13. Reviving the tonic controversy...my step-daughter showed up today with a tonic water from the UK called Fentimans. Just wondering what the consensus is on Fentimans Premium Indian Tonic Water?
  14. Hi Baynanno1, it is up to each market what is offered and timing.
  15. This one-week special is available in USA and Canada.
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