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  1. BBMacLaird

    Issues contacting LCV this week?

    This is out of the ordinary. Very sorry! I'll see if I can find out about this.
  2. BBMacLaird

    Pursuit Sun Lounger Cushions

    Hi Lookyboy, As a stickler myself, and open to improvement, please share your edits
  3. BBMacLaird

    Azamazing Evening Pursuit 20 November

    We are investigating this. Hopefully fixed soon!
  4. BBMacLaird

    Azamazing Evening Pursuit 20 November

    Ok, I'm passing this to the web gurus to see if they can post it asap.
  5. BBMacLaird

    Azamazing Evening Pursuit 20 November

    The AzAmazing Evening is scheduled for Cartagena, Colombia on 11/23. AzAmazing Evening - TOTO LA MOMPOSINA at Teatro Adolfo Mejia I'll post this on your Roll Call as well. It is supposed to be available online, with tour code is CA63. Would you let me know if you still can't find it?
  6. BBMacLaird

    Azamazing Evening Pursuit 20 November

    I will ask again.
  7. BBMacLaird

    Pursuit Sun Lounger Cushions

    Trend, Definitely by the Holiday Cruises! Zoey, Yes, they'll be on the Trans-Atlantic! Cpgneyes, Best estimate is they will come onboard DURING your cruise. I look forward to you posting a photo when they arrive!
  8. BBMacLaird

    Cruise Critic Changing

    Hi Leo-on-Geo, At the top of the CC page there's a link "Find your Roll Call"
  9. BBMacLaird

    End of Cruise Account Bill

    Hi Phil, are you saying you used to get the emailed statement, but no longer? What month do you estimate you stopped receiving it? I’ll pass your reply along to the Hotel Dept.
  10. BBMacLaird

    End of Cruise Account Bill

    We stopped distributing the end of cruise statement several years ago in an effort to reduce printing onboard. Instead we send a copy of the folio via e-mail to the e-address we have on file (which could be your agent’s.) You can go to Guest Relations to request a written copy at any time during the cruise, or to arrange a final one. I always ask for a printed statement; they are happy to do this.
  11. BBMacLaird

    FAO Bonnie - Azamazing Evening Cuba

    I have just received word that your AzAmazing Evening will be in Havana on Friday, 12/14/18. That's all the information I have so far.
  12. BBMacLaird

    Pursuit Sun Lounger Cushions

    I'll be very surprised if they are not onboard by the holidays! I'll see if I can find out where along the pipeline they are.
  13. BBMacLaird

    Cruise Critic Changing

    The way I'm doing this is to click on "Go to Topic Listing" at the bottom left of the page, under the last post on the thread you're reading. It has a back arrow, pointing left, next to it. It brings up the list of most recent threads. As with the old version, anything you haven't read yet will still be bold. What I'm missing so far are: - the "Back to Top" button that used to be in right hand margin - the "First Unread" link at the top - how to edit while still in the preview mode If anyone has found these, please post 🙂
  14. Thank you Blocks for the cruise review. I'm glad you enjoyed your cruise on the Azamara Journey! If you have a moment, would you also post it on the CC cruise review section for the AZ Journey? You'll find the link to that at the top right corner "Write Reviews" with an icon of a pen.
  15. BBMacLaird

    Cruise Critic Changing

    Hi Bimmer-09, Good thing! I wonder if there's a way to make a bigger font the default for composing (and reading other's posts?) I'll look around to see what bells & whistles we've gained from the upgrade. If anyone has discovered some and wants to share them here, that will be most appreciated. For example I've just found we now have far more emojis to select...such as the Amazara fist bump! 👊