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  1. Bowen with a close close second Roel. We just got to see him again on the Epic and and was as friendly, kind, and over-the-top helpful as he has always been. Lucky us!
  2. Well, I finally booked our free Ambassador cruise. We booked an aft Haven suite on the Breakaway. We did get the Free-at-Sea perk included (but still had to pay the tips for dinners and drink package). They applied the cost of the balcony to the cost of the suite though, so I am happy with that. Plus we will get to see our favorite concierge. Yaaaay!
  3. Sorry to say, no gifting allowed. You would still have to pay the $385 taxes and fees. as well as the daily service charge for 2 people times 7, which would be another $210. That's not too bad for a week in a balcony cabin though. Of course, then don't forget to add on plane fare, hotel reservation, and any dinners, shows, and drinks that are not included.😞
  4. But a balcony cabin is with a 30% discount and the "Free at Sea" perks included. If they offer the $1345 for a balcony cabin, but charge full fare for everything else, how does that help. I actually think it might be less expensive or at the very least equal to get the suite with the current promotion instead of getting my free cruise. Oh, they also charge extra for the taxes and fees for 2 people in the cabin and they are not part of the cost of the "free balcony" cabin price. I guess I need to see what they are charging for the drink package, dinner package, WiFi minutes package etc. before deciding
  5. We happily achieved our Ambassador level status in early December. After several phone calls and emails to the ambassadormembers@ncl.com address, as I was directed, I still know next to nothing. The NCL website says you must take the cruise within a year. The people from the email, said I have up to 2 years. They confirmed it MUST be a 7-day cruise (not 5 or 10 or anything else). We normally cruise in the Haven on longer cruises. When I finally found a 7-day to the Caribbean, they said they will apply the cost of a balcony cabin to the Haven suite we chose, but... we can not have any other of the current promotions. The 30% discount, the drink package, dinner package, wifi minutes, etc. wold apparently cost extra. It looks like it will cost more than booking directly or with a travel agent. Is that true. Am I misunderstanding the benefit? Has anyone else booked their 'free" cruise yet?
  6. Thanks for your review. Would you say which aft cabin you were in, please? We are trying to decide between deck 9 H7 9916 and the deck 12 H7 12904. Do you know if they have a separate shower from the tub?
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