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  1. That would make it Nights 3 and 7. Did they really do it on the last night of the cruise? Thanks for the help. We've got a free (included) meal at a specialty restaurant but we can't book it until we're onboard. So I'm just trying to figure out what day would be best. Sounds like maybe our St. Martin day (Thursday, night 5) would be best if we want to avoid formal night or we do night 3 if we want it on formal night.
  2. I think I got that wrong. In this thread the OP said "Just received our day 2 cruise compass and dress code is formal". They must mean the compass they got on day 2 and not for day 2. I don't think formal night would be our CocoCay day. So are we looking at nights 3 and 6 then? That makes more sense. Sorry for the confusion!
  3. We board on Sunday!! I see that the first formal night is night #2. Do you know when the second formal night is? Thanks and have a great rest of your cruise!
  4. Hi all. I've done some searching and have, of course, found mixed answers. I'm starting to stress about the logistics of the water slides on Coco Cay and I'm hoping someone can answer my questions: - Can we wear our rash guards (water shirts) on the slides? I was planning to wear my rash guard with nothing under it. I'm incredibly fair so I got a long sleeve one to minimize the likelihood of frying myself. I don't really see the point of layering in the Caribbean - unless they're going to forbid me from the slides because of it. What do you do with the shirt if they make you take it off? - I assume no water shoes on the slides. What do you do with them? Do people not wear shoes at all going from slide to slide? Isn't it crazy hot on the ground? A guy at work says at Water World there's just a pile of shoes at the bottom of every slide. Is that the case on Coco Cay? - What about sunglasses? If I buy lanyards for them, can we wear them on the slides? - Do the lockers fill up? Thanks all! 2 weeks to go!
  5. You can use an incense while you're cruising and Pokemon will pop up in the ocean. We didn't have any problems when we were on Allure last year, but when we on our Med cruise earlier this year we kept getting "soft banned" in the game. The ship's Wifi had us in the port in Barcelona. When we switched to our cell network in port the game banned us because we switched countries in a short period of time. We ended up banned for 30 minutes to a couple of hours. In the future we're not going to turn on the game when we're close to a port to avoid this. The ban was super frustrating to our son - you can see Pokemon but everything runs when you try to catch them. He had a shiny run and was pretty upset!
  6. We just booked EZAir flights for $485 per person roundtrip from Denver to London in June 2020. I could not believe the price. And it doesn't look like I pay anything now. I don't have to pay until I pay off the cruise, is that right? I've never used EZAir before, but I am amazed by the prices!
  7. Right now the northern lights are really picking up in the north so I would think you'd have a great shot at seeing them in October. I like to visit Space Weather to look at the pictures. Here's the link to the aurora pictures https://spaceweathergallery.com/aurora_gallery.html
  8. Me too. I love playing the slot machines but I"m asthmatic. At home we have to drive an hour and a half to get to our casinos so we rarely go. I look forward to it on our cruises. I found the ventilation on the non-smoking side of Allure to be pretty good but I can still feel it in my lungs. It's truly awful on NCL (the ships we've been on). I can only make it 30 or so minutes in their casinos. At least some of RCL's ships have a non-smoking side.
  9. On Allure, they were programmed to work for a specific time. So they "expired" at the end of our cruise. I think the drink package at Disney works the same way. People used to bring back their mugs from a previous visit to reuse them. The RF chip prevents that now. On a ship with 6,000 people there were 2 Freestyle machines in the main, center area of the ship (Central Park? by the pizza place). There were also 2 machines in the buffet. We never waited more than a couple of minutes. I think the longest line was about 6 people. Typically, we wait longer at the machines in Qdoba. :) This is just my one sample case though. Could be worse on Princess. Could be worse on Allure during a different time of year.
  10. Does anyone know if the 3 for Free promo is combinable with a Casino rate? We were surprised when we switched from Sip and Sail to the Landmark sale and they applied the Casino promo (that I didn't even know I had). Our rate dropped $900 and we got all the OBC. I guess I'll find out when the new promo comes out and I call for a reprice.
  11. On Royal the cup has to be sitting on the base for the RFID to activate the machine. The dispenser is inches from the top of the cup. Not to mention the lid is off the cup and most people drink with the lid on. There were 16 of us on Allure last October and no one got sick... didn't see anyone sick on the ship the whole trip. LOVE the Freestyle machines! Hope it's on Regal next summer!
  12. Yep, they are actually deleting every post about it. It's weird.
  13. We moved our cabin to D409 for our British Isles cruise next summer. It was $65 more than the room we had booked. I hope we like it. Thanks everyone!
  14. Check out post #263 on page 11. You can see the railing in the picture. It looks like it's pretty close to the window.
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