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  1. Does anyone know if it's possible to switch drink packages mid cruise? If you are on a soda package and want to go to deluxe can you pay the difference for the rest of the week? Kevin
  2. I saw that post and thank you for sharing. I guess I will ask Royal and see what they say. Kevin
  3. I've tried with their Ethernet in and out with the same results. I even power cycled both ways as well. I may ask the steward to see if he has a solution but all of this may be by design. Kevin
  4. Yes. I must have had some good ideas 😁. I can't seem to find much on Google about it. Kevin
  5. Yes and I tried it as well. No luck. I even disconnected their Ethernet but nothing changed. Kevin
  6. Well I have everything connected and my remote works to change the input but this message will not go away. Anyone had success fixing this?
  7. I can tell you that it was pretty empty when we arrived this morning. Kevin
  8. We arrived this morning at 9:25 and dropped our bags and in to our parking spot by 9:30. Very quick and efficient on keeping the traffic separated from those boarding and unboarding. We went to the terminal entrance and there was a line waiting to get in but it was starting to move. A quick bathroom break and the line was gone. Checked right in with expedited arrival and were seated in the corral by 9:45. All in all a great experience. Now we wait for boarding! Bon voyage! Kevin
  9. This is great information and something to think about. I appreciate your input. Thanks! Kevin
  10. Does anyone remember what deck the MTD podium is located? It will be our first stop when we board to make sure what table we have been assigned. Thanks for your help! Kevin
  11. Great question! I was thinking about doing the same thing so I hope someone will pop in with an answer. Kevin
  12. Thank you for the information! Kevin
  13. Absolutely!!! I hope y'all have a wonderful trip! Kevin
  14. Were they letting you in the door of the terminal at that point? I'm sure there will be some waiting around but we enjoy the atmosphere. Thanks for the information! Kevin
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