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  1. My wife will be using the refreshment package the rest of the day, but she will be getting them herself. I was just going to deliver her morning coffee. I will ask the first day if I can use her card, if they say no I will just buy them on an individual basis.
  2. I just noticed they have a coffee card for $31, that might be an option. This includes 15 specialty coffees, I will be travelling with my daughter and her boyfriend, I am sure they would drink any extras. Since the 15 specialty coffees are paid for, they should be able to be shared.
  3. This was my concern, I would completely understand if they told me no. They have no way of knowing if I am just using her card for my own personal use or I am actually getting it for her. Wasn't sure if RCCL assumes you are honest or dishonest. 🙂 I might just buy my own package so there are no issues. The issue is I am diabetic so I won't drink any of the mocktails, specialty coffees, or juice. I don't drink soda and like plain black coffee, so I would be spending a lot of money for water.
  4. Have you done this using your card as part of the refreshment package when your husband doesn't have the package? Thanks
  5. Let me clarify, my wife is buying the refreshment package, I am not. I am also an early riser (translation I don't sleep much) so I get up early - normally work out, walk, or just explore the ship while everybody else is sleeping. My wife is a late sleeper. I would like to get her a specialty coffee and a light breakfast for her to enjoy when she wakes up. She enjoys sitting on the balcony before starting her day. Will they let me use her card?
  6. Leaving December 13th on the Bliss at 3pm, anybody know approximately what time we will go under the bridge?
  7. I just called tonight, it was very quick and easy, it took less then 5 minutes and they were happy to do it. I have the shore excursion promo and no payment was needed. "All tours are available to pre-request at My NCL, or you can call 866-625-1167 (US & Canada) or 0845-201-8907 (UK)."
  8. For future reference, here are my notes based off the website for the Hampton Inn. This one doesn't specify the number of days. Hampton Inn Ridgefield Park - 234 100 Route 46 East, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, 07660, USA Our Manhattan, Park, Ride and Stay package* includes:King or Double/Double room accommodations.Free parking for one car at our hotel for the entire duration of the cruise.Free WiFi Access. Prices include up to two adults. Any additional adults are $50.00.Children under 13 years old to 5 year old are $25.00 round trip. Children under 5 y/old free.Transportation to the Manhattan Terminal-Daily scheduled drop off at 9:00am Pier 90 and pick up between 9:30am to 12:30pm at Pier 90
  9. I was going to book the Hampton Inn Ridgefield last night and I also noticed it is no longer listed on the website. The price previously was $234 for 2 people + $50 for any extra adults, I did not call to see if we could book it. I also looked at the Garden Inn and they have it listed at $319 and $349 for 4 people. I ended up booking the Fairfield Inn and Suites, North Bergen NJ for $249 for two people. INFO: Manhattan Cruise Terminal - Park, Stay, Ride & Cruise Packag, includes breakfast, wireless Internet, Transportation to Cruise Terminal tickets, self parking, 10 nights parking after stay, 2 way transfer. You then have to call them to setup shuttle times.
  10. Trying to figure out timing, if we sail at 3pm what time will the muster drill happen and what time will we go under the bridge?
  11. As hallux mentioned above, I booked a guaranteed room category and it included the free perks Drinks, specialty dining, wifi, and shore excursion credit.
  12. Is Ocean seafood included in the dining plan? I love seafood, wife not as much, I will have to check the menu. Thanks!
  13. That is what I thought too, but wife had me second guessing myself. Another question, how long do you plan for specialty dining? and dining at the MDR? For example if we go to the MDR or specialty dining at 6pm will we make a 7:30pm show? The last cruise (princess) I was on it took almost 2 hours in the MDR. Most nights it wasn't a problem but had to rush out a couple of times.
  14. Looking for any recommendations or suggestions. This vacation is for my wife and I, no kids. We have been on 10+ cruises, (RCCL, Carnival, Princess, Celebrity), however this is our first time on NCL. We booked the cruise two weeks ago, so we were a little late in making reservations. We decided to take the free perks - Drink package, shore excursion credit, dining package, and internet Park and Cruise: We are driving in from Harrisburg PA, so we plan to stay the night before at the Hampton Inn - Ridgefield Park. They allow parking for the duration of the cruise and offer a free shuttle round trip to the Manhattan terminal. Any other suggestions? Room 13866: We booked a Guarantee Balcony cabin - we were assigned Mid-ship Balcony Stateroom - 13866 (Category: BA). We are fairly close to the elevators, you think we will have issues with noise? My wife hates being near elevators, people tend to talk too loud and she is a light sleeper. I think we should be fine but she is concerned, might try to upgrade to a mini-suite if noise is going to be an issue. Specialty dining: We choose Tappanyaki, Cagney's, and Q, should we try to make any changes once we are on board? Currently most of the other restaurants are not available until after 9pm, that is too late for us. Tentative schedule: Shows are in blue and Shore excursions are in green 12/13 - Leave at 3pm - (Teppanyaki-5:15pm) 12/14 - Sea day - (Six - 7:30) 12/15 - Orlando 1pm - 9pm - Cocoa beach transfer 12/16 - Great Stirrup Cay 10am - 6pm - wave runners - (Cagney's steakhouse-6pm) 12/17 - Nassau 8am - 6pm - Seahorse sail and snorkel - (Q-Texas BBQ-6pm) 12/18 - Sea day - (Jersey Boys-7:30pm) 12/19 - Sea day Drink package: First time doing a drink package on a cruise. We are not big drinkers, not even sure what cocktails we like. Any drink suggestions would be great. Anything I missed? all feedback welcome!!!
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