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  1. What airport would I fly into? Newark Liberty? I wonder if Royal has a shuttle thanks
  2. We would love to try a bigger ship not sure how far away Bayonne is from Maryland thanks
  3. Thanks for posting your review! 13 pages! Yeah!! Never been to a Chinese restaurant on a ship is it like a Mongolian wok?
  4. Great thanks for all the information! Didn’t know that about signatures either! We were on the Valor last month and we went on the Vista last year and Guy Fieri happen to be on with his family too! Here he is with my daughter! Looking forward to your reviews!
  5. Signatures don’t come up on my phone ugh thanks
  6. Going to look for your review! Any other port that you can compare it to? Thank you!
  7. Wow! Impressive looks interesting and probably a lot to see!!
  8. Ok that helps is it similar to Cozumel? Or not that big. Just starting to do research on this port as I know nothing about it. Thanks again
  9. Great thanks! Trying to decide between the two for next August! can you tell me what is around the pier when you dock in Bermuda? Is it similar to any other port? Thanks
  10. Hi we have done Grand Turk and Half Moon Cay but not Bermuda! Looking for input. We have been on a few cruises. Is Bermuda worth the extra $ as it is little more$ thanks
  11. helene109

    Burmuda pier?

    Hi we have been on a few cruises. Can you please tell me what is at the pier when you get off the ship? Looking into two cruise lines. One does a 5 day and another line does a 7 day cruise. My daughter just moved to Baltimore! Trying to figure out which one to do. Thanks
  12. Fantastic review! What are you going to do with your gift card? We are thinking of the Pride for next summer as my daughter just moved to Baltimore! Did you use the slides? We did Royal in June !
  13. Great to hear as I am looking into it for next summer as my daughter just moved there. I have been on the Vista, Glory, Dream, Paradise and the Valor 2 weeks ago, Menus would be nice. Thanks
  14. Thanks and those are worse than the ones under the Lido deck? We were under the arcade 2 weeks ago and we kept hearing pac man and there was no pac man game!!
  15. I am looking into a Premium for the Pride next year too as we are just off the Valor with a regular balcony. how many premiums are there on this ship? Thanks
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