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  1. Ok thanks as of course I keep getting the cheers one too. Cruise is in August.
  2. My pvp just emailed me back after I asked her and she said that would cost $540 more to the booking! Wow!
  3. Not sure if $133 is a good rate for Orlando from Chicago! Can only buy one way. As the other date isn’t open yet. Torn might just wait till January ugh
  4. Your right great question!! Let’s hope that they continue! Love your profile picture!
  5. I just ordered one today! Does someone know if they will stop selling them or are they just out of them? Thanks
  6. Good point too! These are the rooms left for the sailing I am interested in hmm
  7. You are so helpful as I have always been able to get portside And middle by an elevator and doesn’t look like I can get all 3 with either choice extended or suite! Thanks again!
  8. Wondering what will change as I am looking at rooms and a lot are open more than an extended or a suite!
  9. Thanks really hard to decide as I don’t want to regret my choice whichever it is. I always do port side is there any really big difference? suite also includes laundry my PvP said and FTTF so that’s a savings right there.
  10. Hi looking into August as husband wants a different type of cabin. Decks 9,10,11,12 and 15 are open 9344,123,42,10342 and 15339. I prefer the middle and left side or do I spend $1,000 more for a suite? My 21 year old son will also be coming in our room and my daughter and her family that are staying in a family harbor room.
  11. Doubt if it’s a casino thing maybe just random
  12. Your right as we planned on rebooking but just wanted to wait until they are cruising again but I don’t think it really matters.
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