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  1. Yes that makes sense as I do a mock booking but isn’t a middle section a different price then front or back of ship?
  2. My cruise is in August and my category is sold out as I have front and without emailing my PvP daily how can I check my price if my category is sold out? I have the email setup for shipmate thanks
  3. Wow and to think it just started a few years ago! I have been on a total of 20 cruises!! Even 2 years ago we happened to be on the Vista with Guy Fieri!!! Ask away we try one every year!! Even did 2 cruises last year! Here is a few pictures my daughter with guy and my family of 4!! Thanks again!
  4. I have Allstate too I will have to ask my agent never received any cash!
  5. What is drivewise cash? Same as points? Thanks
  6. Oh my thanks maybe I will just wait for Allstate 100 ones cruise is in August
  7. Do you know if we have to have different email addresses? Just trying to figure out how to have 2 accounts if I am listed on his account. Thanks
  8. Never mind finally got the confirmation! One card a month is better than none!
  9. I purchased an AARP card. How long does the email take to receive? Never tried from AARP before had to use my husband dob and name. Hopefully no problems. Got the email that states welcome to AARP rewards.
  10. Looking forward to hearing about your trip! What are your ports? We go in August!
  11. Hi trying to remember where it is located? How far in advance can you start your check in? Thanks
  12. It worked!! Thanks again you saved me a phone call or email!!
  13. It was September I will uninstall thanks
  14. Still not working! How do I add my new cruise? Old one is still on my home page? Thanks
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