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  1. No, we were on on island tour and our stop at Maracas Bay was about 40 minutes...Bake and Shark was our priority and we were told that we were not stopping for beach time. On a side note, it is sad that many of the islands have trash and sewage issues. Many blame the US for trash in seas, but they hug their trees there but toss trash in the ocean.
  2. We visited Port of Spain, Trinidad on our most recent cruise. We elected to take a Princess organized tour, which was enjoyable. We were dropped off back at the port where there were several vendors. It was crowded and I held my small bag close. Vendors were friendly and not pushy at all. On a side note, Maracas Beach was beautiful, Bake and Shark amazingly delicious, however...the beach did have trash so would not walk without shoes on.
  3. Thank you. We have elected to take a Princess run excursion for safety. Yours isn't the only story I have heard of being asked for more money, but it was before return to ship. We have never been there and want to see the island, but safely.
  4. No, this is only our second Princess cruise. 12 on NCL doesn't even get us those perks (no pun intended).
  5. I agree. I am weighing my options. I do not drink alcohol but I must have my soda and morning cafe mocha. I like the idea of mocktails and smoothies. The classic soda package and grounds coffee would be less expensive for me and serve my needs.
  6. Anyone recall colors of bands offered for sale? I'd like to ask someone to pre-purchase the bands for us but hubby wants different colors (like WDW). Also, is it waterproof? Can I swim with it on? thanks
  7. Disney sells special bands for their similar "access" MagicBands in excess of that so seems reasonable. I would pay that to not have the thing hanging around my neck.
  8. Wpooh1968

    Eagle Beach

    Any idea what rental of two chairs and one umbrella run? We will be there in November on Caribbean Princess and they don't have an excursion to Eagle. Thanks
  9. What is wrong with Tobago? There are private and ship tours there.
  10. So Tobago or organized ship tour of Trinidad it is...or just stay on board. πŸ˜‰
  11. I think more are questioning the safety, not the conditions of the city.
  12. The more I read, the more I think we will get off, purchase our collection items for new ports (1 shot glass and 1 postcard) and return to the ship. I'm not even sure I feel safe going on a ship excursion at this point.
  13. If you can't trust your spouse, why are you even together AND going on a cruise? Just saying.
  14. Can you pre-purchase a wrist band for your medallion? I'm thinking like the ones Disney uses. Or are they not like that. I love the technology but I can't see my DH carrying medallion and card. TIA
  15. There is actually a lot of theft and I know of a crew member being murdered for his cell phone, so there is crime there. Again, common sense should rule.
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