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  1. Since the back to back cruises began and ended in Auckland, it was just a round trip flight. I simply booked flights using the first cruise and changed the options from multi city to round trip and the dates to match the beginning and end of the back to back. In my case I was able to get seat assignments on my domestic leg myself, and the Celebrity agent got them on the Air New Zealand flight as I was unable to do that online. I did the pay later option and subsequently called Air New Zealand myself and they confirmed my seat assignments.
  2. As I posted on another thread, I had booked a round trip flight on the Celebrity website but never received a confirmation email nor did it show up in my account even though the the booking was confirmed online when I made it. I noted a phone number on the Celebrity site for flight bookings that said it was available 8 to 5 Monday through Friday. I had intended to call today but when I looked more closely the 8 to 5 hours stated IST. After a bit of research I determined that was India standard time which meant it could be reached from the US only in the middle of the night. So around midnight, I made my call. The agent who answered stated that there were no flights attached to my account. When I explained that I had booked online and gotten a completion, he stated that you couldn't book online if you were doing "back to back" cruises. The fact that I did it was apparently a system error and that you could only book those flights over the phone. I said I would like to book and he quoted me the same price as I got from the Celebrity site from the supposed sale. Once I agreed, he put me on hold for several minutes. When he came back he said that fare wasn't accepted by the airline and he quoted me a new fare several hundred dollars more. After going back an forth with him trying several other things in their system, I told him I wanted to try booking online myself again. He told me it wouldn't work but I went ahead anyway. This time I printed the web page confirmation and gave him the booking numbers. After some more times on hold, he was finally able to do something with those numbers and confirm my flights at the online price. Finally some sleep after about 45 minutes of on and off hold. Moral of the story, use caution, keep good records, and follow up quickly if you don't see a confirmation.
  3. I'm going to post my experience and resolution on a separate thread as it my be of some value to others.
  4. I didn't pay for it yet. I was one of those pay later things although I was going to pay for it if I had to before getting a seat assignment. I guess I'll call them tomorrow. Unfortunately the web page opened with the information but I didn't write it down as I assumed I would get an email with the same thing. My bad.
  5. I booked a flight last night and it was confirmed on the web page but now I have nothing. I didn't get any email confirmation nor does it show up in my account. How do I see my confirmation and airline booking code? Thanks
  6. There were groups with three speeds on our cruise. One slow group, one fast group, and the majority were a normal pace. Frankly, even for a fast walker, I'm not sure what the advantage would be in joining the fast group. To me, one of the main purposes of the tours is to learn from the guides. The fact that the fast group covered the same locations in less time meant that there was less time for commentary and interaction with the guides. I felt that there was plenty of time to wander after the included tour and saw no reason to rush through that.
  7. I think all the ships look pretty much like this. As I recall, two available european and one UK. You can always unplug the audio receivers once that are charged and use that outlet also.
  8. Check out Blue Thistle Tours. They gave a very nice tour last year when we were there.
  9. Here's a better picture with a wider angle. It is in the shopping area. When we were there there were multiple cruise lines with with the typical handheld signs. There were two with Emerald signs. One was an Emerald representative the the other was a shuttle driver. They had a list with names for that particular shuttle and when all of those on the list arrived it left. They basically ran them based on the flight schedules that were provided ahead of time.
  10. You can't miss it. Everyone meets at the same place after clearing custioms. There are signs pointing to "meeting point". Pickup shuttles were scheduled based on flight arrival times.
  11. I don't believe this is the case as I don't think Delta has any of the max variant.
  12. That's exactly what we did. Just made the short walk and bought the tickets at the walk up window. Very inexpensive and a nice day.
  13. National/Alamo and I believe Dollar are an easy walk. In the VIA rail station close to the port.
  14. Another vote for the mailboat run. Another plus is that it's a very short walk from where the ships dock.
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