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  1. When the second of my B2B cruises was canceled in Australia, New Zealand connections were canceled even in the checkin line, it sure made it easier and less costly to get home. Flight bookings were a complete mess but Celebrity got us home.
  2. I would suggest that the placement of the comma after the parenthetical would exclude only the hotel stay and not the beverages. To read it otherwise would exclude even coffee and water.
  3. I'm not sure this helps much but at least it gives you an idea of what they are doing for domestic customers: NEW CHANGE POLICY (for domestic reservations only) For all 2020 sailings after June 21, 2020, guests can cancel up to 30 days before sailing or up to June 15, 2020, whichever comes first. Reservation is subject to standard cancellation penalties and guests will receive a future cruise certificate for the penalty amount. Any reservation may move to another sail date in 2020 and their current cancellation penalty applies to the new sail date. New sail date must be of equal or greater value and guest is responsible for any increase in fare. AQSC will cover flight change fees for those guests that immediately move to a new sail date. Terms: - The future cruise certificate will include voyage fare, hotel packages, city stay packages and insurance. - Port fees will be refunded as normal. - Applicable to 2020 voyages only. - Future Cruise Certificate must be used by the original booked travelers only. - Future Cruise Certificate is valid for travel in 2020, 2021, or 2022. - This policy is in effect until 6/15/2020. - Valid on domestic reservations only. International guests please contact your travel professional or our International Sales Department at international@aqsc.com.
  4. I got the email because I'm on their email list but I have no current cruise booked. In my experience, if you booked through a travel agent, you will get no direct communication from American Queen. Everything will come through your travel agent.
  5. I really hate to see the 2/3 seating go. The more A220s as replacements for the MadDogs the better.
  6. Yes, although they were perfectly willing to book what I requested. They booked my last minute return on Air New Zealand so I could keep my premium economy seats. Unfortunately the transfer was through Auckland which shut down to transit passengers as I was next in line to check in. The remaining choices weren't so great but they got me home without any additional expense.
  7. When our cruise got cancelled when we were in the middle of a back to back, I sure was glad I had Celebrity Air. While others were frantically trying to figure out how to get home, Celebrity took care of things and I didn't have to deal with cancellation fees, loss of airfare when switched to a different airline, etc.
  8. It's a distance to get from the dock to someplace for an Uber or a taxi. Probably 5 to 15 minutes depending on how fast you are. There are porters though and they will haul your luggage for you. Most of the walk to the pickup area is through the mall that's next to the Hilton. That's actually the location where the ship docks.
  9. This is pretty much the same policy that was in effect when we boarded the Solstice on 3/10.
  10. I don't know how you're getting all the possible flight choices this far out. Most of the US carriers don't release schedules and fares until 330 days.
  11. Picton is a nice little town, but unless you're a wine drinker, I didn't find many excursions (including private) of much interest there.
  12. Right on! It seems like the world these days spends more time trying to cast blame than in being productive. What's done is done, learn from it and move forward.
  13. Now I'm curious. I was on this cruise from what was originally an onboard booking. I got this and several other express notifications from Celebrity. The travel agent that I transferred the booking to also got the notification. I'm wondering if those that didn't receive the notification booked directly through a travel agent and the notification went to the agent?
  14. Perhaps the difference was that I called Celebrity Air directly and arranged the flights myself. At some point a couple hours later, I received the revised itinerary from the Pursers desk.
  15. We were booked back to back on the Solstice when it was announced that the second half of our back to back in Australia was canceled. That meant that instead of flying home from Auckland as originally planned, we would have to fly home on different dates from Sydney. Got on the phone with Celebrity Air and they were able to re book us a return with a transfer through Auckland with Preferred Economy as originally booked. Perfect, avoided lots of hassle. Arrived at the airport in Sydney and made it to the front of the check in line when we were informed that the Auckland airport had been closed 10 minutes earlier to transit passengers. That threw the second booking out the window. Got on the phone to Celebrity Air once more and there weren't many options to be had as transfers were closed in many airports and flights were full. Finally they were able to come through with seats and a routing which were to be truthful were a PITA, but at least they got us home and my credit card never had to come out of my wallet. I shudder to think of what kind of mess this would have been if I had booked my own airfare and had to find an expensive one way fare home from Sydney after I'd already paid for the Auckland round trip. This was the first time I'd ever used Celebrity Air and boy was a glad I did.
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