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  1. Of course class is not defining anything other than what people are willing to spend, and if you feel comfortable spending more that's fine and a choice you make. ( not a deffination in the past) Again just looking to the future. If areas of the ship are restricted then how far away are cruise lines from restricting dinning venues, entertainment etc. To cabin classification based upon pricing? Personally I always cruise balcony or above, but have meet some of the greatest people from all categories on cruises
  2. Sorry to all who misunderstood, this is just an observation based on 18 NCL cruises and numerous post on this site. I am not a proponent for class separation, but I feel this is the direction that cruise lines are heading. And yes I know very well that thus is a business responsible to its share holders.
  3. As I predicted awhile back class cruising has returned, Heaven = first class Balcony or above = 2nd class Lower than balcony and GTY. Sail away, = steerage It will not be long before areas of the ships block off areas for each, I am not complaining you get what you pay for just my observation
  4. Have been in connecting cabins a few times, no difference in noise transmission have found more noise is transferred from people on their balcony. And yes depends upon the people in the adjoining cabin but I don't believe that age is a contributing factor, rather lack of consideration is
  5. It might help if cruise lines got together and developed a simple code of conduct. They have stopped smoking on balconies and they should prohibit loud music on them also. I have had the experience of loud noises from adjoining cabins and just complain to guest services until they address the issue. My #1 rule " remember you did not charter the ship!, be courteous to others"
  6. Use the cell phone lot when your friends are off the ship have them call you and let you know what number sign they are under, be patient since the traffic will be heavy with both drop offs and pick ups going on
  7. Don't worry, the machine comes with a case, about the size of a lap top, I believe that they all have humidity capability so that why the distilled water but you can shut that off if you like
  8. Maybe the post you read was referring to dock construction at the royal dockyard kings wharf
  9. Just go to the towel animal demonstration and learn how to make them yourself, or ask your steward and tip her/him you will get your towel animal
  10. No formal tea just snacks, self service in buffet, on the last 16 cruises that I've been on
  11. Just stop by the dinner reservations desk and cancel. They request 24 hrs prior to reserved time but I have never had an issue, and if you don't want to wait till you get on board call ncl
  12. I've been in Oct and found it pretty nice once and very cold once although depends on weather from the west. Also been in mid Sept and it was very hot and humid so it just depends on the fronts that come thru
  13. Bring a 3 prong adapter, all plugs are grounded and extension cord not surge protected
  14. I believe if you check cigarettes purchased in st Thomas do not require you to declare them, since it is a US territory
  15. I've been on over 16 cruises with NCL and they have always used port time, and will leave a notice of time change in your cabin and also note it on the dailies
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