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  1. TA OBC won't be available until you're on the ship.
  2. That's the reason I rarely fly SW. On the legacy lines, if worse comes to worse, they'll at least try to get you on another flight, even on a competitor.. SW doesn't have that option.
  3. Celebrity's web site has deck plans for the beyond. I think all Concierge cabins are IV, which is why I booked an SV on her. That's a conventional balcony aft. It was actually less than an IV, which surprised me.
  4. I don't understand it either. Calling can be frustrating at times, especially getting a rep who knows less than you do, but get a good one, and it's easy peasy. The ship is totally different, and a real pleasure. Sailed twice, and have the Seashore booked in May.
  5. As long as it's administered by a medical professional, I can't see it being refused.
  6. We sailed on the Ovation last month and the masks weren't always needed even indoors. It depended on the venue. If the venue was for vaccinated people only, no masks were required.
  7. The same in Se attle. Arrival times meant nothing. You just stood in line with everybody else.
  8. I called last night and was holding for 45 minutes. When I called on Sunday, the wait time was 2 minutes. I think it's the luck of the draw.
  9. We were booked on the Apex for December, 2022, and changed to the Beyond with a NRD. There was no fee charged. The swap was seamless, and the rep very accommodating.
  10. Food is so subjective. We've been on the Divina twice and had no problem with the food, not even counting the pizza, which is by far the best at sea. We love MSC so much that we're booked on the Seashore for next May. If you look at my signature, or expand it, you'll find that we've been on all the mainstream lines except HAL.
  11. Thank you. I'm thinking about the MDR's.
  12. I've been on a lot of cruises, including on X and usually on a 7 night cruise Formal nights are 2 and 6, which are usually sea days. We are booked on the Beyond and 2 and 6 are port days. Does anyone know how Celebrity handles that?
  13. I just called today about 3PM to change my cruise and the wait time was about 10 seconds. I couldn't believe it.
  14. You should be able to make it with no problem. the airport is vey close to the port in FLL.
  15. If people would take their time, and do just a little research, they would know what to expect. The same is true if they go with an open mind, instead of dreading the cruise before they even get on the ship because they read something bad on CC.
  16. You won't have to pay out of pocket at CVS. If you have no ins., they charge the government, and if you have ins., just give them the info.
  17. LGW59, You are so right. I do the same thing, and never had a problem. The same goes for Royal.
  18. The reason for the 10/31 date is that's when the CDC's condition to sail order expires, and they haven't said what will happen after that.
  19. They're restarting it according to CC news.
  20. We were on the Ovation 2 weeks ago, and never needed a reservation.
  21. got off the Ovation on Friday 09/17 as Emerald, and by Tuesday, my status changed to Diamond.
  22. They are dry slides, similar to the Abyss on Royal ships. You can get burns from it, so I would recommend long sleeves when going.
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