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  1. I think you can forget the N.Y. cruise. April 50%/50%, assuming Florida gets its act together with the virus.
  2. Sometimes the change in classification due to number of guests is dependent on life boat space. They may have found that they had extra space on the boat involved, so they reclassified the room to accomodate another passenger,
  3. I know of no hotel or restaurant that doesn't require masks or doing social distancing other than the idiot bar owners that don't care, then wonder why they're closed down because of cases directly attributed to them.
  4. I can't believe someone would even book a cruise in the middle of a pandemic.
  5. We are booked on the Seashore for Dec, 2021.
  6. You don't want to vacation in Miami. Beaches are closed, no inside dining in restaurants, no having a drink in a bar, 10 PM curfew. Other than that, things are normal.
  7. Carnival, all of a sudden, seems to be marching to the beat of a different drummer.
  8. I priced the Bliss to Alaska with a Sail Away price on a balcony. No perks, and they were $1,100.00 higher than RCCL on the Quantum, also with no perks, same week, both from Seattle.
  9. This makes perfect sense with one caveat. People love new things, and maybe having a new ship in the Caribbean would entice someone to book. Of course, this is pure conjecture at this time since we don't know when or if cruising will start.
  10. MSC has done the balcony for the price of an OV, but they did it right. They lowered the balcony to the real OV price.
  11. I hate to put cold water on Florida's recovery, but the state is doing nothing to alleviate the spread. Local counties and towns are doing some, but not enough. Our governor has blinders on. Today's spike set a new record. 10,106 new cases. Florida right now is a 3rd world country.
  12. I booked the Seashore for December, 2021 because of the low deposit. Even if it were non refundable, which I don't think it is, I wouldn't care. I can live with it, though I have no plans of cancelling.
  13. I agree about their prices, which now border on the ridiculous. We are booked on the Apex for April, 2021, and the same cruise now is over $1000.00 more than our booking.
  14. The Equinox was our first X cruise, and we loved it. We are booked on the Apex for April,2021. However, I still love Royal the mast, especially the Oasis class, and am booked on the Quantum Class for 2022. My other favorite is, now don't laugh, is MSC, whose ships are beautiful. Celebrity will always be on our watch list, depending on ship and price, since we've already been to most of the Caribbean ports.
  15. Even though this ship won't be in the U.S., I'm glad to see the work is continuing. Thank you, Lloyd.
  16. I would take $300.00 OBC in lieu of Nassau as a perk in a heartbeat.
  17. I hate to put a damper on October cruising, at least from Florida, but the way things are going here, who would want to take a chance of coming to Florida to go on a cruise. This state is one of the most dangerous places on earth right now, with no end in sight.
  18. beerman2, you should be concerned. We are going crazy here with the virus, and our governor wants to keep going. DUH!!!
  19. Pre paid gratuities is a good perk. One of the few free perks that are really free.
  20. The problem isn't only RCCL. The shipyard is having problems of it's own. This was the 2nd fire in a month, and they are having problems on another ship they are building. All that and the virus too.
  21. I haven't seen any deals on NCL, except some on their smaller ships.
  22. The Empress was braught here for Cuba. Now that Cuba has been cancelled, I don't know if they would save a ship for future sailings to Cuba.I didn't realize the Vision Class would be such a tight fit there.
  23. I can see getting rid of some Vision Class ships, but not the Radiance, which are newer and larger, but can go anywhere the Vision Class can go.
  24. I don't remember exactly, but 48" seems to ring a bell
  25. I live in Florida, and too many people here don't respect others, and will not wear a mask. Our governor has blinders on and doesn't have a clue of what to do.In the meantime virus' are spreading like wildfire.New records almost every day.
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