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  1. Do you have to go on a whale watching excursion or can you sometimes see them from the cruise ship?
  2. What is the best time to board in order to not wait in long lines? I know many like to board as soon as possible. We don't feel like we have to be on board early but also want to get on board to get settled an explore a little prior to sailing. Thanks for your response.
  3. I have a promotion from TA called Dine Around Pinnacle Grill and Caneletto. I assume that must be one or the other. Anyone else have any such thing as this? We also have Pinnacle Grill from the Explore 4 promotion. It says HA will assign reservations and we can change once onboard.
  4. Rather than ask the same question over, can you search for a thread? For instance if I wanted to see if someone had used a hotel can you search by the hotel name? If so, how do you do that?
  5. Amtrak is having a buy one get one sale this weekend you must book by 2/17 and travel by Aug. 30.
  6. kcdd


    Thanks for the info regarding the Amtrak sale this weekend. I changed my reservation and saved $100.
  7. We have a reservation at the Holiday Inn and Suites in Downtown Vancouver the night prior to our cruise. Address 1110 Howe St. Would appreciate any comments good or bad regarding the hotel and surrounding area. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the responses. Didn't know if it would be tacky taking his Diet Coke can into the MDR. But hey that's great!
  9. My husband drinks soda morning, noon and night and in between. If we bring Diet Coke on board can he take it to the buffet area during breakfast and lunch? I wouldn't want him to bring it to the main dining room. Thanks for the response.
  10. kcdd


    Thank you for that advice. I believe I did notice that and an easy mistake. I will check again but I think we have the correct train reservation. Wouldn't that be an awful and rude awakening?! YIKES!
  11. I asked this on another board and someone suggested I post here. We are taking Amtrak from Seattle to Vancouver, BC the day before our cruise. I actually have 2 questions: 1. We are staying in a hotel in Tukwila a few days prior to the Amtrak trip. The train leaves early in the am, I want to say around 7:30. Any recommendations regarding transportation to the Amtrak station downtown Seattle? 2. The other question is on the other end. Once we arrive in Vancouver any recommendations for transportation from train station to hotel downtown Vancouver? TIA
  12. kcdd


    Thank you. I hadn't even noticed those boards. More to look at!
  13. kcdd


    Thanks I am sure that is what we will end up doing.
  14. That is amazing! It really is a small world!
  15. kcdd


    We will be taking the Amtrak from Seattle to Vancouver. We arrive the day before our cruise leaves from Vancouver. Would appreciate any advice regarding travel from train station to our downtown Vancouver hotel. Thanks.
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