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  1. But they don't have Alaska cruises under 7 days, which is the main driver for this PVSA talk. New York does have the fall cruises to the Canadian Maritimes, but they aren't a big factor in New York's economy like the Alaska cruises are to Alaska.
  2. I'm no political expert, but I can see two ways a change in the PVSA could get folded into some bigger bill to get passed. 1) If the leaders of either the House (Pelosi) or Senate (Schumer) wanted it, they would have enough political juice to get it included. But I've yet to see any evidence that either of them have any interest in this issue. 2) If a single Democratic senator (and it would have to be a senator, not a House member) cared enough about it to take a stand and say they won't vote in favor of whatever bill the Democrats were trying to pass unless the requested changes to the PVSA w
  3. It seems to me if they required pax to be vaccinated, the risk of a Covid outbreak would be minimal. But I guess it's possible some new variant that the vaccine was rather ineffective against could pop up.
  4. If there are several of these events, apparently the experience won't be unique. I don't see the great appeal, and wouldn't book based on that. But if it happened to occur on a cruise I was taking I guess it would be cool to see several ships together. For a moment at least, then back to normal cruising activities. But certainly no harm done and if others find it appealing, that's great.
  5. Is the 60 days you are referring to the federal court required notification of environmental compliance? If so, I believe that was reduced to 30 days. "...the Company shall submit to the Interested Parties, 1 CAM, and TPA , no less than 30 days in advance of each Covered Vessel’s planned entry to U.S.Waters, a certification signed by the Company’s Chief Executive Officer as to the status of the items listed below from the Company’s Pause Priorities Plan for such Covered Vessel" https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8yaw9lc8euaxwc/207.pdf?dl=0 Bottom of page 1 and top o
  6. Well, I got it from a third party source, Cruise Law News (which seems to have a anti-cruise slant), and they said "...require Carnival to certify that each of its cruise ships is compliant with its probation obligations at least 60 days" (later modified to 30 days) "before the ships could reenter U.S. waters to resume cruises." Assuming that is accurately worded, I think you're right. Because the ships were not re-entering US waters to resume cruises. So the fact that they've been in and out of US ports may mean nothing at all, and they may still have an extra 30 days to get thro
  7. Back in October, Carnival Corporation was told by a federal court that they had to certify to the court that each Carnival Corp. ship is in environmental compliance 30 days before entering US waters. I don't know if that step is something that will delay Carnival longer than other cruise lines, or if that's a step that has already happened. Let's see what I can figure out. The Breeze was in Port of Miami January 6th and again February 8th, so I assume that means she must have done her notification already since she entered US waters. The Conquest in in POM as I write th
  8. I'm neither a smoker or a gambler, but Carnival tried the smoke free ship route with the Paradise between 1998 and 2004 and found it drove revenue down enough that they had to abandon the idea. It's seems people susceptible to one vice (smoking) were also susceptible to other vices which drive profit such as gambling and drinking. So a ship full of non-smokers wasn't nearly as profitable. I'd prefer a smoke free ship, but unless there is reason to believe things have changed over the last 20 years i can't see the cruise lines going for it.
  9. It was just preliminary results indicating that is the case, at least for the Pfizer vaccine. According to this article, the research hasn't yet been published or peer reviewed. Though it is encouraging news as far as it goes, though not yet officially scientifically confirmed. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-21/pfizer-biontech-shot-stops-covid-s-spread-israeli-study-shows But you probably already knew all that before you asked for research.
  10. I'd think what they'd really want is the same percentages of vaccinated and un-vaccinated as will be the case when real cruises resume, so they could get a realistic result. All un-vaccinated would be a worst case scenario, not a realistic one. But who knows what those percentages will be? They don't even know when it might happen so they could extrapolate a wild guess as to the percentage of the general public who will be vaccinated at that time. And will the general public be representative of cruisers? Perhaps cruisers are more likely to be vaccinated than the general public bec
  11. If it took you 15 minutes to get that $40, that works out to $160/hour pay rate if you look at it that way. Of course, it's $160/hour with a quarter of an hour maximum, so it's not a huge windfall, but it still seems worth 15 minutes. And it probably won't even take that long.
  12. The Canadian order doesn't just preclude passengers from getting off a large cruise ship in Canada, it precludes such a ship from even entering Canadian waters. So unless that changes, that alone kills the "hang around a foreign port for a while' idea. Plus, I believe jsglow is correct that those kind of fake stops aren't allowed anymore.
  13. Ah, but which indefinite period of time will be longer? The indefinite period of time that we'll have to wear masks, or the indefinite period of time until cruising resumes? Put another way, if things are still bad enough that masks are required, they might be bad enough that the CDC will not allow cruising to resume.
  14. Good luck with that. The anti-mask people will just perpetually have a drink or snack in front of them to justify not wearing it.
  15. Are you sure no foreign ports are open to cruise ships? I haven't seen that. Information on that question seems very hard to come by, at least anything recent. But Mexico for one seems to be pretty much open, and I assume that includes for cruise ships (theoretically at least). In fact, there's been recent talk of using Cozumel, Progresso, and even Havana possibly acting as cruise ship home ports https://www.cruisehive.com/will-we-see-cruise-ships-homeport-in-cozumel/46823
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