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  1. Thanks everyone. It is all way more confusing than it has to be. A simple list of what's included would be fine. A list of what's not included and frequently asked questions.
  2. Ours does not include the Signature Beverage Package. So I was not sure what beverages were included.
  3. I understand that Explore 4 no longer includes hard liquor? Just wine? Not really clear on what beverages were included.
  4. Good question. I wanted to know if VPN would work, too.
  5. How does it work when you have Pinnacle Grill for two with the Explore 4?
  6. I am a little confused on what Explore 4 includes. Onboard Credit, Pinnacle Grill What else? Does it include internet? sodas/bottled water? I was told that it does include internet and sodas/bottled water, but I don't see that officially posted on Holland Website.
  7. Can you make reservations online before the cruise? And, if you can book online, when does that become available online to book? (How far in advance of cruise)
  8. Thanks to everyone for all your responses!
  9. It depends on how many credits you buy. I believe that to send a postcard, it costs 1 credit. The choices for buying credits are: Premium (which is a monthly charge). It comes with perks, but I don't send enough to sign up for that. 40 credits = $2.00 per credit. 20 credits = $2.25 per credit. 10 credits = $2.50 per credit. It used to cost less. It still is a nice convenience when traveling. You can also order cards, pictures in frames etc. which cost more.
  10. Re: Touch Note app, I just bought a few credits to try it out and loved it. I won't do the monthly charge either. I'll just add a few more credits before our cruise.
  11. I have been on two Hawaii cruises. The weather was good for both. On the spring cruise there was heavy rain in Hilo. I preferred the weather in the fall..
  12. On the insurance question. Usually if your insurance is through the cruise company, it will cover you for your cruise, air if booked through cruise company and excursions through cruise company. If you take a outside vendor tour or fall down when wandering around town on your own, it usually isn't covered. You have to read the fine print.
  13. If we arrive 3 days prior to the cruise and leave 2 days after the cruise, I am assuming that HAL transfer don't apply. Am I correct?
  14. I'm in my 60's. The MMR vaccine wasn't available. I had the measles. They test immunity of women when you get pregnant and I had immunity. It would be so difficult for most adults to come up with any verification of vaccines.
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