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  1. Hola, we are not cruising the suite life....just balcony cabins....are there any other lunch options besides the buffet when we board Sunday..Gracias
  2. We have done Playa Mia several times with family...just grab a cab....maybe 15 minute ride...$20 I think....they have plenty of room on the property so they never sell out...chose what to eat when you get there...we just do general admission and a la carte....gives you flexibility if weather is iffy....can come and go as you please, no problem getting return cab....it is a fun place for all ages..
  3. We never book empty space across from cabin. May be door for cabin stewards to come in an out or a storage area for supplies. Can cause a lot of noise at times.
  4. I sent an email over a month ago about this to Royal a couple of months ago concerning our upcoming Harmony cruise....did not even get the courtesy of a reply....
  5. Hi, quick question...some of the younger people in our traveling party have the drink package....can they still use package for Bloody Mary, mimosas, or specialty coffees?....those days are over for me😉😉
  6. You will love the other lines...it will open up a whole new world of itineraries and experiences...don’t overlook princess, it has some interesting longer itineraries, same for HAL, did them once and we were extremely pleased
  7. Been on both lines and it’s a coin flip.....pick itinerary and ship, you will be treated well on both, it will come down to your personal preferences and your experience on that particular cruise. There is always some variation even on the same line. Go for it, new experiences are stimulating....non voyage..
  8. did 20 nighter on NCL out of New Zealand to Singapore two years ago and it was great...been to Europe multiple times....Caribbean is to hit the beaches, swim and escape Winter...53 days is too long on a ship and too long away from Grandkids, family and friends....got a lot going on here...otherwise would winter in Florida
  9. Good thought, we have considered it, but fall is best season in New England...save our cruises for winter
  10. Hi, enjoy Royal as well as several other lines. We wish they had more longer cruises, particularly in Caribbean. Not interested in back to back, feels like a lost day. Last few years did a 14 night princess circle Caribbean out of Florida, and a couple 11 and twelve nighters out os San Juan on NCL. Older ships, but we don’t mind. Wish Royal would follow suit...I think there would be a demand....😉😉
  11. No easy answer...we check price and cabin availability with Royal and then use our agent...we are sticklers about cabin location, nothing above, below, or across hall etc...agent has always been same or lower, key is to keep monitoring price as time goes on. We book at least a year out and that has al most always been best price. We cruise at popular times,so often ship is sold out.we also have to consider airfare and need to book that early as well for best deal. It can be a lot of work, but worth price drop or peace of mind...😎😎
  12. Multiple lines sail from San Juan....find an itinerary you like,they may be similar, and you will be treated great on all ships. You will get positive feedback here from Royal cruisers and if you considered another line use their board, we had a great 11 night cruise in January on NCL. Wanted more than a week. Celebrity also has cruises. Good luck, if you choose Royal you will have a great time.😎
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