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  1. Twangster- a huge Thank You for the detailed info on how to connect an iPhone to the HDMI port on the cabin TV. I’ll have to try that on Anthem next May. My Apple lightning to HDMI cable being delivered today. For those with Apple products looking to share an internet connection there are some options, just not as easy as the Samsung method unfortunately. And it requires having a MacBook connected to the internet to share it to other devices so not as convenient if outside of your cabin. I’ve used a MacBook to share an internet connection while in the cabin. It works best if you can plug in the MacBook to an Ethernet connection (not sure if newer ships even have them) and then share that via Wi-Fi with your devices. But there are other ways to do this either via Bluetooth or using another Wi-Fi adapter on your MacBook. Here is a good article explaining it. https://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac/share-mac-wifi-hotspot-3490420/?_gl=1*hhciqh*_ga*YW1wLXlLVW1qbDJqM3FxM2dpZ2I2S3lpMEUyZGI4UHZEd29UYndGNkhud2xtaGxjc3ZpMzE2N0RrSVZ2U2hueTF3MXk.
  2. I’ve sailed on both a few times and you will be very happy sailing on Allure. While Harmony has a few newer things that were mentioned above, they are really minor compared to the overall experience on these Oasis class ships. And since you have not been on one before, prepare to be wowed!!!
  3. Looks like we will be one of the first sailings after this is lifted unless it is extended. Sailing on the Harmony April 19th.
  4. Been to all of the restaurants and I’d choose 150 Central Park of I had to choose only one.
  5. All good ideas. And as a fellow allergy sufferer, I know exactly what you mean. I will have a big selection of allergy medicine on my April Harmony cruise so I don’t get thrown overboard if I sniffle / cough.
  6. From the few news reports I read no policy changes came from the meeting. Pence noted how they needed to do whatever possible to mitigate the risk and that elderly should carefully consider whether they should be cruising. The cruise industry lobbyist did say the cruise industry is prepared to pay for the transfer of affected passengers and crew to health facilities.
  7. I see they specifically say 100% FCC if they deny you boarding. Then later they say if you have a fever to call them and they will provide a FCC but they did not say 100%.
  8. We were able to get anything we wanted as far as multiple appetizers, entrees, or desserts when on Harmony last September. We never had 2 entrees each, but one dinner the 2 of us could not decide on 3 entrees and the waiter said he would bring out all 3. Izumi Hibachi was included and then $4 extra if you wanted a 2nd meat. It looks like they are now charging $10 for that from the comments above. What we liked is you can also go to a restaurant for a 2nd visit later in the night for something small if you like. For example, we had an early (5:30) dinner at 150 Central Park and really liked an appetizer and dessert so we made another reservation towards the end of the evening to go back and just have those 2 items.
  9. It is a great VCL but they unfortunately don't utilize it. When we were on board in January, it was always cold and empty. I checked back several times during the week but it was dead space except for a small group of Diamond members one night who brought their own food / drinks to have their own Diamond Happy Hour event since RCL canceled it on this ship. If you want a quiet, empty place to read a book it is the place to go. If it is the winter months, bring a blanket. I found it sad as I recall these great panoramic Viking Crown Lounges as being a fun place to go and socialize.
  10. I agree. 2 months ago they would care more about the lost revenue and not allow family members of a sick traveler to cancel / get a refund. But it is a different story today. I would think they wouldn’t want anyone on board who was living with a person who currently has influenza due to ports turning ships away with even 1 passenger with the flu. But then they have to put out a policy of how to verify the sick person and who was living with them. They wouldn’t want the sick person showing up to the terminal for a health screening. I guess they can just request doctor verification of the positive influenza test. But what if they test negative for influenza but still are sick with a fever? And I’m sure there will still be people who don’t want to miss their cruise and will say they or their kids are fine even if not feeling well. That may impact all of us cruising as ports refuse to let ships dock if there is even 1 person onboard with the flu.
  11. I’m buying now as well. Just be prepared it can fall further before recovering. Dividend yield going up nicely as the stock drops.
  12. Ok, I got it... if Coronavirus is your reason, just be sure to not say that when cancelling.
  13. Are you sure about that with this specific situation with Coronavirus and anyone taking out a policy now after the travel insurance sites are clearly stating this is a "known issue" and policies may exclude it? If you already had your insurance in place before January 24th, you could use CFAR and cancel for Coronavirus. But as I read the statements on the travel insurance sites now, I question if this is true. I only ask as the travel insurance sites are being pretty clear about invoking the "known issue" clause for Coronavirus and that policies issued after January 24th may not provide coverage for this. Even if policy is CFAR.
  14. Most travel policies issued now will exclude the Coronavirus as it is a known issue. So be careful of buying travel insurance at this point due to Coronavirus. Here is what a major travel insurance FAQ page states today and I expect all are doing this: "Please also note that Coronavirus became a known risk on January 24, 2020 and, as such, any claim arising from Coronavirus may not be covered if the policy was purchased or the trip was arranged on or after January 24, 2020."
  15. Be aware that many travel policies (even "cancel for any reason") can have clauses that exclude cancellations due to known epidemics / pandemics. For example, on one travel insurance site today their Coronavirus FAQ states: "Please also note that Coronavirus became a known risk on January 24, 2020 and, as such, any claim arising from Coronavirus may not be covered if the policy was purchased or the trip was arranged on or after January 24, 2020." If you are buying it due to Coronavirus concerns, you may not have coverage for that.
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