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  1. 8 minutes ago, coachmike1959 said:

    i have had bartenders tell me that my 5 drinks were all used up but DW still has drinks left on hers. of course that is after a few tips spread out over a few drinks. they always ask if i want to use DW's voucher and of course i say yes..and a thank you..i always tip $1 per drink whereever i get a drink


    Them barkeepers learn fast. They understand the game that needs to be played and how to make that tip.  

  2. OK... so here's what the Royal benefits states on their website...


    Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Pinnacle club members receive a free any size photo of your choice from your existing photograph selection. Special requests such as reprints, copies or modifications cannot be accommodated.


    So here's a potential way of how to handle it... whenever you wish to select a picture of someone else as one of your perks, give the photographer your sea pass as they take snap the picture. Be the dining table, formal night staged area, getting off the ship while at port, just hand themyour seapass and the image will modt likely be placed under that account. It should then fall into your selection. 


  3. 6 hours ago, not-enough-cruising said:

    This is really how it works. If the Diamond member isn’t in the picture or on the folio then you can’t use your perk. 


    I've read this a few times in this thread but each time I read it, I ask myself...why? Why is this rule in place? As a Diamond, it's my earned perk. What image I choose is my diamond privelege. Can anyone explain the logic behind the rule other than Royal wants the revenue from her family member? 


    On a different note, We've had about a dozen or so cruises in our time. What I don't need is another 8x10 pic of me & the wife on a cruise. But I must say they do look impressive all lined up on the hallway wall by cruise year . 😉




  4. 5 minutes ago, John&LaLa said:


    Just stating facts, hardly gloating. 


    Do I experience hiccups, sure, every now and then.


    Did Lufthansa totally destroy my 11 night Baltics cruise, yep. Ces la vie.


    But I honestly don't believe there is any bait and switch going on. It's all marketing and dynamic pricing.


    That's your take.... Marketing & Dynamic Pricing.

    Other's take... it was a mistake

    Still other's take... It was an error

    Me...Bait & Switch 

    I took the bait. I purchased the goods. They processed the CC. They canceled the order. And now a re-purchase at BF pricing is not allowed. Brother you can call it whatever you want, but for me it's Bait & Switch. 


    I think this thread as run it's course. My message is there and one can believe as they wish. 


    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  5. You post that like you're special and/or something that was supposed to work, actually did. Look, I'm glad it did. I happy for everyone that got taken care of last Friday and Saturday. In fact you should consider yourself very fortunate. Thousands upon thousands were not. And John... you're better than this. Instead of gloating, you should be showing a bit of empathy for those that did the same as you but experienced a different result. RCL was shut down, even the C&A reps were locked out when I called on Friday afternoon. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, ramja96 said:


    I have to disagree.  I just saved over $200 on our Refreshment Package (for 2), and about $80 on our internet package this past weekend.


    You think you saved $280. Everyone knows how RCI operates, if you saved $280 over the weekend, it was overpriced to begin with. But you seem satisfied w/ the purchase so then it's all good.

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  7. 41 minutes ago, geneparmesan said:

    I've been following the beverage package prices for my cruise next June. It's been $72.99/day for some months now.


    Last week, it moved to $77.99/day.


    The Black Friday sale has taken it down to $72.99/day. 😄

    Ours was $74.99/day, on Black Friday it dropped to $62.99/day (BOGO50), bought it, card processed, then cancelled, and now it's $72.99/day. 


    It's all BS. 

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