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  1. Afternoon naps! Sitting either on a balcony or another part of the ship eyes closed listening to the ocean Getting up to watch the sunrise Enjoying watching people NOT AT WORK
  2. I sailed one time with a friend who is a vegetarian. Because of her, got hooked on the Indian vegetarian meals in the MDR. I often will also order it either along with another entree or request from the classic menu just the grill salmon. Anyway they are so good
  3. Hi sailed on Valor September 9-14. I used Lyft. In less than 10 minutes my ride was there. The app had several cars in the port area and he had just dropped off and circled around for my request. It was quick and easy and I was at my post hotel in no time
  4. I was on the same sailing and sat behind y'all during the morning show.
  5. First thing I do when getting in my cabin is take out my wipes and mini Lyson can. I wipe all surfaces, tv controls, door knobs. I also keep my hand sanitizer and wipes in my purse to use along with ship items. I'm a rather neat person and don't leave items all over my room at home so same on cruise.
  6. Although there are USB ports on board, bring your own. You have no idea if someone placed where malware or other issues might do harm to your phone. Never trust an unknown USB
  7. There was a thread last month concerning this. A older couple was taking the 8 year old granddaughter on a cruise and due to ship update , it changed the max number to 2 instead of three and Carnival didn't notify them so happen to see the change. Can't recall the outcome perhaps someone can bump
  8. Just got off the Valor this morning and my balcony cabin 9290 was right near the entrance to the Lido deck. Let me tell you I LOVE THIS LOCATION. Like you very concerned about noise. Every once in a while hear a short burst of noise, but otherwise nothing. Same on balcony could here if everyone got loud loud, otherwise no. Love the fact could head to my cabin to freshen up,most of the time where the elevator was heading. Cruising on the Valor again in December and going to see if I can get another Lido deck cabin
  9. Still on the Valor, getting off in a few hours. I purchased Cheers and used it 50%. Not Carnival fault but my allergies and another prior medical issue came up so had to limit due to medication. Sailing in December and might try again. I loved getting coffee and sparkling water no issues. The times I did get a drink love trying new also. If wasn't sick could see making or close to limit. But this is mine personal opinion
  10. Currently on the Valor as I write this. So far good cruise. Minor issues like Dream had me spoiled with inside safety drill. Valor outside and hellish. Elevators first day crazy. Wok very very slow first day. Good thing overall friendly crew, love having a cabin on the Lido deck. The Saints game shown to big screen Monday night and loved the Saint fans during and after the game. Overall great fellow cruisers
  11. My mother mentioned to me she would love to take a cruise next year and in one port renew their vows. My brother and I are going to do this as a gift for their 53rd wedding anniversary. Is it possible to book their cabin (I know date of births and access to their passports) we pay for their cabin and incidentals. We are also sailing my brother and wife in a cabin and my nephew and I with a cabin. Looking at 8 day cruise in August 2020
  12. Great info! Sailing on her Monday! What movies was showing on your sailing? Also did you use the Carnival app? Last sailing in December using the app cause major issues with my phone
  13. So glad this thread was rebooted! I always wanted to sail out of San Francisco on a cruise. Looking at 2021 since I have cruises booked for 2020.
  14. I received an upgrade to spa balcony this past December and had full spa access and no issues
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