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  1. I will shamelessly admit decades ago on my first cruise, I wore a full length sparkly dress and four inch heels full glam all the way. Last few cruises, I have a nice short sleeve lace top and nice black pants and flat ballet slippers. It's dressy, but comfy. I also have a nice black dress that I will carry on longer cruises. Like someone else stated, more about being comfy.
  2. I'm sailing out of Galveston solo next October on Carnival Radiance. While no solo cabins, the partial Panama canal sailing on Carnival was cheaper than other cruiselines including those with solo cabins. I haven't used Carnival bus transport since my family reunion cruise and for me the pricing is reasonable compared to other options. Flying into Houston day before sailing and take the bus down. I have mixed feelings with solo cabins. Not on all sailings, but a lot times I find the pricing on some sailings where a regular inside and sometime outside cabins are equal and or cheaper than solo cabins As a teacher, it is limited and often your timeframe is higher pricing. Doing a family reunion and wedding cruise with family in August and the solo pricing was more than I wanted to pay so sharing my cabin with my nephew for cheaper rate.
  3. While the majority of my tours are non Carnival, I will take a ship tour, especially if there's an extensive distance from the port. In Belize I have cave tube and visited some of the ruins with local vendors. But the year before wanted to visit Xunantunich which is less than a mile from the Guatemalan border. While there are vendors who offer the tour for cruise guest, I felt with the port time on my cruise to opt with the ship tour. The tour was great. While there were three buses, they left at different times to space out between each other. I was on the last bus that wasn't 100%. Our bus was the very last to return to port. Since it was a ship tour, no issues and everyone was relax as we headed for port. At the tender dock there was two Carnival reps and security awaiting us. Once we got on board the tender, the Carnival employees along with the signage they bring onshore. We were about one hour after last tender. It just depends on port and tour
  4. Will I cruise yes. No offense but prior to this anyone who has traveled or even in daily contact have seem some nasty folks out there. People who go to the bathroom and don't wash their hands, wipe their noses, don't co er a cough,etc. On one cruise years ago, another passenger and I had to get a crew member because this other woman stuck her finger in two different dressing to taste and walked off. I always take wipes and mini Lysol to wipe hotel and cabins down. Keep anti bio wipes and gel on me. Also the flu has killed more people in our country on a yearly basis than this virus. I do feel for these folks in such a situation because of a few, all are being made to deal with it.
  5. It's not mine but one of my relatives who just started using one within the past year. She has traveled road trips with it,but not on a cruise and asked me
  6. Yes it was just me and no one else. Didn't want to share a tour. The pricing was under $100 for about five hours or so. It was nice where some parts just stayed short period and other longer.
  7. My tour was non animals. I work as a veterinary technician and around animals, birds and other exotics all the time so not part of my tour. I just wanted a feel and vibe of the island. We stopped at various viewpoints, went to the beach, viewed local resorts and hotels suggested for extended vacation. The highlights was visiting in Coxen hole a local artist and buying his wood carvings. Also at one of the roadside stand purchased my mother and sister in law a Maghoney salad bowl set. Very nice heavy set letter pricing and more items than ones in port area. Also went to local supermarket for coffee alot cheaper than in the port and really great. Last had lunch small local place. Fish was great and love the hot sauce. Also to point out I was solo and not charge an arm and leg for the tour. Had a great time and plan to use him again in December. While on this upcoming tour, more beach time, otherwise, want to eat local, stop at supermarket and buy some more local art
  8. Ditto on private tour. I used Romy on my visit. I'm a veterinary technician and around animals all the time. Last thing I want to do is see them on my vacation. He will set a tour on how you want
  9. Sailing on Equinox in August. Wasn't aware until this morning one of our party has a CPAP machine. Can we pre order distilled water to be in her cabin, wait until on board or purchased and walk on with it?
  10. Sharing cabin with nephew and purchasing him the kids package. It has all what he likes and easier on both me and his parents
  11. My guess up to 17 since my nephew and I are sharing a cabin and they have by his age 15 (0-17).
  12. I have used them in the past and all my tours have been excellent. Main reason is small groups with excellent guides.
  13. Not a bad price. But before agreeing, I also have a deck plan so I can see location of the cabin, what's near, will there be cabins above and below, etc. On one sailing last year, the first offer location wasn't idea for me being under the theater and I declined. But less than two weeks later I received a better location offer
  14. So true! Few years ago sailed with someone who is a vegetarian. She loved the Indian dishes every evening. She ordered an extra dish so the table can try. So yummy! Last September I would order the Indian dish and just a piece of salmon. When I told my waiter I love the Indian dishes and spicy, I got some of the best meals the remaining nights. Depending on the ship,she also got Indian dishes at breakfast in MDR
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