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  1. I don't have children, but in charge of setting up family cruise for my parents renewal vows. Several of those traveling have children under 17. I really wanted to sail with HAL, but not able to. Glad now because while there are going to be times where everyone is together, cited children clubs are something kids can enjoy I can see more than bullied children, some children are predators also. Bad move HAL
  2. The breakfast was last sea day,but the parade first sea day. There is also a storytime It was fun seeing the joy on the children faces as they did the parade. I along with others waved and clapped as they walked by
  3. We had no issues sharing. Four young ladies who wanted to cruise and cheaper for us to do this way. I got along better with the three of them than I did cruising with just one person,that was not fin. We had a blast on that cruise and it got me hooked on cruising. Growing up my family travel road trips alot and my mom and I would share a bed while my father and brother did. No issue and great times Each to there own
  4. That's sad if there are no showers available in the spa area unless you spend a certain amount on a cabin. I also like to do cycle classes and workout and would take a quick shower when done. Looking at the Edge for 2021 Panama Canal cruise. Won't stop me from booking, but not great to hear.
  5. On my very first cruise four young ladies one cabin. The best piece of advice we got while waiting to board from another cruiser was take advantage of the spa showers. So each day one person had dibs on the cabin shower and rest spa. Both I and another person just end up using the spa showers and loved it. Also we were only in the room to sleep and other times somewhere on deck or in port. Chaos on packing last day. All of us are still friends. But I also tell anyone you have to know the people that you travel with and how they travel. Got a close friend we went on a trip and clashed so much almost destroyed our friendship
  6. Satin pillowcase Face towel Small Yeti tumbler
  7. I had a spa balcony cabin on the Dream last year. I had two concerns after booking was noise and privacy issues. My cabin the second from door leading to the water slide start and right below Serenity. Even on sea day with the kids having fun, inside the cabin didn't hear nothing. Since it's so few rooms,very little traffic in the hall. Didn't know also before booking, no true overhead cover. On first day sailing out, those above at Serenity can look down on your balcony. Beyond sail off didn't happen that often on my sailing. As for the sun,at least one side of the balcony was shade. There were only two things I didn't care for. 1. At times getting an elevator to the floor was a major issue. 2. There was one very rude spa front desk person on my sailing. When I went to get my scrub, was told my cabin had already came and received. I was sailing solo and did not. Took awhile before getting it. Also same person was very rude for remaining sailing. If the pricing is reasonable, would consider, but otherwise enjoyed a regular balcony
  8. Just off the Valor this morning. I had booked a tour for Cozumel mid summer with 9 a.m. departure time. When in Cozumel in September, both ship and local time the same. On Wednesday morning, get off heading to the taxi stand when I noticed local time was a hour ahead of ship. Needless to say didn't make my tour. When daylight saving happened, time in my region (CST) went back a hour. I never thought twice about this happening for my tour. If your ship is on EST, you should be in sync, but if on CST hour behind
  9. Sitting waiting to get off. I sailed solo and this is a good time of year for me to sail. The pricing is reasonable and also easier to get off from my job. I just got off the Valor the first week of September and while it was a better cruise than that one ( I along with quite a few in my FB group got sick and unfortunately one death post cruise) still some hits and misses. Muster drill alot better in cooler weather, in September it was horrid. Sailing down the Mississippi this was the first time unless bundled up very windy and cool on balcony. Great room steward, but one thing he did differ than my steward in September had me sign on my room cleaning schedule. Very noisy people in the halls at various times Did my two nights at steakhouse. While my wait staff was great and one recall me from September, the kitchen was off. Food was ok,not great like last time. Only ate in the dining room for breakfast. I love the breakfast menus and often full until dinner. Love Guy burgers BBQ was ok,but blame that being from Memphis and a total bbq snob Love movies under stars,but very windy Didn't do any shows, sailed enough don't interest me First time ever winning at the casino. Won $25 which is big for me. Red Frog bar staff was way too slow embarkation day Very rocky Tuesday night,a first sailing out of New Orleans. Did a mistake on my tour in Cozumel. Ship time is a hour behind. In September local and ship time the same, but with daylight saving time no change in Cozumel and missed local tour. But did a self walking and enjoyed lunch at local eatery Progresso did private tour which was good with some beach time Mouth of Mississippi was foggy Enjoy taking my naps Cruise too short, going back to longer cruises. Looking at 14 Panama Canal out of New Orleans. Look for reviews later
  10. Thanks for the info. I'm sharing a cabin with my nephew and need to have a limit on his spending. I plan to place money and tell him how much for each day. This will help out
  11. I tried it the last sea day of my cruise in September. It was so good! I hate that waited to try. Sailing next week and can't wait for Tuesday morning to enjoy! Might be greedy and order two.
  12. I thought it was mine laptop having issues with FB was on before 6 a.m, but nothing the past few.
  13. This is what I do on my most recent cruises. If I book and have a balance of $800 and my cruise final payment is 10 months later. Each payday I would pay x amount towards my cruise on the Carnival website.
  14. Glad to find this out! Not sailing until August 2020, but really helpful
  15. Being able to enjoy a nice vacation without breaking the bank Not having any housework to do
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