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  1. Vista is coming to Galveston, breeze is going to port Canaveral, magic to Miami Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. There were three ships in port when we went and it was far from crowded. For sure stay away from mr. Sanchos with that many ships, that seems to be where everyone says they are going! Lol Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. We are going back to paradise beach in March (just there on Friday and it was awesome!) without the kids and want to do some snorkeling. I think I saw tours you could take from the beach out to a reef for some snorkeling? Anyone have more info? Price? Length of time? I can't find anything on their website. TIA! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Did people dress up for the 80's party? Cause that could be fun!
  5. Because I booked over 400 days out and I've waited long enough [emoji23]
  6. Does carnival have a rasual sauna like Royal Caribbean does? Either on the breeze or the liberty? I can't find any info on it so I'm assuming no? Hubby and I were looking forward to giving it a try [emoji16]
  7. Sunscreen will do it, happened to me on Royal Caribbean. I went to guest services and they printed me a new one. I apologized profusely and they assured me it happens quite often. Sunscreen (and bug sprays) will eat away at gold tinted sunglasses too...found that one out with my husbands oakleys [emoji19]
  8. Room service is mostly still free, there are pay options now available but I believe they are all things that were added on to the original menu. Might be a viable option for your next carnival cruise :)
  9. I just looked and my time in Cozumel was shortrned[emoji22] it was 7:30-4:30 not its 9-4!!! Wth!
  10. Where will it be listed if it's changed? I have a 7 day booked in September (which includes Cozumel) and a 4 day just to Cozumel book for next March (which would be a perfect cruise for a longer stay since it's our only stop [emoji2])
  11. Thanks everyone for the input! I think we've decided to switch to early dining [emoji2]
  12. Not unless it's a new addition? That would be awesome [emoji2]
  13. We are booked on the March 16, 2017 Liberty out of Galveston (just to Cozumel and back) and when I looked at my cruise documents it said *overnight aboard ship next to Cozumel but it has our arrival at 7:30 and our departure at 4:30. So is that probably just a mistake? I'd love to get to stay overnight but thinking that's not the case...I did get excited for a minute there lol!
  14. We are going on the Breeze in September with a group of 9 including a 16 month old and a 4 year old. We decided to do YTD but now I am second guessing myself. Will it be an issue to get a table in a timely manner? Having two little ones waiting 45 min for a table and then sitting for a 2 hour dinner is a whole lot to ask of them! We would probably go about 7 or 7:30 on most nights maybe as early as 6:30. Any input would be much appreciated!
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