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  1. I received a 10% discount off of upgrading drink packages this week - the promotion ran for four days. It may be targeted to specific guests, however -- others on my roll call did not receive the discount when they logged into their cruise planner. And oddly enough, I had already upgraded my drink package, so I promptly canceled and rebooked with the discount...happy to let Celebrity refund me a bit of OBC, even if it was only $12 or so.
  2. First, if you have a beverage package included as a perk, make sure you can see it in the cruise planner. I had to call Celebrity and have them add our beverage package -- once they did that, I had the option to upgrade one or both in the cruise planner. Second, I think the upgrade sales are fairly specific to the customer & sailing. I received a notice of a sale about two months ago, and when I logged on the upgrade was not discounted. Now, three weeks to sailing, the cruise planner shows a discount.
  3. I checked my cruise planner, and the upgrade sale applies to drink package upgrades as well. I canceled my premium beverage package upgrade that I had paid $12 per day for, and rebooked at $10.80 per day. 20% off at these rates isn't a huge savings, but I received $12 back in onboard credit for our 10 day cruise. Not bad for a few minutes of clicking. Also rebooked our dinner reservations, at 20% off what we had originally paid.
  4. We have a solution for the dining table - a $25 folding aluminum camp table from Aldi. Not ideal to tote our own furniture onboard, but now we know we will be able to enjoy family room service dinners on the veranda!
  5. Lkneller - might you have any photos of the cabin with the beds set up in the second room? Does the couchette / mini loveseat turn into a single bed, and the full couch a double / queen? Sailing in an FV on Summit later this month with my family, and we can't wait!
  6. Thanks - we both have the Classic Beverage Package included as a perk - I will ask Guest Services to change my wife's package to the Premium Nonalcoholic option, as she doesn't drink at all. I enjoy some of the higher end wines, and will be upgrading my package to Premium...hopefully that will help smooth any potential protests from the front desk 🙂
  7. Hi all - my wife doesn't drink alcohol, but loves smoothies. We will both have the CBP for an upcoming sailing on Summit (our first cruise with Celebrity) -- the material on the beverage packages states that fresh juice is included with the CBP, but only the Premium BP includes smoothies. Since smoothies are $6 - less than the $9 per-drink CBP limit, is it possible to order smoothies with the CBP? Or is there an upcharge - or even worse - is the full price charged? Thank in advance for your help!
  8. Here is a picture of the new "wide chair" that seems to have replaced the second sofa. It also appears that the coffee table is gone, which would be unfortunate but in keeping with the other veranda staterooms.
  9. Hi all - my family is sailing in a Family Veranda on the Summit next month. Pre-revolution, we understood that the cabin "second bedroom" had two full length couches, one which converted to a double / queen bed and one which converted to a single. Looking at the (few) post-revolution photos we have found, it looks like one of the full length couches has been replaced by one of the wide chairs / not quite loveseats that also now grace the veranda cabins. From what I have read, these don't convert into beds - does anyone know whether the Family Veranda still has two beds (one double/queen and one single) in the kid's bedroom area? Thanks in advance! - Jonathan
  10. Now a thong in a serving dish is simply unacceptable, first or second! 😉
  11. Thanks all - really appreciate the input and advice. We will plan out our carry on / portered on luggage with the assumption that our carry ons will be with us until the rooms are ready, and if we can stash them in the cabin before heading to lunch, so much the better!
  12. Hi all - my family and I are sailing on Celebrity for the first time this June, on the Summit out of Bayonne, after several cruises on HAL. I have a question about embarkation - from previous posts, I understand that boarding starts at approximately 11 AM, and that cabins are not cleaned and ready until an announcement is made at about 1 PM. Are passengers able to access their cabins in order to stow roll-on luggage prior to the "all ready" announcement, or should we plan on not being able to access the cabin at all until early afternoon? And if we have a balcony cabin, may we sit out on the balcony while stewards are preparing the cabin? My wife values finding quiet spots on the ship, and is not a fan of crowded sea day buffets and public areas -- we would ideally like to get our luggage stashed and maybe enjoy the view from our balcony when we first board. Thanks in advance for your insight into how Celebrity handles embarkation day!
  13. I really appreciate everyone's helpful advice and experiences. We are receiving both beverage packages as a perk, and from the discussion it sounds like (1) I can upgrade to the premium package, (2) my wife may or may not be able to change her plan to the premium nonalcoholic package, and (3) whether my wife's change will yield a credit that can be applied to the cost of my upgrade is unknown / doubtful. We'll give it a go onboard -- we sail on the Summit in June - and report back.
  14. Thanks - I thought that would probably be the answer, but wanted to consult the sages on this forum first. We're looking forward to our first cruise on Celebrity, after several on HAL!
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