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  1. Thank you $hip$hape, this is very good to know! Hubby and I are not too picky about cabins, as long as we are able to get a balcony (for the price of an inside) we will be content
  2. Thank you so much Heather1972, I have found your posts very helpful! My statement closes in a few days so I should be able to do the upgrade soon. I really appreciate the help!
  3. Hi everyone, I am planning to book a 11 night cruise to Greece and Italy on the Jade in September 2019. I would like to book an inside room and then do a double meta upgrade to a balcony room. I currently am about 3,500 point shy of the 60,000 points needed for the upgrade. Can I book an inside room and airfare to get the points and then upgrade at a later date? Does anyone know how long it takes the points to hit the NCL Mastercard account? Also, does the upgrade only allow you to go from a specific inside category to that same category balcony? Or can I upgrade to any balcony category? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  4. Great review, I agree with a lot that you wrote! I was also on this sailing and found there to be a lot of children/teens in Skyline bar after 11pm. On the last night they didn't kick the teenagers out until after 2am. I also did the Restless Natives catamaran cruise and I agree, the spot didn't have that many fish to see while snorkeling. But the group of people were fun and I enjoyed meeting and talking to everyone. The cookies were very tiny, so I just ate 3-5 at a time lol. The smoke in the casino was really really strong, more so that it has been on prior cruises. I could smell the smoke all the way down by Le Bistro. I tried using the slot machines a few times but the smoke was suffocating. And I also agree about the atrium, we had to get there early to hold down a few seats. Spinnakers on the Gem is a much better venue for game shows, I wish they had that on the Breakaway/Breakaway Plus classes.
  5. Thank you for this, I am Belizean (my parents were born and raised there) and I have been visiting Belize City since I was a child. Belize is very beautiful and you have access to so many excursions that you can do (caves, Mayan ruins, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc) and I was disappointed when NCL changed the itinerary to HC. I also agree that Belize City is the "real Belize." Most of my family still lives there (my grandfather actually still gives tours) and I would just like to remind people that while it is a vacation to us, real people live there and their livelihood depends on tourists :)
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