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  1. If it makes you feel any better my refund was $5200.00 hope that helps you !!!
  2. Like everyone else I have been waiting for my refund to show up on my cc, I have been checking everyday and to my surprise when I checked today there it was. My cruise was on the Emerald Princess for March 30th 15 day to Hawaii out of LA Princess canceled this cruise I submitted my form on the 12th of April and chose option 2. I received the FCC April 28 and today received all of my cruise fare to my cc today. So hang in there it looks like Princess is doing right by all of us I like lots of you got tired of waiting but it looks like things will start to look up. Please Don't jump ship I think we will all be back onboard sooner than later. Good luck to everyone and hang in.😃
  3. Yeah !!! There is another saying also from a movie ( GET BUSY LIVING OR GET BUSY DYING ) Everyone stay safe out there do what's right for us all but continue to live life.
  4. My question, Is the wake pool on the sky Princess Adult only like the retreat pool on deck 17 ?
  5. Thank You !! I was just trying to form somewhat of a plan just in case things do turn for the better in the next six months keeping an open mind helps with what happening in the world. (- : at least for me.
  6. Does anyone know when Princess might launch the schedule for there 2022 west coast sailing ? I have to push some of my FCC out, I can only take two cruises in one year three will be pushing it. Thanks
  7. Thanks!! I was not sure how it would work. So I guess no matter which way you go, in some cases they have you locked into taking two cruises if you have FCC left after you book a cruise that does not take up all of your FCC. Princess sure knows how to get into your pocket.
  8. My question is about the FCC that I received from my canceled cruise. If I book another cruise and use the FCC towards that cruise and still have some credit left over can I convert the credit amount left over into OBC on my cruise ?
  9. Sounds interesting I might have to go outside of my comfort zone and try one on by cruise next month. I've been drinking my Cognac over 40yrs and I know what my limit is so I can make it back to my cabin without help, but I guess this old dog can still learn something new. I'm going to go outside of my box and try one and I"ll let you know how it turns out. !! Thank for the info.
  10. Thrak, I only drink Cognac but I'm curious. What is a 24k Margarita? my better half might like it she is in to Margaritas I'm the boring one.
  11. Go to this web-site cruisedeckplan.com click on the ship in the upper left corner pick your ship the go to the deck you want and click on it, the only thing you might have to do is join to be able to see all of the pictures that are there.
  12. The kids are 15&17 years old they can carry there own Gatorade, so bringing 2 cases won't be a problem.
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