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  1. Inside the Perimeter or Outside the Perimeter...
  2. I don't believe any Carnival ship has exclusive "solo" accommodations... I just bite the bullet, and pay double occupancy, whether it be an inside or balcony...
  3. Yes, the Mardi Gras cruise for November 28 2020 bit the dust last week... I'm now booked for the same week next year... 503 days to go...
  4. I'm about ready to smash this phone... It keeps insisting upon doubling up on the pictures...
  5. The magnificent chandelier on the Bliss... I can't believe how horrible they messed this up on the Encore...
  6. Sorry about the duplicate pictures... This old hunk of junk phone just does whatever it wants sometimes... Here's one of Bong when he was working in Vibe on the Escape...
  7. Then there was the time I decided to eat cake in the hot tub... Because it was there... Then there was Clarense AKA Cowboy, back in his favorite place: the five o'clock somewhere bar... He really loved working here, before they transferred him to manning the mojito bar...
  8. I think these next few are from one of my four sailings on the Escape... Tyler Grey was the greatest CD ever, and I'm glad that I had the pleasure of sailing with him four times...
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