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  1. Messing around before I have to get in the shower... Onda...
  2. I'm going to let "C" use my free bag of platinum laundry. I have enough stuff left to go for another week...
  3. Stocking up on supplies for today's adventure in Tortola... Internet working really good right now at Vibe.
  4. This is what the pool deck looks like without all the people and chogging towels... And, there was nary a single chog in sight...
  5. After only ten hours of sleep, I'm up and at em this morning in beautiful Tortola... It's safe to say that I'm getting my fair share of sleep, and then some... I have the Escape to Jost van Dyke coming up in a few hours on the Rebel Yell catamaran... The ship looks strangely abandoned this morning, or maybe it's like this every day while I'm still sleeping...
  6. That wasn't the beach, just part of the inlet nearby...
  7. I just now popped by the cabin, and the door was open, so I figured the guy was cleaning now. I looked in, and there were two other gentlemen. Three stripe officers in their full dress blues. I knew that I hadn't done anything wrong, other than my failed attempt to get into the Haven the other night. He said that they were just inspecting all the cabins, and proceeded down to the next one...
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