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  1. Thanks, all. Good to hear they haven’t done away with the sauces. Last year, ate half my steak with the bernaise and half with the peppercorn! Both were equally good. Stoneharborlady, I will stop making apologies for my sauce loving ways and proudly ask for a bit of both in two weeks 👍🏼😁.
  2. If so, did you happen to notice if they’re offering the various sauces for the steaks? Saw this for the first time on Regal last year and am hoping they’re doing the same on Sky. Looking forward to the new ship at Christmas and New Yrs 😃 And, yes, having grown up with Alberta beef, I know many consider it sacrilege to desecrate a good steak with sauce, but, hey, I’m a smother it kinda gal 😁.
  3. Loving this common thread! 👍🏼 It’s great to get so many different perspectives Last year on the Regal Princess, they had three different sauces for the steaks in the Crown Grill. That was the first time that I experienced this in the CG. Is this the case on the Sky, I hope?
  4. Yes, that’s been our experience the last two years (discounted prices for P/E onboard). In fact, just received an email yesterday about the 25% off on embarkation day for our Dec 21 sailing.
  5. Wow! Good on your for finding this 👍🏼
  6. In the last few years, we have done b2b Christmas and New Year’s cruises. Typically, an outside crew comes onboard during the first Fort Lauderdale day after New Year’s and takes down the more elaborate and larger decoration while the crew does the smaller ones soon after New Yrs. We have watched the outside company in action a couple of times in the piazza. Just looked at our pictures for New Year’s Eve for the last three years and all the decorations on the Regal were still up.
  7. Thank you, Astro Flyer. We have sideways cabins next year on the Sky, so this is very helpful information. I like the idea of the two stacked rods. is anyone also able to provide an approximate length for the rod in a regular inside or in a balcony? Thanks!
  8. What would be the top 3 quietest places to read outside? Thank you 🙏🏼. That picture of the Sky and and the Pacific - 😲😲. Wow!
  9. Thank you, Colo Cruiser, and everyone else who’s on the Sky giving us an insider’s look before we get to enjoy the ship in person. Odd request 😀...can anyone who’s currently on the Sky in either an inside or a balcony/balcony deluxe cabin please give me a guesstimate of the length of the clothing rod inside the closet? Thanks!
  10. Between the four of you, definitely take along two over the door organizers. I have a couple from the dollar store that can be hung in the closet as they came with hangers rather than hooks. Great for shoes, toiletries, sunscreen, hair appliances, small purses, basically anything that can go on a dresser or desk. Take small suitcases so that they might fit under the bed and be out of the way. Also great for storing your dirty laundry. Find the public nearest public bathroom that everyone can take turns accessing. At least two of you should make use of the free gym showers when you are getting ready for dinner. If I were you, I would definitely make use of it both morning and evening times. Would alleviate a lot of inner seething and stress for you! Before the trip, have a very frank discussion about timings: going to bed; what’s a reasonable time for everyone for lights out; of shower use in the morning during early port days, etc. Take along as much wrinkle free clothing as you can, as hanging space for four people will be limited. I would use packing cubes and keep most of my stuff in them. Take wall magnets for papers, hats, lightweight jackets, lanyards, etc. Keep in mind that the weight listed on magnets is good only if they are attached to the ceiling and many of the lower weight ones will simply slide off the wall if an object is hung on them. So try for something that says at least 10 pounds or more. Buy four small foldable desk cubes from the dollar store and keep them on the dresser or desk, one for each of you to throw in small, loose things.
  11. With one Carnival cruise, one on HA, 13 on Princess, and 2 on RCL Oasis, I would heavily favour Princess. I cannot offer an opinion on Celebrity or Cunard which might be better fits for your parents. One thing to keep in mind is that European cruises are more about the ports and most of the time together on the ship would probably be in the evenings at dinner, necessitating a ship with a good dining experience. For anyone looking for a multi generational cruise in the Caribbean, I always recommend Royal Caribbean‘s new, larger ships as there is something for everyone. In Europe, where the best entertainment is off the ship, and taking into consideration what you have said about your parents, I would give Princess a look, preferably one of their newer ships. Given the age of your parents, I would make this a cruise that defers more to their interests. There will be many opportunities for everyone else to go on cruises, but having this opportunity, with all three generations together...the stars might not align again to bring everyone together.
  12. A thousand thank you’s for the wealth of information you’ve provided, as well as for the time you took away from your holiday to do so.
  13. Love the idea of the treats. Could be his version of the advent calendar for birthdays 😁
  14. He’s definitely a steak lover, so CG would be ideal.
  15. CC poster dides is doing an excellent live thread from the Sky (disembarking tomorrow - Sunday) and one of her MDR menu pics shows the TBGCS 👍🏼
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