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  1. Another recommendation for Joe Banana and having done Positano and Amalfi multiple times, would definitely pick Positano every time; although Amalfi is great, it just doesn’t have the same charm.
  2. Traveling by train from Venice to Florence, post cruise in the summer. Which city do you recommend, and why, for a 4-5 hr stop on the journey? Would prefer to see the main highlights by walking, if that helps. Also, a nice meal would be part of the stop. Thank you!
  3. Love this very easy to understand analogy!
  4. We’ve been doing Christmas and New Year’s cruises almost every year since my kids were in middle elementary and they are now in University. Love, love, love being on our Princess ship for the holidays. All decked out, Christmas carols, family activities such as gingerbread house making contests, cookie decorating, Santa photos and gifts to each child. In fact, I find that we do more holiday celebrating on the ship then we ever did at home, LOL. You and your daughter will love it. Something to think about...if you do have to fly into your port, consider going either a couple of days before the school holidays start or a couple of days after they start, as this will reduce the cost of your airfare considerably.
  5. Good point. We had the same issue on our last cruise. I took hooks similar to the one pictured above, for up to 20 pounds, and they kept sliding down when I hung a small, near empty purse on one. I then stuck the magnet right above the thermostat box and that held it in place.
  6. Yup, am aware. I am not usually much of a risk taker, always fly in the night before the cruise, book my flights out of FLL after 11:00 AM, etc. However, I have managed, on a number of occasions, to catch a steal of a deal for flights from Atlanta to Edmonton and then snag cheap flights on JetBlue for the first leg. On these particular occasions, have saved about $1200 each time for my family of four. Our flight out of Atlanta is after 6 PM, so I’m not concerned about the connection. Having said that, I know that anything can happen, but I am willing to take the risk with these two separate tickets.
  7. Good guess 😀. We have flights from Atl to YEG already booked on WestJet (which is using Delta for that flight), so Delta would be ideal, but I think the discount airlines will be considerable cheaper, so am waiting for those flights to come out.
  8. As a Canadian, I am not sure which smaller airlines fly this route. I know that JetBlue does, and flights, for when I need them after our December cruise, will not be out for a couple of more months. Can anyone recommend other discount airlines that fly from FLL or PBI to ATL? Thank you!
  9. So excited for your cruise, hllwdcruiser! Thanks for the unveiling. You did a great job of ‘unboxing’ 👍🏼. Can anyone comment on the benefit to Princess of mailing the medallions out? Seems like it’s an added expense. We got ours last month when we checked in for boarding and I liked just being able to pick it up then, not having to worry about losing it beforehand, or having it arrive on time, etc. Will the mailout result in, one day, doing away with the whole counter check in process, maybe?
  10. I’ve also been doing this for over a decade! Take pump soap on all my travels. With the advent and popularity of pump soaps a number of years ago, I refused to continue using communal bar soaps 🤮! Heck, I can’t even share a bar of soap with just my ownself LOL! Bring insect repellent. Back of my leg after an hour at Princess Cays last month, 35 bites on my body. Painfully itchy for two full weeks after.
  11. I second this excellent suggestion. Have 5 of you responsible for 20 people each and, as stated above, put a magnetic dry erase board on each of those 5 cabins for messages to the smaller groups. Re: the private tea bday celebration. If you’re unable to have Princess do this, just give them advance notice that you’ll be coming with 99 of your closest friends to the next tea 😁 so they have enough food. Can’t see why you won’t still be able to hold your celebration...might even be more fun with other passengers enjoying the revelry! I can see them giving you one part of the MDR. OP, you’ve taken on a huge responsibility, but it’s evident that you’re giving this a great deal of thought. Hopefully, you’ll continue to get some good suggestions from others that will ease your burden somewhat. Sounds like a fantastic time coming up!
  12. Hate to bring this tragic dose of reality into this thread...but I think it’s necessary. Last month, over New Year’s, we were on the Regal Princess and did the Lumiere Chef’s Table with an older couple and their absolutely charming, lovely early 40s daughter from Switzerland. Partway through the meal, her two children (two of the most beautiful kids I’ve ever seen), about 8 and 13, were brought in by one of the headwaiters to say a quick hello Over the course of the dinner, she mentioned the many number of cruises on Princess she had done with her husband and children. She didn’t say why her husband was not present at the dinner and I never really did get around to asking. Toward the end of the evening, when I commented on how much her children resembled her, she said in fact they took more after their father who had passed away 11 months ago on a family trip to Brazil. He had contracted yellow fever and passed away within four days. This was their first cruise without him and she had not been sure how it would go. She said it brought back a lot of wonderful memories of their past cruises. It had been an absolutely lovely, magical evening at the Chef’s Table, made all the better because of their wonderful company, and then to hear her story at the very end was truly one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard.
  13. I’ve often looked on in envy at those stick chairs, especially in long entry lines at tourist sites! Good luck with your health regimen - it’s not an easy task, but the results are literally life enhancing/prolonging.
  14. The one and only HA cruise we took (my kids deemed it too slow paced and not for young kids 😄) had an amazing midnight dessert buffet. As others have said, it was more for show/pics than anything else. I felt intense first world guilt for all the food that would be thrown out, as very little actually got eaten. My family’s past 12 Princess cruises (Emeraldx2, Golden, Rubyx2, Crown, Regalx6) have all been over New Yrs. There has always been a midnight buffet on New Yrs eve with a big seafood spread and tasty bites. Very nicely put together. The video should give you a pretty good overview. Yowza! I have to slow down while filming 😬. I think I just wanted to get out of everyone’s way and not be that annoying person who films food. Plus, my kids were probably giving me death glares. Neither of those two factors actually stops me, by the way 😆. After all, the best way to measure the success of a day is to be able to count on more than one hand the number of times you’ve embarrassed your children! BD2C2F01-61F7-4A53-86DE-C7BEC856483F.MOV
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