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  1. Only been off a few hours, and I’m already jealous! Have a wonderful cruise.
  2. Thank you 🙂 You will love the Sky!
  3. Calgary is so lucky with the flights and usually cheaper, too. We have a 3 hr layover there tonight. Could drive home in less time. Have thought about driving there and flying out (have relatives there who’d look after our car - northeast side 😁) but way too dicey in winter.
  4. Sitting in a restaurant, Chicken and Beer, in the intl terminal at ATL in the midst of a 4 hr layover. Love ATL - huge and shiny like a new shopping mall 😁. Family’s gathered around the iPad as the Barca match just came on, leaving me to my own devices 😜. Get it?? Had do take a bus from domestic to intl. Felt like we were going quite a ways - is it in two completely different locations? Can’t get over all the baby faced boys in camouflage. Is there some sort of training base a flight away?
  5. Figured it could not hurt to take a peek two floors below us to see if your room was open this morning during turnaround cleaning. The first time I went down, it was not open. On my way back from breakfast, passed by again, and it happened to be in the midst of a cleaning. The stewardess was in the room next door and when I asked, she said it would be totally fine if I went in and grabbed a couple of pictures as the previous guests were completely out. Hopefully, she is still on contract when you board - lovely gal, Julia. Here are a few pictures. In the first I am stunning (hey, that’s how the phone read my dictation, who am I to argue?!) standing with my back pretty much against the balcony door. In the others, I’m looking down over the railing in both directions, except pic 5 where I’m sitting in a chair. Couple of pics of the room. The balcony is huge! You’ll enjoy it. 🙂
  6. It’s been a pleasure conversing with you over a number of months 🙂. I think we’ve crossed paths a few times on here. Heading to the airport in a few minutes. Flight to Edmonton via Atlanta and Calgary, will see us at home in about 13 hours from departure time. Good thing nobody has to go to work or school on tomorrow. Although, poor daughter has to trek back to Calgary tomorrow afternoon with her car loaded down for a four month co-op position with Imperial Oil for the semester from the University of Alberta. Starts Monday!
  7. Their energy, esp the male, is unmatched by any other band I’ve seen on Princess. It seems like their number one priority is not to sing AT the audience, but rather engage the audience in the performance in whatever way they can. The foot moves from the male last night - wow - he could be dropped into any Motown band from the 50’s and fit right in.
  8. Ummmm... Why have you, my friends, been holding out on me? Why have I not heard or seen of this before today, my last morning on the ship? Topped AND filled with chocolate!
  9. If you want a log of the cruise, request at passenger services. They don’t give you one in cabin - the last couple of yrs. Just picked mine up now. used to keep the paper copy, but now just scan it as a memento and reduce the amount paper at my home.
  10. World Princess Orchestra was fantastic last night in the piazza at 9:30. Had seen it on Regal last yr and was disappointed it didn’t happen last week. Almost every single band, including the house orchestra (they are phenomenal and don’t get enough public credit), Static, the ladies of the string quartet, etc got together and gave us a rousing concert. I have such a respect for the string Quartet after their performance last night. They were such a powerhouse and, at times, stole the show. Have a short video I’ll try to upload later as can’t seem to do it on the ship wifi. Don’t ever miss this if it happens on your ship.
  11. It made the cruise even more enjoyable having all of you along for the ride 😊
  12. Finally had to call passenger services to get info on escape room: It’s $14 pp; $11 for under 12yo Takes about 35 min Have to sign up on embarkation - forgot to ask where Open 9:00 - 10:00 every day They take new groups through every 90 min rotations Was sold out for this cruise on first day
  13. I also noticed a few times in the Patter that board games were taking place in a dining room, unhosted, 9:30-2:30.
  14. So, never did make it to Le Mer. Kids said all of their friends whose families did said that you really have to like seafood to properly enjoy it. Just as well I didn’t go! Did not like the openness of a pay for restaurant. If you’re paying that much, passengers shouldn’t be walking through by your table.
  15. Quite annoyed: Walked through the outside area of Alfredo’s around 330 this afternoon. May or may not have just polished off a pizza and salad by myself as a post-post lunch meal LOL. As I walked the outer area, where no one was sitting, noticed a large leather, distinctively printed, ladies’ tote on a chair. Immediately went in and told one of the waiters that it was out there and that I was wanting to let him know rather than handle it myself. He said he, too, had seen it out there and was about to call security as he did not want to be handling it himself, either. I left it at that, still wondering if perhaps I should just have taken it downstairs myself. Figured he knew about it and was about to del with it. A few minutes ago, just after 7:00, 4 hours later, my husband and I were taking a pre-dinner stroll and happened to walk through the same area and guess what? The bag was still sitting there!!! This time, I picked it up and brought it inside to the manager in Alfredo‘s. The bag was open and I could see that it had a big wallet, and a tablet of some kind in it. It was also quite heavy. I felt ill at ease with in my hand, Thinking the owner would see it in my hand at any second and accuse me of theft! When I got to the manager, I told her I had found it outside and that I could take it to security. She said lost and found items don’t go to security, but to passenger services, and that they were really busy right now, but that she would get it down there. Again, I left uneasy that someone might be getting off the ship tomorrow without their bag and valuables. The restaurant just seems so lackadaisical about getting the bag down to lost and found so that whoever was looking for it could be reunited with it before getting off the ship tomorrow. My husband is annoyed with me. He feels like I should not have gone into the restaurant, but straight down to 5 with it myself.
  16. Love this sitting area in the very back of 7 with the wake. Is this new? Build your own burrito station at lunch? You give them your ingredients on a plate and they make the burrito and grill it for you. Chicken, steak, seafood. Lots of veggies. Mine was grilled properly after it was assembled; DD had another person make hers and he simply grilled the tortilla by itself before assembling it and gave it to her cold! So best to specify. Also, I wish I’d asked for a bit longer on the grill. Insides could have used another minute. Was not part of the taco station; was in other part of buffet Really delicious!
  17. The new pool towels on the Sky (an unattractive shade of blue) will give the Sky the top ranking in ugliest pool towels at sea. 👎🏽👎🏽 Please tell me this is not going fleetwide?! One of the biggest symbols of a Princess ship was the striped blue and white towel. New ones are like an uglier copycat of RCL.
  18. Seemed like a number of our Christmas time Regal cruises had it in the theatre.
  19. Just had the most exquisitely blissful 50 minute Swedish relaxation massage up in the sanctuary. The kids surprised me with it yesterday as a belated birthday present. When they booked, the only availability was in the sanctuary in one of the cabanas tucked off in the back corner on the opposite side of the entrance. This morning, they called to see if I wanted to switch it to the spa level on 5 as they had a cancellation. No way! And I’m glad I did not take them up on their offer. Can’t tell you how blissful it was to be in one of the cabanas with the flowy curtains shutting out the rest of the world and a breeze gently coming through as the ship rocked ever slightly. It was also very quiet With not much sound coming over from the Retreat which was on the other side of me. Amy, the young UK girl who did my massage, followed my instructions about not going too deep. My sister-in-law had a not so great massage last week so I consider myself pretty lucky. Could not have asked for a better experience on the last day. I am old I am able to hang out for a short bit in the cabana next-door to the massage cabana and that is where I am at the moment. Next year, I have to get in early to book at least a half day in the sanctuary as it is blissfully quiet up here. Is anybody keeping track of how many times I’ve used the word blissful in the last couple of paragraphs? Picture of the massage cabana and the sitting cabana. The curtains are not at all see through from the outside. I sat up there for about half an hr after.
  20. DD Shared her fettucine with extra sauce with the rest of us and it was pretty divine. Forgot to ask if they would do a Parmesan basket on request. I’ll try to remember tonight.
  21. Dinner last night. Was not as enamoured with the twice baked goat cheese soufflé as I have been in the past. It was quite oily this time and a little bit on the two salty side. And one thing you have to know about me, I really love my salt. Missed getting a pic of it. Kids had the tenderloin which they said was very good. DH had the chicken from the favourites side and really enjoyed it. I had the trout - yummy! We shared the very small charcuterie plate - very good. Also pictured is the ceviche and fettuccine Alfredo with extra sauce. The salted caramel creme de pot by Curtis Stone was pretty good.
  22. on our visit, there was just a little bit of seaweed at the edge of the beach, but nothing significant. The water was pretty clear.
  23. 100% agree. I think they are probably afraid that, if they don’t stick with the in your face paper advertisements, they will lose some sales.
  24. 8-10 I‘ve gone at 7:45 and it’s been open
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