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  1. They shot out the sparkly little bits of square paper that one sees at sports championship parades. Is there a proper word for the paper other than sparkly bits? Thinking not confetti. Great party poolside on 16 and 17. Our family rang in the new year and the new decade around the piazza as is our tradition. The kids found us just before 12 and then went back to their friends and the deck party while we went looking for snacks after quickly checking out Static on the deck. I was disappointed with the midnight new yrs buffet on Sky. Regal does a great job of putting together some intricate little dishes that are not found any other time. Sky simply had recycled food items from the buffet and pastry shop from tonight’s dinner. Anything that was made fresh was from their regular menu, such as French fries or chicken fingers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not lacking for food; if anything, I need to do a full day fast. This eating every hour is killing me 😁. I just enjoyed the special Princess touch on Regal. But seems like it was more a Regal touch and not a Princess touch judging by the lack of it on Sky. The various parties going on last night did great justice to ringing in the new yr. The one at poolside was the place to be, though. Here are a few pics of the festivities. Went with a sparkly red $19 Ross number 😄. Happy New Year, friends!
  2. Curious to see what they’ll do instead of the balloon drop. I’m thinking streamers based on a contraption I saw on 7.
  3. Le Mer was super busy tonight as I walked by. Lots of families. Below is the MDR New Yrs menu. I don’t eat seafood (but love whitefish), so had the sole. Was pretty great. As was the nightly profiterole. See what I mean about putting it on the every day dessert menu?! The warm chocolate pudding cake was a hit. Everyone but me had the caviar over warm potato as a starter and then had the lobster three ways. Said it was very good, but the risotto could have used more flavouring. We also shared the tournedos. Also pics of the gelato place, the lovely and talented string quartet, and the birds from the evening lecture in the piazza. It was a....different thing to be having just before formal night dinner, but went over extremely well. Taking a few minute respite in the cabin before heading back out for the festivities. Heels are a...pain in the heel.
  4. I don’t drink, but I imagine most beer drinkers would disagree that is is a ‘not so important question’ 😄. Glad Voljeep was able to assist. On embarkation day on the first leg, we bought my brother a bucket of beer, or a bouquet of beer as my daughter said, on his birthday. It was $32 for the bucket of Corona. Am determined to get to the bottom of this escape room, so will report back.
  5. (oops, found this post in my drafts file. Not sure if it originally got posted or not.) We’ve done a few tours in Saint Martin already, so the last few times, have gone to Orient beach, by the Bikini beach bar. We actually managed to reserve, a couple months back, loungers right in the first row by the water. Discovered last year when we were there that one could do this. No extra charge for this other than the cost of the chairs. And PS, in case you’re wondering, this is not the clothing optional side LOL. That’s on the other side of the beach. If you have not done a tour there before, you should really do it at least once. My stipulation with the family is that the first time we are on an island, we must do a historical/cultural tour; after that, the kids can pick a beach. The social teacher in me, I guess 😄.
  6. Doing my pre-dinner sampling of food in the buffet and took a few pictures for you LOL. The sacrifices I make, ha ha. First picture shows the chairs in the world fresh market place which is towards the back of the ship. they have solid backs at the top and two or three different patterned cushions. picture 2 shows the chairs in the Horizon bistro with vertical slats at the top. Picture three shows the high chairs at the high tables in the bistro area. I do not see any other styles.
  7. Here are a few pictures I just took of some of the fancier items that have been put out for the New Year’s Eve dinner buffet. I really hope that the sky does what the regal has done the last few years, and have a midnight buffet of cool appetizers. Not that I really need more food, LOL. of course, there is a lot more food out in the buffet than what I posted. just saw the buffet sous chef and he said there will be a midnight buffet from 1130 to 1:00 in the bistro side.
  8. Got back on the ship around 3:30 in the middle of a downpour, which thankfully only lost a few minutes each. Rest of the family decided to do some shopping by the port. Figured I would use this opportunity to investigate the location of the escape room. The location was not easy to find and managed to escape me the first couple of rounds I made on 18 after having checked the princess website plans for the sky. It looks like it should be just adjacent to the basketball court, but I went around in circles not seeing anything. Finally ended up in the kids’ club, hence the picture of the teen numbers below, and asked one of the workers there. She told me that I had to actually walk through the basketball court. Doing that and walking twice through the smoking section on this quest, I made two sacrifices for y’all. 😄. There were actually quite a few people smoking at the back of 17 today. I took a picture for anyone who might be interested, but did not want to get too close and violate people’s privacy. So, not the best picture. The picture below of the bball Court, with the colourful wall, shows a door to the far right which apparently is the escape room. Is labelled Experience Room. Will try to get more information from someone in the know later. When I came back at 3:30 PM, here’s what was available for food. And this would be typical of any day: International café poolside pizza salty dog Horizon bistro which had fruit, many salads, soups, self-serve fresh sandwich making station with different breads, cheeses, and meats. A carving station, rotisserie chicken. As well, fixings for tacos, nachos, and fajitas. The fajita mixes are actually very good. There is fresh guacamole, corn salsa, tomato salsa, and all the condiments. The pulled pork Carnitas are very, very good. The World Fresh market place is closed for about three hours or thereabouts between lunch and dinner. Looks like they are putting together a really nice spread for New Year’s in the marketplace. So, one will not starve when coming back from Port, contrary to what many people say when they see that part of the buffet is closed pre-dinner. They don’t tend to acknowledge all the other places that have food available. pic 2 is smoking section did not get a picture of the number of kids in the preteen club. Will try later. I would expect there were probably more kids in the Christmas cruise. I have to say all the kids have been very well behaved these two weeks. Good job, parents! Second last picture shows the new staircase going from 16 to 17. On the regal, it was extremely narrow, almost dangerous. On the sky, it is a double staircase converging into one, all of it extremely wide all the way down. Might have mentioned this in a previous post, but cannot remember. last picture shows the water station at the very back of the buffet in the outside area by the Wakeview pool. This is the best place to fill up water bottles conveniently. Of course, please do not put the mouth of your bottle against the tap, but use a glass instead.
  9. are you talking about the ones that are just above the retreat pool, outside of the sanctuary? If so, I think I discussed it in an earlier post. I checked and they were $80 for the full day and $50. for the half day. I think you might have an easier bet with those than the sanctuary booking, but I would still do it immediately upon boarding. There’s room for two full padded loungers in the cabanas.
  10. Kids said coconut shrimp was excellent! I found the nachos just ok. Chocolate ice cream was great. The burger is fantastic as well.
  11. No charge. The umbrellas and chairs by the resort are only rented to resort guests for the most part, but there’s a dive shop further down that rents to everyone. $30 for paddle board rental for half hr. No motorized rentals, thankfully. Definitely the kind of place you want to come to early in the day as it’s really busy now with resort and cruise people. I’m glad we got here when we did
  12. we checked yesterday, and no one has cancelled so we will most likely not get in. Should have tried to book last week for this leg, but maybe it was just not a priority for us, otherwise we would’ve run down the first day of the first leg. Just had a lot of things to take care of immediately upon embarkation, such as checking out dining room table for the group, making specialty dining reservations, doing the enclave booking etc. This one got forgotten, but definitely something to try again next year.
  13. Set rate of $10 pp each way. Open to public even though there’s a condo resort right here. The tenting structure over the restaurant kept us dry with the intermittent showers. Takes about 25 minutes from the port to get here. Lots of taxis in the parking lot for the return trip, so, you do not have to book them. here are a few more pictures if anybody is considering coming here in the future. Water is pretty calm, unlike Magen’s Bay sometimes,, so good for little kids. I know they also do paddle board rentals. Only issue might be if you are looking for a really huge deep beach.
  14. We went to Secret Harbour Beach (an old favourite we hadn’t been to in a while). Small enclosed area, beautiful water, but the beach itself is not the deep. They lost a lot of it in one of the hurricanes back a few yrs ago. Great restaurant (Sunset Grille) with awesome food and really fast wifi. Amazing coconut shrimp which the kids are always on the hunt for. Been getting island showers off and on since we got off the ship. It’s been nice for cooling things off. Very hot here, as always.
  15. Last night’s dinner. Repeat menu of last week with a couple of minor changes. Sunil was sick so we had a a substitute for the night. She was very quick and efficient (had only two tables as some seemed to be eating elsewhere tonight) and we were out in under 90 min which meant we could make some of the shows that were going on. The featured pasta was tagliatelle in a pesto sauce. We had a starter size. AMAZING. Field green salad with goat cheese - very good. Medallion in cognac sauce. Also very good. They’ve been cooking the beef about one level higher than requested on most nights (eg. med well when med rare was asked for). Tonight, we’ll ask for a level down than desired and see what happens. Duck a l’orange. Was brought by mistake and left for us to try. Decided after the two duck attempts that we are definitely NOT duck people! But, what better way to find out than on a cruise ship where you get a chance to try new things. I highly recommend, if you’ve got a group, to order at least one thing for the table that everyone can try out. Forgot to mention that, as per the norm, you can only order one item from each section of the menu in the specialty restaurants. However, in CG. they will let you order your two starters from the same section if you didn’t find something of interest in both sections. BBQ chicken from the every day menu (sauce seems to change up for the chicken). DH really liked it. Bananas foster Profiterole with coconut ice cream - yummy! They should really put this on the every day menu as it seems to appear everyday with a different ice cream and or sauce. Chocolate Journeys, hazelnut dessert. Has anyone seen the Norman Love coconut one (it’s round and whiteish)? Haven’t had it in the last two yrs.One of our all time favourites, land or sea.
  16. Here’s a pic of Vines this morning as I came back from the Enclave, for the poster who was asking about it. Also a pic of the deck 5 shop Celebrations, selling chocolate, booze, cigarettes, Tortuga rum cake (pretty similar price to ports, so just buy it on-board).
  17. Love St. Thomas. Hate the lizard like creatures that have infiltrated the place. Will stick to my usual survival technique: if I don’t make eye contact, they don’t exist. Anyone know why St. Thomas seems to have more iguanas (at least from what I’ve seen) than the other ports?
  18. Remember the issue I had with the hydraulic something something mechanism that turned on the jets in the aromatherapy pool in the Enclave last week? They would sometimes take a few minutes to reset for me to be able to turn them back on. Sometimes 3 long minutes. And that I’d gone to the desk and one of the ladies told me it’s just how the hydraulic something something works on this ship. So, after about 5 days of this frustration, found out that you have to push the button twice - short and quick. Works like a charm. One guess as to where I got that info, cause it certainly wasn’t at the desk. Winner gets a beautiful harbour pic of St. Thomas where we just pulled in a few min ago.
  19. Went to the Marriage Match game show in Vista last night at 9:30. Was wall-to-wall people, Standing room only. Was a hoot. They had the typical older couple, married for 50 years, who I’m sure were fed a lot of the funny answers beforehand; and if not, they were freaking hilarious! A couple married 25 years (whose teen kids were in the audience and it got a little awkward with at least one of the questions asked😆). and a couple married a few years. Later, stuck around for the Frisky Feud R rated game show. Take off on the Family Feud with people in the audience volunteering to make up the teams; definitely got a bit raunchy. If you zoom in, you can see the first question. It, too, was jampacked. Best to get there early if you want to sit down. We had to stand for both shows. The backdrops and hosting by CD Adam were quite professionally done. Pictures from both shows as well as from the princess live bar area and where the bands and necklaces for the medallion are sold.
  20. As was mentioned earlier, you’ll be looking down into Le Mer’s outdoor seating. No one is EVER there. pic 1 shows the restaurant right below your cabin, a deck down from you pic 2 is a view from the restaurant’s outdoor seating to your deck pic 3 shows the seating outside the restaurant that you’d see from above pic 4 shows what you’ll see from your balcony (of course, my view is from much higher as I’m on 16 at the skyview walk.)
  21. Funny, the kids were just talking about it over dinner today. You don’t hear too much about it on the ship itself, but rather more on cruise critic. Apparently, it is sold out for the rest of the cruise. It is supposed to be on deck 18. I will try to see if I can get a picture. The princess website says some of it is digitally-based and there are over 700 possible solutions. Will try to get more info next sea day. It’s called Phantom Bridges. Apt name as no one’s even mentioned it on board 🤣.
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