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  1. It might put your mind at ease to read up on the flu and other virus' survival outside the human body. The incubation period is within a host only. Normal viral flu's can survive 15 minutes in a soft surface like a tissue, up to a few hours as droplets in the air depending on the temperature and humidity, or 24 hours at maximum on a hard surface. We may not know the precise timing for this novel coronavirus but there is nothing to suggest its survival rate outside the human host is abnormal to other similar viral illnesses. Yes, I'm sure they will very carefully sanitize everything - but if there are no hosts for the virus to live in, time is a very effective cleaner by itself.
  2. On PC for me it is clicking "Before you sail" then "Personal details" and then there is a drop down at the top with all the passengers on the booking. You click on each name and it brings up the details for that passenger. Not sure if it differs if on mobile.
  3. This may be a bit niche but maybe someone can help. My husband and I are massive animal / nature lovers. We're in our late 30s, but I'm disabled and struggle to cope with long excursions and need certain accessibility which can't always be met on small excursion trips. Most of the nature cruises we see advertised include excursions that are far off the beaten trail, unfortunately not suitable for me. I am also happy staying on board in many ports and my husband can venture off solo, but it would be nice to have one or two spots that I could see something. Are there any destinations / ports where I would see a lot of the natural world either from the cruise ship, or on fairly easy DIY trips or short excursions? We have so far done 6 Mediterranean cruises (we've seen dolphins, seabirds and some native reptiles on land which was great!) and 1 Norwegian Fjords cruise (which was very good for seabirds), we are in the UK, but would love to travel further afield worldwide and don't mind large boats, small boats, demographic, anything like that - I'd just love to see more amazing scenery and nature and have an opportunity to observe some animals in the wild.
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