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    This is giving me all the chuckles this morning! And I read the comments to my husband who "let" me read it to him - HAHAHAHA!
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    I need my wifi!!

    I have never had an internet package, however for our Jan cruise I did get a sip and surf package. Sip because I love me some seltzer, and surf because I will have a new grandchild just before we sail! My daughter is due Dec 31, so I NEED to stay in touch! Sorry, Grandma will be wired this cruise.
  3. We fall into that older demographic (63 & 71 though young at heart) and will be sailing her in January. Since it is just the 2 of us, and we don't mind waiting for a bit or being seated with others sounds like we will be just fine going with the flow. And if there's a backlog that looks to be a long wait we'll hit the windjammer! Thanks again for the info.
  4. Thanks all - we don't mind sharing, and are happy to wait a bit... just want to have the freedom to show up when it's convenient and enjoy dinner. Thanks for the reassurance!
  5. We are not frequent cruisers - have cruised on Celebrity, Princess, and Royal Caribbean. Will be on our second RCI cruise in Jan. out of Baltimore on Grandeur. We have signed up for MTD, and expect to not make reservations - show up when we want to have dinner and hope that we can be seated in a reasonable amount of time (say 20 min or so). Are we foolish not to make reservations? It seems contrary to MTD to make reservations to me....
  6. Hi Anna - I'd love to chat too - did you sign up for the meet and mingle? Maybe we can connect there. See you in Jan! And I'll keep watching for a soda and surf package, but if I can't find a mix I'll just prepurchase the surf and stream closer to the sail date.
  7. So... I've never purchased an internet package before, but I JUST found out my daughter is pregnant and is due about 2 weeks before our cruise. So the price of our cruise just went up because I want to be in touch this time! I'm only seeing one internet package for our sailing - but it's way early yet. I've heard about internet + soda which isn't shown. It's too early to buy anyway because it's early... but should I expect to see the best prices and perhaps a package combined with soda closer to sailing (Grandeur of the Seas Jan 12)? Best to purchase pre-cruise? Thanks for any feedback you can provide. Signed excited expectant Grandma! :hearteyes: