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  1. RCCL used to be our favorite, not anymore. The changes and cutbacks are ridiculous. Now this frustrating attempt at trying to sign in on already booked 3 B2B's and you can't even use Google Chrome? Who is running this company? I have written M Bayley a lengthy letter. Their "IT" department has failed miserably and they need to be fired. Spoke extensively with Nelson Frau in the Corporate office at 305 539 6000 after speaking and being passed around for hours to many different reps that do not know how to make the new website work either and told me repeatedly that all RCCL customers HATE the new website. Good way to run off your loyal customers... Pretty sad RCCL! Who ever is responsible for the continued changes, rules, not combining future cruise with stockholder credits like you can on Carnival, needs to go back to school to learn how to manage a successful, customer friendly corporation. Signed Diamond Stockholder.

  2. Trying to sign in and register for 3 B2B already booked cruises and even spoke extensively with the corporate office 305 539 6000. Even they are having the same problems of the registration going around in circles. You enter info and then save and continue and it makes a continuous loop so you never get anywhere. RCCL your "I T" department needs help! The new website they created is impossible. We have cruised for years and have never experienced this.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

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