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  1. Cant wait..to meet you!! Be sure and email me dates.. Thanks Jancruz1
  2. Im sure thes guys are great....but if you ask the right people you get what you want..I do it all the time and have never had a problem on any of the O ships..Check with Betsy, she knows I get it done all the time..Im sure Bob is a wonderful if Betsy married him, but if you dont know who can do what on the ship..its a problem... Jan
  3. Hi Bob, What you are saying is not the fact..I always set up a meet and greet when I am on board and officers and the CD comes we are usually in Horizon on the small ships and outside the Spa on the big ship..The fact is the Chairman of the board started Oceania and it is his baby..check with Betsy on these facts and tell her Hi from me..and Happy New year to you both!! Jancruz1
  4. Beside sending them home and giving them a free trip..nothing would have worked.. and do you think thats fair to the cruise line..I dont..they had salaries to pay food costs fuel costs etc I have been on many trips where ports are missed due to weather thats part of cruising you have to understand!! Jancruz1..
  5. I dont agree with you at all..the weather is not NCL's fault..they will not put the crew, passengers and ships in danger in bad weather and the passengers should be happy about this..anyone that takes a cruise should be ready for this to happen..we plan and God laughs!!! Jancruz1
  6. They dont match the price ...Oceania does!! Jancruz1
  7. Not true..no one can buy up anything Jancruz1
  8. I dont even answer them.so plus1
  9. When I go out to the pool, if there are things on chairs, I wait for 45 minutes and call someone over to remove them People are usually not happy..but neither am I if they put books on a chair and leave for hours..Ive had people come back 2 hours later and be angry..how thoughtless Jancruz2
  10. I sent the picture to the boss Jancruz1
  11. Jancruz


    My first cruise was Sitmar in 1970.. Best Pizza ever Set dining fabulous crew Inside Cabin Formal nights
  12. Interesting I am doing my retirement cruise on that itinerary.. Jancruz1
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