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  1. My favorite drink, sitting by the pool in the am is Virgin Pina Colada..as you can tell I am not much of a drinker but that is yum and also complimentary.. Jancruz1
  2. There are no links..Itins are not out yet! Jancruz1
  3. Orv, As of the next trip all specialty restaurants will be open every night..this trip they experimented opening and closing some and didnt like the result.. Ive been told right now you can get into specialties almost anytime you want to.. Jan
  4. Enjoy 179 itineraries with 190 total overnights that afford opportunities to immerse yourself in the cuisine, culture, and history of these destinations. Experience the fascinating history and sacred destinations of the Holy Lands with more than 40 cruises and Grand Voyages that offer overnight stays in coveted ports in Israel and Turkey Bask in the great outdoors of North America with wildlife and glacier adventures in Alaska and picture-perfect autumn getaways in Canada and New England along with blissful Bermuda escapes. MARK YOUR CALENDARS WED SEPT 29 September 29 ITINERARIES AVAILABLE TO VIEW ON THE WEBSITE WED OCT 6 October 6 RESERVATIONS OPEN FOR SALE 9:00 AM ET/6:00 AM PT Jancruz1
  5. Im planning on wearing a face shield..I hope that works..although by January who knows what the rules will be.. Jancruz1
  6. We are neighbors also I am in Oxnard.. Jancruz1
  7. Actuallly Lyn, O changed insurance carriers and theirs is pretty good now..but you are correct always read the fine print.. Jancruz1
  8. We had a great trip in Israel..Actually we took a hotel in Jerusalem for the two nights we were in Israel and it worked out wonderfully..we had three days to tour and try restaurants and the country is so small it was easy for our guide to get us back to Ashdod.. Jancruz1
  9. Everyone knows I love Oceania but if we are comparing which ship is more lively I believe it is Regent hands down!! Oceania tends to draw an older crowd (dont shoot the messenger those are the stats) Jancruz1
  10. Since I am allergic to sun I love those cabins.. Jancruz1
  11. Sorry I misunderstood and thought you went in to check availability Jancruz1
  12. Knowing bookings are not open why would anyone check availability?? Jancruz1
  13. First of all O life does not have anything to do with Oceania air..two separate issues no one mentioned that..also if you figure out the extras you are getting like not paying the $175 per person for air deviation plus transfers to ship especially in Rome and Greece..using O's hotel package is not as pricy as it looks..using regular air..not BC I agreewith the others do BC your self.. Jancruz1
  14. I will be on January 4 and 14 and have not heard anything about her not sailing..there might be changes in ports but who knows so far out..I cannot say how much I am looking forward to going HOME to RVA Jancruz1
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