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  1. We just went Purple again here in Ventura County California, havent been anywhere since March..but have decided to rent an air BNB in Vegas in January to see our daughter, son-in-law, grandaughter and great grandaughter for a week..will cook in and play games in the house and yard if its warm enough.. Looking forward to seeing another viewof the world although we live on the Ocean so its not so bad..two grandchildren have had covid but thank God both have recovered.. Look frward to seeing everyone once the vaccine is out.. Jancruz1
  2. Oh Orv, From your mouth to Gods ears!! Jancruz1
  3. It is December 3 I have been told and one way is only 88,000 a person which I can easily cover so I am going to do that..very excited hope the boss and CDC does not let us down.. Regards, Jan
  4. Im excited about my 25 day LA to Tokyo on Regatta next October..it is all sold out already..hope life is back to normal by then.. Jancruz1
  5. so you are cutting your nose to spite your face..that doesnt make much sense to me..at any rate he should not have paid you a cent until the cruise returned..JMHO Jancruz1 I just decided..none of my business..
  6. For me, the question might be reworded. Does an Oceania direct Sales Rep receive incentives and compensation when I book? Does that Sales Rep lose those benefits if I book with a TA or later transfer the booking to a TA? I can answer that..Once a sales rep gets benefits and makes a booking the company never takes them away.. Jancruz1
  7. Thank you for the kind words, the truth is, I never work with in house agents so honestly I have no idea how they are compensated...I could ask but in reality I dont think it its something I need to know..Sorry I cant help on this one.. Jancruz1
  8. Im sorry, not being rude just not understanding what possible difference it would make to a customer/client..the agent works for the cruise line and no matter what will take their side and try to upsell the client.. Please someone explain to me why anyone would want to know.. Jancruz1
  9. Im with Pinot Lover why do you care??? Jancruz1
  10. True but that is just an advisory you have a choice and I choose to cruise!! Jancruz1
  11. I agree..if you dont want to cruise we all understand but those of us that do and are excited dont need people telling us why we or you shouldnt or wouldnt we get it!! I am booked for next October but certainly hope to go before that.. Yippee, Jancruz1
  12. US announces framework for phased resumption of cruise operations OCT 30, 2020 Canada extends cruise ship ban through February OCT 30, 2020 US announces framework for phased resumpt
  13. Crystal is in big financial trouble according to the travel industry people I know..I heard its for sale but that could be gossip Jancruz1
  14. It wont happen but watch for the specials there are some good ones out there.. Jancruz1
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