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  1. FYI preffered includes and is above CCC Jancruz1
  2. When I asked him yesterday he said no Jancruz1
  3. They have plenty of money so do not worry about NCL.. Jancruz1
  4. My comment to FDR was its about time they sold Azamara I truly believe the only reason they kept them was to spite FDR! If you know the story behind the start of Azamara you will understand.. Jancruz1
  5. 1st Allura is under construction now and will be out in 2022..I agree with you R ships have a huge following and are small enough to stay in the mix.. Jancruz1
  6. No he would not have considered any one of them since he has the new Allura Class coming out next year.. Jancruz1
  7. Dan ,we are going to Vegas to visit our kids and got an appointment there on February 5th..still cant get any kind of appointment here in Ventura County, CA.. Bad..news for us seniors Jancruz1
  8. The truth is no one can really help you..I have been on a 40 day cruise and loved it I also really like river cruising..but this is a choice only you can make..personally I would rather fly only once to Europe instead of twice , if you decide to take two cruises try to get them within a couple of days of each other so you can stay in Europe and just change ships.. Jancruz1
  9. I am so sorry to have to share the news that Jim passed away..his brother posted on Jims facebook page.. RIP my friend.. Jancruz1
  10. For all of you that have been kind enough to ask..My daughter is much better 2 days and out of quarantine, son-in-law home from hospital 4 more days quarantine and 9 year old great grandaughter still in for another week but all are doing fine.Stu and I hope to get our vaccination this month and will be visiting our kids in February..(rented a house in Las Vegas and hope to see Leslie Jon) I feel pretty safe with all of them recovered from Covid, even if we dont get our vaccine until after our return Please everyone stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all on board one of the ships
  11. Just to give you an idea Regatta will be first to sail and all will not come out at same time.. Jancruz1
  12. Thank for all the good wishes..I have told Marcy and she appreciates it..I cant believe our 9 year old Great Grandaughter was also just notified she has covid..this is like living in an alternate universe.. I am looking forward to getting my vaccine shot and cruising in October.. I have spoken to the boss but everything is still open for decisions..no real definite news yet..if you have any questions I will be happy to try and get answers..LYN..can you tell me once more how not to see someones post..unfortunately I forgot (and accidently let them in) Jancruz1
  13. Can I ask why you are worried about 9 months from now when we dont know what tomorrow will bring..I have 2 kids with Covid one in the hospital..next year will be different every day!! Lets wait and see, no one knows what will happen!! Jancruz1
  14. Hi Helaine, I do remember you..and I am still around.(old but still kicking) .I will be on Regatta in October..really cant wait..if you need any info about Oceania feel free to ask.. Jancruz1
  15. I thank you for posting that as I have always believed service and being there for clients was the most important part..what good is a rebate if things go wrong and cant be fixed..as you say to each his own.. Jancruz1
  16. Well I will see if we can find a better way like alphabetically or by CCC after the holidays.. Everyone stay safe.. Jancruz1
  17. Is that the only way to find an agency by ZIP?? If it is I will have a talk with them as it is a less than easy way to find a good agency.. Jancruz1
  18. Thanks Lyn, Same to you and your family ...the most important thing is to stay safe so we can cruise next summer.. Happy New Year to one and all!! Jancruz1
  19. Dont any of you laugh at me but I never go on Os website..How do you see the agencies in CCC??? Jancruz1
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