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  1. I so agree with you. I know they are loved by many. I just wish they could have left one of the "Sisters" unmarred with the ugliness of them. It totally changes the beautiful aesthetic of the ship for me. ( I know I am in the minority just My Humble Opinion)
  2. I'm truly sorry, I never saw a response. Will try not to be redundant in the future,
  3. I wonder if by Sept 2020 this will have gone by the wayside? I am in limbo about my Oasis cruise this December.
  4. I wonder if by Sept 2020 this will have gone by the wayside cruise wide. I'm in limbo about my Dec 2019 Oasis cruise.
  5. I've been concerned about Lucie. I hope she doesn't give you the cold shoulder or tail. I am going rapidly into withdrawals. The next 98 days will creep by until we board the new and "improved" OTS. Your reviews are stellar and so appreciated by so many. God's protection over Owen this school year and strength to you and Lisa to endure it.
  6. I take it from that comment, you are staying. I hope little Bella does OK with the howling. Y'all stay safe. We left Ormond Beach this morning to go to our home in SE Florida to batten it down. Double trouble for us.
  7. I don't know, as a coaches wife, I have washed an entire teams football uniforms. We live in very SE Florida ( think heat and humdity = lots of sweat). Either way, neither is pleasurable. On a nicer note, have thoroughly enjoyed your extended review . It has given a nice reprive from Dorian. Both our beach house in Ormond By the Sea, Fl and our primary resident are in target areas. Where to run is the quesiton. Hope your departure plans hold firm and all get home as planned.
  8. This southern girl likes her grits, with butter, with cheese and especially with shrimp. You know GRITS means "girl raised in the south". Yea, deffinetly a southern thing. Still 111 days still we borad the new and improved Oasis of the Seas but whose counting,so I am living life thorugh you this week. Bon Voyage ( please excuse the attached photo. I am obviously not tech savvy and hit something that attqached a work email I sent. )
  9. The reason you always arrive the day before to the port city. You just never know. Oh and of course following.
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