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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I cancelled Cruise Cash and Chef's Table for our September cruise as soon as I received the cancellation notice from Carnival. Was expecting gift cards as refunds since that's how I paid, but will phone Monday to be sure they are in the long queue. Excursion refunds should be in the same form as original payment.
  2. If you apply to match the $200. price drop you should not under any circumstances lose the $600. rebooking OBC. If there was any OBC in your current cruise fare you will lose that amount if it's not also a part of the current fare. If your cruise in paid in full the difference in price will be credited as additional OBC. Phone them. Verify while on the phone that this is the case. Don't hang up until everything is settled to your satisfaction. And Happy Sailing!
  3. This is true only on ships sailing from Galveston and one other port - New York I think. It has to do with archaic state liquor laws in Texas. You don't pay for day one in the Cheers package from those ports. If it's a 7 day cruise, it will cost the daily price times 6.
  4. If the rate you match doesn't also include a $50 deposit you will have to pay the new deposit amount immediately, or risk being cancelled in immediately plus 10 or so minutes. Otherwise your deposit is safe unless and until you cancel.
  5. It has always been worth it for me. I have a very difficult time walking any distance and standing for any length of time. Young people might want to spend the money elsewhere.
  6. To answer the OP's question, if a third cruise is cancelled due to Corona, I will stay in contact hoping to book an amazing old hotel in Marfa, Texas, a tiny town at the southern foot of the Davis Mountains in west Texas. It was established during stagecoach days of the old west, and one of its more recent claims to fame is that the cast of Giant stayed there in the fifties while filming. The Rock Hudson suite is my favorite. I've stayed there 4 times since the mid eighties. It's ridiculously expensive and the town is so small that a Dairy Queen and generally one other fly by night restaurant, are the only dining choices. Social distancing isn't a problem, it's just about a way of life. It's one place on land that I've found that comes close to the quiet, beautiful feeling of being on a ship, surrounded by only the ocean, and I would be thrilled to spend a few days there with the granddaughter who was going to accompany me on the cancelled September cruise. It's not a cruise and I wouldn't take her unless and until it was safe, but it's my only Plan B at the moment.
  7. That's some of the work they do for their commission. Be sure you're not price matching to a rate that will reduce your OBC or result in losing your cabin choice. Why use a travel agent if you think your business "troubles" them?
  8. I can't speak to the life boat situation, other than the facts they don't obstruct your view unless you want to look straight up, and they do provide a little extra shade. The cabins you pinpointed are far enough away from the atrium that you won't hear a thing. I wouldn't hesitate to book ANY cove balcony on the Breeze forward of the mid-ship elevators, that is forward of 2334 and 2361. The ones farthest forward might get some ocean spray in really rocky weather. Your location is over a dining room and very quiet day and night. If you are spa people I'd suggest you book a deck 11 balcony. Otherwise I honestly prefer a deck 2 cove balcony on the Breeze as long as it's in the range already mentioned. I think they are the best deal going on that ship.
  9. Yes. And it will be available every day if past experience holds true. Not that many savvy cruisers rushing to pay that much per head for the privilege.
  10. My experience has been the Chef's Table might sell out prior to embarkation, but they might just add more nights. I book in advance when possible. The Steakhouse (in my opinion not in the same league as Ruth's Chris, and overpriced considering your fare includes dinner) may not have the precise time slot you prefer, but is rarely, if ever sold out on any night. Book on board and use OBC.
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