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  1. Thanks for your review. Cruising is a great choice for families bringing multiple generations.
  2. What alternatives do you think might be available to a multi-billion dollar corporation which, after having been found guilty of unlawful dumping, proceeded to violate the terms of probation during the first year of a multi-year probationary period?
  3. Coming out better would be a good resolution. Sorry that I couldn't edit your message to the last paragraph. The combination of an ancient phone and a lack of tech skills makes it hard to respond as I would like to do.
  4. Thank you jimbo for your thoughtful reply. As often as you and I seem to disagree on some threads, we seem to agree that this was a major misstep on a major problem. I have enjoyed every Carnival cruise, though it's obviously harder for me than for you to accept silently some of the changes (I refer to as cutbacks) in the last several years. Carnival can and should do better. I would hate to see this issue resolved by firing a few low level personnel when those at the top must have been aware of the violations.
  5. I would love to cruise up the east coast to Canada. If Carnival offered that route from Galveston I would jump on it. Don't see it happening.
  6. As you, I am waiting to see what will come next. Do you have an opinion on what should happen for violation of the probationary terms?
  7. Thank you. I find it intriguing that some posting here don't seem to acknowledge that Carnival was already found guilty of the original charge.
  8. I am neither. Just a consumer reading about a corporation on probation for being found guilty for illegal dumping, subsequently found to be guilty of violating terms of the probation. Don't have to be an expert in any particular field to understand violating terms of probation should have consequences.
  9. I'm not much into conspiracy theories. Well, maybe JFK's assassination (I was young then and fairly impressionable.) A whack on the hand of a low level employee would be the worst outcome for me. Follow the chain up, or it's meaningless. If ship A is paying X for disposal of waste, and Ships B, C, D, etc. are paying 3 or 7 or 10 times X, someone in corporate compliance should notice.
  10. I wouldn't have accepted the offer either. I hope you enjoy your cruise.
  11. The wink-wink to subordinates worries me. I want to follow the chain UP from the person who followed orders and pulled the switch.
  12. Wouldn't it be interesting if that was transparent? Did customers or stockholders pay for it? I don't know.
  13. Why do you think so? Supposedly Carnival had been complying with the terms of probation all along. Any extra fees should already be built into the fare structure. Any fines should come directly from bottom line profit. Thus the board should have been heavily involved in quarter to quarter compliance with the terms of probation.
  14. If they didn't they are clearly incompetent. Do you want a board that merely rubber stamps? These are supposedly knowledgeable people, serving with compensation, to guard shareholder interest.
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