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  1. Six days on the Freedom, without a second thought. OK, maybe a second thought. If and ONLY IF, the spa is important to your group, Carnival hit it out of the park with the tile loungers and the T-pool on the Dream class ships. Either book spa cabins or get a day pass to the spa. Otherwise the Freedom would be my choice. I love that ship and 6 days is better than 5.
  2. Of course you are correct and thanks for pointing that out. Carnival obviously does a lot of cabin shuffling after final payment date. Otherwise we wouldn't see them start selling guarantees and offering upsales to cruisers who have already booked.
  3. Don't overpack. Keep all meds and cruise related documents in your carry on. Double check it when ready to leave your house. Triple check it when you get in the car. Relax and enjoy.
  4. I believe this has never been an anti-Cheers vs pro-Cheers discussion. It is a discussion on ways to determine when buying Cheers makes sense for different people and different circumstances. The fact it wouldn't make sense for me does not indicate in any way that I am against the Cheers program. The various posts may help cruisers new to Carnival decide if Cheers fits their needs.
  5. Assuming it is exactly the same category, the remaining question is what is allowed under the rate you booked. I have never booked past final payment date so I don't know what rates are offered. I do know if you book prior to final payment date only the Early Saver rate allows you to price match after that date. I think a phone call to Carnival, asking if you can get the lower price, is in order. If the answer is no then ask them why.
  6. If you do a mock booking for ocean view cabins on your sailing you can see some of the unsold cabins. If you are relatively close to sailing, I imagine you will be placed in one of those. I know nothing about casino offers. Perhaps someone else will tell you the casino holds certain cabins that are never offered to the public, in which case a mock booking wouldn't help you. The ocean views I have stayed in had what I would call picture windows. Definitely not port holes.
  7. Not maple syrup. Definitely "maple flavored" sweet syrup. Welcome to Carnival. We always find lots of places to enjoy some quiet and lots of fun stuff going on. There's something to please everyone.
  8. On the Dream class ships they are nearly always extremely quiet. There is so little foot traffic in the hallways. I have never stayed in a wrap but they should have even more views than the extended. There you have a 180 degree view. The wake is mesmerizing. I could sit on those balconies for hours. The downside is there is virtually no breeze. In hot weather they are hot and they are in the sun all day. With a wrap you shouldn't have this issue since a portion of your balcony will be on one side or the other. Be sure to check to see what's under you. On the Dream class there's a lot of noise into the night under the deck 6 aft balconies. Enjoy!
  9. I think it's a great option for a lot of people but it would make no sense for us. I have never yet had a beverage bill for two people that hit the price of Cheers for one.
  10. Absolutely. You can also put gift cards on your account that you have purchased at a discount. Your credit card won't be charged unless and until you spend all OBC, cash, and/or gift cards, or cruise cash that you have added to your account. I hope you have a great cruise.
  11. We have a cruise booked during April of 2020. Excursions started showing up in our Cruise Manager in April of 2019. I am not certain but I think at the same time excursions were also released for cruises well into 2020.
  12. Thanks for your review. The Breeze is my favorite Dream Class ship. I am glad your wife was treated so well and had a good outcome. It's a good reminder to have travel insurance. Happy sailing.
  13. I don't believe it is a matter of crew being allowed. It seems to me to be a matter of crew being, albeit unofficially, encouraged, to save time and resources. Back to corporate culture. Little happens at the bottom that is not instituted from the top.
  14. If we get back to the simple question asked on this thread, the simple answer is yes, you may order multiples of anything on the menu every night. You may also order things not on the menu if you have dietary restrictions and have prearranged it. I can't remember a night when I didn't order a shrimp cocktail and another appetizer. Feel free to order whatever appetizers, entrees, and desserts you want until Carnival changes this unwritten policy. Personally I feel free to ignore the preaching posts.
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