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  1. You're welcome. I love the feeling of the ship on port days.
  2. With the exceptions of the shops and the casino, nearly everything else is available on port days.
  3. You asked how to make the request. I never mentioned "John." Personally I e-mail my request to the maitre d' of the ship the week prior to a cruise. It has always been granted so I never questioned the how, why, or who. People who meet with the maitre d' on embarkation day also report good luck in having their requests met. Of course it's probably not possible to grant all requests with a finite number of tables.
  4. On a 7 day cruise seating issues for the current cruise have been settled for the most part. Staff turns its attention to assignments for the upcoming cruise.
  5. Hooray! Tell us your thoughts when you return. Happy sailing.
  6. This. Either one of the TA's can easily do this for you. Happy sailing.
  7. I haven't seen many price reductions after final payment date. The one exception is as Saint Greg said, you might see offers for guaranteed cabins. If your friends aren't picky about cabin location it's possible they could book somewhat cheaper.
  8. If you pre-paid it should be listed in your Cruise Manager where booked excursions are. Pre-payment isn't available yet on all ships. Enjoy!
  9. Welcome to Carnival. You picked a great ship with a great spa. You have covered most of the bases. Remember always to check ship time if you go ashore. The Dream will stay on Central Time regardless of the time zone in port. You don't want to wave at a departing ship from the pier. I put my cell phone in airplane mode when we leave Galveston so it always stays on Central Time. Relax and enjoy!
  10. Except that's where the appetizers are served. I have done the Chef's table several times. Sandals are just fine. Relax and enjoy!
  11. My booking confirmation with Early Saver states verified rate differences will be issued as non-refundable OBC. It doesn't mention before or after final payment has been made.
  12. Open toed sandals shouldn't be a problem. Heels could prove troublesome because of grills in the galley floor.
  13. I do simply ask. I don't always get it.
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