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  1. bury me at sea

    VIFP program

    I fully understand your feelings and in no way wish to see perks diminished. My post was a reflection of what I fear will happen eventually, not what I hope will happen. Meanwhile, like you I am doing one a year and enjoying the heck out of each one. One year I got to cruise twice, under very unusual circumstances.
  2. bury me at sea

    Carnival Pride - Artwork was removed/covered

    It's a shame people can't appreciate art. It's a worse shame if Carnival removes it.
  3. bury me at sea

    AARP Carnival Gift Cards to Pay on Balance?

    I suspect there may be something quirky in their site.
  4. bury me at sea

    AARP Carnival Gift Cards to Pay on Balance?

    At about 12:30 CST I tried to purchase a 100. card. Successfully put it in my cart where a message popped up stating the item was unavailable. I immediately backed up, and put a 500. card in my cart. That transaction went through.
  5. bury me at sea

    VIFP program

    I don't find it amusing; I find it insulting. Free water is available all over the ship, including in the bathroom sink in every cabin.
  6. bury me at sea

    Purchased FTTF, now what?

    There's a description of FTTF on the excursions page, just as there is of every other excursion. Included, at least the last time I bought it, was a statement that you should reprint your boarding pass and luggage tags to show you have purchased FTTF. Perhaps this statement has since been removed, which could explain why you asked the question.
  7. bury me at sea

    Carnival Gift cards available on AARP

    Welcome aboard!
  8. bury me at sea

    Carnival Gift Card/S&S Card Limit

    You can also apply a few at a time at Guest Services. I try to add a little less than I think I'll spend, then settle the account on the last night. If you give them more than you spend you'll get a refund on a new gift card, or you can cash it out in the casino the last night.
  9. bury me at sea

    Wine in Main Dining Room

    We noticed this trend a couple of cruises ago on the Breeze, which is my favorite ship. Our solution, which works because we drink wine and not cocktails with dinner, is to leave a bottle of wine, replaced as often as necessary, in the MDR. I also tell our head waiter the first night that we will probably want after dinner drinks every night. The bartender has never failed to show up, generally during dessert. I love those souvenir shot glasses and have quite a collection.
  10. bury me at sea

    VIFP program

    Joebucks I agree with you far more than I disagree. However I suspect any changes to the VIFP perks will benefit relatively newer cruisers and may well disappoint gold and platinum cruisers. That's what I meant by my comment on fostering loyalty. Happy sailing!
  11. bury me at sea

    How much sun do you get on your aft balcony?

    Very hot because there is no breeze. Very sunny most of the day. I will book one again only if something overhangs part of the balcony, such as the Lido deck overhangs the aft balconies on deck 9 on the Dream class. On the plus side, you can't beat the view from those balconies.
  12. bury me at sea

    Unable to access Pride cruises for October

    There are a couple of threads in the last few days about cruises disappearing and reappearing on Carnival's website.
  13. bury me at sea

    We've gone and done it!

    I don't think you're crazy at all. It sounds like a fantastic plan. Enjoy!
  14. The statement in the FAQ that they buy gift cards from their customers makes me a little leery. I think I will stick with AARP for the time being, but thank you for posting this information.
  15. bury me at sea

    Radiance Ca/NE Sept 6 2020 gone from the website?

    It wouldn't hurt to phone Carnival. My March 2020 has been disappearing and reappearing for a week. I phoned my PVP the first time it disappeared. He assured me it's still scheduled, selling, and sailing and said it's probably a glitch in the website.