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  1. Yes, but he "sold" stock he didn't own two months ago, at the price it was then, Then he just purchased to cover that sale at yesterday's price. Sold high, bought very low. It what being "short" means.
  2. You have to register for the Rewards program. I'm not the one who can explain it to you, but welcome to the group.
  3. I'm glad the hard part is over for you. Now you can start a new countdown. Happy sailing.
  4. Bella, one phone call, two separate transactions from cancelled cruise to newly booked cruise, totally internal to Carnival. I got two separate e-mails confirming them. The only thing coming to me is refunding of a shore excursion. Fun Shop purchases would also be refunded directly to the cruiser. My pvp made it easy. I had itemized all expenses I had paid, cruise fare, port fees, pre-paid grats, insurance, excursion. It was all accounted for.
  5. Today's article in Market Watch refers to Carnical CCL. That's all I know!
  6. That is my expectation, near term. Long term, shares of current stockholders permanently diluted. Depending on the terms and conditions of the secured notes, if reorganization is necessary, common stock owners (already in a precarious position) have even another level of creditors ahead of them. Just my opinion.
  7. I am no expert but in my opinion this is worse news than suspending the dividends.
  8. Suspending dividends and buybacks was the responsible thing to do.
  9. Your FCC will be based on your cruise rate only. Taxes, fees, etc. are refundable items. When I rebooked my pvp applied the FCC immediately and told me to watch for a second e-mail in a couple of days showing all refundable charges had been applied in a separate transaction. Everything I had paid, with the exception of an excursion, was within two days applied to the new booking. Excursions and Fun Shop purchases are actually refunded in the form of original payment. I haven't received that yet but I'm sure it will show up someday.
  10. You're welcome OC. Most of us have also been preoccupied with more timely issues.
  11. In my opinion it is also unacceptable to make official announcements via Facebook and Twitter. Texts and/or e-mails in addition to banners on the Website are all acceptable for official communication.
  12. Joe I honestly can't remember but something is tickling my brain about doing it in response to a text message and doing it more than once. Is it possible Carnival sends a mass text for each cruise after a certain date - possibly check-in? I hope someone with a better memory than mine chimes in.
  13. I am signed up for text alerts and have received some in the past. I did not get cancellation notification by text alert but assumed that was for one, or both, of two reasons. I got e-mail notification and our cruise was not one of those scheduled for imminent departure.
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