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  1. Wherever I eat on the ship I am going out to eat. I can choose included venues or pay extra venues. For me it's simple; the steakhouse isn't offering enough above the MDR to pay the current charge.
  2. The combination of the new menu, which is missing two of our favorite dishes, and the increased price, have made the steakhouse easy to forego. They serve a good steak, and the service has always been excellent, but I doubt that we will return.
  3. I hear you. Strawberry Bisque is the reason I stopped booking the Steakhouse on the first night. It's that good! I agree with other posters. If you have assigned any time dining go before or after the steakhouse. Otherwise, make your steakhouse reservation fit before or after your assigned dining. Happy sailing -- and eating.
  4. Shaded Lady I am so glad you are ok with this change. I remember how long ago you booked and how excited you were. Let us hear from you when it's over. Happy sailing.
  5. I used to order a gift for my cabin mate routinely until the exorbitant delivery fee was added. I cancelled that order and have never looked back.
  6. If memory serves, you'll meet at 6 or 6:30. Could be a sea or a port day. Some ships will have one more than one night, depending on the number of guests who request reservations. Enjoy!
  7. Things that make my cruises more enjoyable: Assigned dining, take time to enjoy, order multiple appetizers. Check Fun Times but don't over schedule. Take time for simply relaxing. Catch a sunrise out on deck. Sunsets are pretty phenomenal too. Slow down, enjoy the here and now. Happy sailing.
  8. I ordered a 500 card yesterday, and the order went through as far as I can tell.
  9. You have to price match to the same category with the same number of guests. You can possibly upgrade to a higher category, but check with your TA or Carnival to be sure. Personally I wouldn't want the uncovered balcony, but that's a matter of taste/choice. Happy sailing.
  10. With FTTF even though you must still have a check-in time, you can completely ignore it. Arrive at the terminal any time you wish.
  11. The ones I have that could be considered orange are more like clear, light amber. If I were smart enough to know how to post a picture I would!
  12. I think no one suggested you were lying. My collection contains two types. The oldest look like a clear chalice atop an inverted colored chalice. The newer ones are more barrel shaped, with clear glass at the top fading into color at the bottom that gradually deepens. Again, good luck.
  13. To suggest the obvious, have you googled Carnival Shot Glasses or checked on E-bay? I would start there. I really enjoy collecting them. Good luck.
  14. My memory is that there are a few liqueurs offered at the coffee bar. Also, coffee drinks with liqueurs are available at the bar in the atrium. I am not sure about other bars.
  15. Thanks for your thorough review, and welcome to Carnival.
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