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  1. Thanks for your review of your recent cruise on the Breeze. I've missed her since she left Galveston and am thrilled to have booked her for the 50 year sailabration cruise. She's definitely a family oriented ship and I enjoy cruising much more when school is in session. There are always some kids, but not nearly so many as during summer and school vacations.
  2. No it was not. As another poster stated above the current situation is untenable because there are too many Platinums. FTTF is a cash cow for Carnival. Would it sell out so quickly or be so expensive if it didn't include priority boarding and early access to cabins? I am not advocating for these changes but merely speculating.
  3. My dusty and never trustworthy crystal ball says it will take more nights to reach platimum and that early access to cabins will be more restricted, either by eliminating it altogether for platinums or by adding a new level above gold that doesn't get it.
  4. No apology necessary. I didn't take it as an insult. Happy sailing.
  5. While a lovely hope, the last brilliant changes did just that.
  6. I totally agree. With a party that large chances are slim of everyone arriving at the same time, (won't be seated until everyone is there), being ready to order simultaneously, being ready for dessert at the same time, etc. I woud say 90 minutes minimum from agreed upon arrival time.
  7. Carnival has various rates, all with different advantages and disadvantages. Though there are many knowledgeable and helpful posters here, I strongly suggest you contact a travel agent or phone Carnival, to get advice on this question. There are a couple of ways to go about booking five people and you need to know what would happen in each instance if you want to reduce that number to four. Whatever you decide I also strongly suggest you have an agreement with the parents of your son's friend regarding possible cancellation penalties.
  8. You may sail with us vicariously any time.
  9. This is good to know. It could help mbarker10 and many others waiting for delivery.
  10. If I understand you correctly, you want to partially pay for your cruise with discounted gift cards. You can do that only before your cruise. Your booking will be cancelled if not paid in full on a date certain prior to embarkation day. You can use your gift cards on board to pay for gratuities, alcohol, and anything else you purchase on board. If you wish to use them for gratuities, don't add them to your cruise price, just wait until you are on board and they will be added to your S&S account. I apologize if I'm misunderstanding your question.
  11. In my opinion the new and improved AARP Rewards Program has been a fiasco since the day it was launched.
  12. I don't buy them anymore because I don't want an e-card. I bought one when they started accepting credit cards rather than forcing the use of Pay Pal. As soon as I got signed up to All State it was adios to AARP.
  13. Since you want to book during spring break you're going to have extremely crowded ships, whatever you choose. That would push me over to the Freedom. But I really love the Freedom. Truly there is plenty for families to do on both of these ships. Do some mock bookings to see which one offers better cabin selections at this point. The Magic has cove balconies but the Freedom doesn't. If you go that route book forward of the mid-ship elevators to avoid being under the galley.
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