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  1. I like Carnival a lot. The aft balconies on the Dream class ships are as you describe. For that very reason I only book an aft balcony on deck 9. My disdain for the Mardi Gras and her sisters is the rabbit hole (described by some as a home run) of the class system. Try the Conquest class. The Freedom is great. Happy sailing.
  2. Thanks so much for your review. It made me feel very optimistic about returning to Carnival.
  3. I agree. Part of the start-up problems may also involve supply chain issues.
  4. Thanks for your reports. I cancelled our September cruise out of Galveston when final payment was due last month, wanting to wait for reviews on the first few cruises after Covid. Your comments make me feel confident I made the right choice. I am still excited about our March cruise on the Breeze. I hope everything, especially dining issues, will be resolved long before then.
  5. That has been my experience too.
  6. I believe they were 12% off for well over a year. Prior to that they were 10% off. Occasionally they run out of one or more denominations, but they seem to come back fairly soon. My GUESS is that while cruises were routinely being cancelled during the last year or so, gift card sales waned, and Carnival is hoping that is turning around.
  7. I don't remember when the menu was last changed. I have enjoyed the Chef's Table at least four times and have, each time, been contacted (maybe by phone in the cabin?) about allergies. One time a vegan participated and as I remember most of the dishes she was served were adjusted for her. The rest of us were served the dishes as the chef preferred.
  8. The Dream class ships used to host it in the galley. They may find another location post-covid. It was fun there but somewhat noisy. Conquest class ships host it in a private room off the mid-ship dining room. Very pleasant location. I will say only this ( there should be some surprises): If you are a meat and potatoes lover or otherwise picky eater, don't do it. If you are a more adventurous diner, don't miss it. You don't select an entree, you are given each appetizer, each course (5-7), and dessert. And wine. It takes around 3 hours and is a memorable evening. You will be contacted prior to dinner about allergies and aversions and the chef will accommodate your needs for specific courses.
  9. And thank you too. I didn't get that one.
  10. My only suggestion, probably a lame one, is after paying gratuities from the OBC, use the bulk of it to buy Carnival gift cards while on the ship. At least that way you would have total control over applying it to future cruises you want to book.
  11. Txcruiser, I am terribly picky about cabin location and would probably make several attempts to get it fixed. Bottom line is you are at Carnival's mercy in this instance. I hope you can find someone who can change it for you.
  12. The protocols listed seem reasonable to me. I am eager to read reviews from the first few cruises to see how it all works. Best wishes for smooth and fun sailing!
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