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  1. bury me at sea

    Carnival gift cards for Princess?

    Perhaps a generic credit card such as Visa or Mastercard gift cards.
  2. bury me at sea

    Want to try something new

    I understand brand loyalty to a point. If I have tried several brands and settled on one that consistently meets my expectations I am fairly likely to stick with it. If it doesn't continue to please, or if someone else offers something that sounds as if it might be more pleasing, I am willing to try it. Assuming you already know you love cruising, why not try other lines?
  3. Thank you for the explanation. I am fond of some kinds of bread pudding, but that is very different from French toast.
  4. bury me at sea

    Different offers, same room choices?

    The website shows a maximum of ten available cabins in a given category at a time. A call to your TA, or Carnival, will give you a wider selection, if more are still available. The different rates have different rules for changing passengers, dates, etc. Obviously not all rates apply to all cruisers. If no one sailing in a cabin has previously sailed with Carnival, the Past Guest rate won't be applicable. A conversation with a travel agent or a phone call to Carnival, should answer any questions you have.
  5. I believe no cruise line departing from a US port would have allowed you to board without the proper documents. They are simply following laws. I am sorry you didn't get to cruise for your honeymoon but to be blunt, this is in no way Carnival's fault.
  6. bury me at sea

    CHEERS question with multiple staterooms

    Your current plan complies with Carnival's Cheers policy. I hope you have a great cruise.
  7. bury me at sea

    Carnival announcement expected 13 Nov 2018 (per John Heald)

    Priceless! Thanks for the laugh.
  8. bury me at sea

    Final payment due before online check in?

    To answer the OP's original question, you can complete the on-line check in process as soon as it is available. Making your final payment has nothing to do with it. In days long gone you could complete the check in process as soon as you booked the cruise. I have little idea of why Carnival changed this. The best I can up with is that they implemented the staggered check-in times.
  9. bury me at sea

    Carnival gift cards on AARP

    While on AARP site go to Rewards for Good. You do not have to be a member of AARP, but you do have to sign up for Rewards for Good, earn points, and then buy the cards.
  10. bury me at sea

    Cove Balcony, Pros and Cons

    I love the coves. They feel bigger and are at least partially shaded most of the time. Be careful with location. Any cabin forward of the midship elevators should be fine. Most cabins aft of those elevators are under the galley.
  11. Because I can picture bread soaked in any liquid for twelve hours.
  12. What a thought. Soak a piece of bread in anything for twelve hours and who needs a garbage disposal?
  13. What is twelve hour French toast? Has it been sitting for twelve hours? I think I'm lost.
  14. bury me at sea

    Carnival announcement expected 13 Nov 2018 (per John Heald)

    I can't understand this either. There are other choices for dinner those evenings.
  15. bury me at sea

    Gratuities Increase!!!!

    I can understand why first timers and Europeans on any line, not just Carnival, might not have considered tips during the initial booking process. All lines could be more transparent on this issue. I have a very different opinion of any repeat cruiser. Hint: starts with C, ends with P, and has an HEA in the middle.