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  1. Thanks. I haven't checked the website in months so I appreciate the update. Allstate fits my needs better.
  2. You bought 5 Carnival gift cards at one time? I haven't bought through their program for a long time. The main reason I switched to Allstate was because AARP limited the number of Carnival cards that could be purchased a month. You don't have to have Allstate insurance to participate in their rewards program. But to each his own. Do whatever works.
  3. Thanks T n C. Having had three cruises cancelled this year I understand the disappointment lots of folks are feeling today.
  4. I recently booked for late April of 22 to replace our October cancelled cruise. In February this year I booked an early March 22 Sailabration cruise, shortly after it was announced. I'm excited about both of them. It's never too early to enjoy the anticipation.
  5. I have many a cold Belikin there. Fine beer in a fine location.
  6. Joe I'm not expecting any miracles here in Texas.
  7. Phone the normal customer service number. Ask to be assigned a pvp. That's all there is to it. Happy sailing.
  8. Thank you so much Megan. It's good to feel a little hope.
  9. It's surprising to me I got reductions on 3 separate cruises and so few others are getting them. I will point out when checking prices, the first Early Saver fare that popped up showed no change. Under "More Options" a second Suite Life Early Saver rate code PEG was listed at a reduced price. In each case I forfeited a promotional OBC, but price matching to the reduced fare was greater than the loss of OBC by $50.
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