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  1. I hope everyone in the US is having a good holiday today! I am actually working (I'm a lab tech at a large hospital so I'm considered essential). My family and I decided to cancel our cruise in October but instead we are cruising in April 2021. We originally were going to be flying to Rome to get on the ship and sailing back to US, but now it's backwards and we will be sailing from the US over to Rome. I honestly feel less anxious knowing that I'm getting on the ship at my home country. I'm so excited for this trip!
  2. I just got some good news today! Mila is doing group classes for her service dog training. There is a company near me that does only service dog training (You also have to have proof of a disability so not just anyone can train their dog). She has officially passed her first class and will be starting her next class in April! Things will be different this time. Since we can't have groups because of the virus we are going to be doing online classes via Zoom. I'm just so excited and proud of her that she passed! I don't think everyone understands but I thought everyone here would. Thanks!!
  3. Thank you! I will for sure! Here is a more recent picture of my girly. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Thank you for this! I’ve been trying to find someone who has traveled to Italy with a SD just for some peace of mind. We are staying at an AirBNB that is already pet friendly, but they know I have a service dog. I plan on making sure anywhere I go is aware ahead of time. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Hey everyone! I've just been lurking lately but I have to tell you, this thread is so amazing! I love how everyone is so helpful with tips for training and otherwise! Mila was supposed to start her next training class this weekend but they have postponed the start date until April. I feel like it's going to end up being crunch time to make sure she is fully trained before our cruise in the fall. She's so smart though so she does really great! I think we will be okay but I will work extra hard with her. She seems to love to learn. Thanks for the idea about taking a dog on a bus to get them ready for a flight! I was trying to figure out how make sure she's comfortable. The two things I'm most nervous about is getting to Italy with Mila and then getting on the ship in Italy. I'm doing as much research as I can to make sure I have everything needed. She will be a year old next month and once we get her shots for the year I'm going to get a binder to keep all of her records. Everyone stay safe!! ❤️
  6. I’ve just started reading through this whole thread and you are such an amazing help! I’ve previously worked with Mila on a fake grassy patch on the balcony (I live on the 3rd floor). I am going to get a mulch box and start using that. She is also doing a two week boarding training session so I’m going to talk with that trainer about working on the mulch box. I know during Mila’s public access class we take the dogs to the airport. Sometimes they are able to work something out with an airline for the dogs to go on a plane just so we get an idea of how a flight will be. The last time I flew I was super lucky to have a service done in my row so I was able to get a little bit of understanding of it. The handler was super nice and helpful when I told her I had a service dog in training. She helped answer a lot of questions! Mila is still training but she will be done before our cruise. She has already been such a blessing to me! I kick myself for not getting a service dog before, but at the same time I think I was meant to have Mila. I’m sure I will have a ton of more questions once we get closer to cruise time!
  7. I’m so happy to have found this thread! I had just posted a topic asking about cruising with my service dog to Rome, but I hadn’t seen this thread yet! I may have to read a lot to catch up on everything. I’m taking my service dog Mila on her first cruise in November. I’m so nervous about it all but I think once we get on the ship I’ll be okay. It’s nice to meet so many others that have service dogs and cruise with them!
  8. Hello! I will be traveling from the US to Rome with my service dog. We will be boarding the ship in Rome. It’s a transatlantic cruise so we will be back in the US. Does anyone have any experience will traveling to Rome with their service dog? This is a new experience for me. We have contacted the cruise line and they know about her. We also know we need a vet to sign off on her doggie passport for Europe. Any advice or tips would be appreciated! This will be the first cruise for my service dog. I’m hoping to take her on a short flight before the trip to Italy to see how to handle her on a plane, but any tips for a longer flight would be good too. My plan is to do a vlog during the trip to see if I can help others, but as of now I need the help! 😜 Thanks in advance!
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