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  1. That is all true, but it seems that permitting passengers to make specialty dining reservation online would solve a lot of passenger and cruise line passenger problems. I generally have other things I need to do upon boarding, like getting a good table for two in the MDR, making sure we have the necessarily "health" items in our cabin, checking our cabin/TV/plumbing is functional, etc. Those take priority over making a specialty dining reservation that first afternoon. I'm sure Princess has some reason for not permitting us making reservations early, but I don't understand their logic. But as
  2. Seems like an inefficient way to do things. If they would permit us going online, starting some time before boarding, things would be much less hectic on boarding day. But Princess doesn't tell me when to take my nap, so I won't tell them how to run a cruise line. 😉 Doug
  3. Based on what I am reading above, it sounds like the special dining perk, like from the current Best Sale Ever package cannot be scheduled in advance? Like when you make your final payment? You really have to wait until boarding to find out where/when Princess scheduled you? Seem odd....... Doug
  4. But one has to remember to log off after using those minutes. Although we have "free" minutes, I found that it was a hassle to log on/off every time, so I just buy the unlimited upgrade. I think it was $60 on our last two 10 days cruises. The need for WiFi is obviously determined by each cruiser; we never needed it until a year or two ago, but circumstances change as you get older sometimes....... Doug
  5. Our needs/wants are closer to yours than the OP's, but the value of the Beverage package is the one thing with these "Freebies" that is up to the individual. Princess puts a super-unrealistic value on it, I think $79 per day? That's nuts. For us the package worth is much less, very close to the formula BSE Value=WiFi+Tips+"our assumption of 2 to 4 drinks per day". Even the WiFi is debatable; we never felt the need to have it until our daughter was diagnosed with a chronic condition; now we get the WiFi package. We get that even though we have free WiFi minutes with our Platinum status <I am
  6. Thanks, Thrak, as usual you are a world of cruising information! My wife is the same with scotch/bourbon/martinis. She is a devoted wine drinker. She will have the occasionally margarita and some other "fancy-poo" drink. <g> Hopefully your experience with doubles and the bartenders will continue for both of us! Not a big thing if not, I will just have my wife's card/medallion along, and the second time they see what I am doing they will figure it's easier to put two shots in one glass. We will wine in the cabin, so she will rarely use the drink package. BTW, I hav
  7. Thanks. I suppose it depends on if the bartender thinks a double is the same as two drinks, eh? If I am only getting something for myself, I could of course present both cards/medallions and ask for "two drinks, but put into one glass". 😉
  8. We'll have the Princess Plus fare on our next cruise which includes their Premium Beverage Package. Anyone know if one can order a "double" neat scotch using the package? We each expect to drink only two or three alcoholic beverages a day. We don't plan to drink in bars as we prefer to drink our pre-dinner drinks on our balcony. I figure I'll get a double scotch (or?) during the day as I go by the bar to stock a RumRummer I often take on ships for any excess I have if I've ordered a bottle onboard. That way I won't have to run down to a bar, then back to the cabin, just before dinner when we'r
  9. For our Feb 2022 sailing the "new" Best Sale Ever price would have beaten the "old" Princess Plus rate. Not by a bunch, maybe $100. Like everyone else, I look at my net cost, not just the posted Princess fare price; IOW, including OBCs, included tips, etc. Plus of course considering how much the beverage, internet, specialty dining packages is worth to me. That's the big variable for most of us. However, for our Dec 2021 cruise booked with the Princess Plus fare a few week ago, the net cost to me would have a little more with the 12/16/2020 Best Sale Ever fare. So I left it alone. <g&g
  10. There are several above that would appeal to me. Thank for taking the time to post that list! Doug
  11. Thanks, that sounds very good. Certainly an adequate if not superior scotch! Do you remember any Macallan on that list? Just anything will beat JWR! For our last cruise, I bought a bottle of JWR to "acclimate" myself to the taste two weeks before we sailed!😲 Doug
  12. Does anyone have a link to what bar liquors are available on the Caribbean Princess, or any Princess ship? The only ones I can find here are out of date and/or invalid links. I can find the bottle to cabin delivery link, but nothing on the "bar menus". I have seen photos someone took and posted, but the most recent appeared to be a few years ago. Thanks. Doug
  13. Our needs are very similar to yours. We don't drink all that much, and prefer to drink in the cabin anyway. 90% of our cruises we've had no beverage package, so early on I smuggled liquor on board, but the last 20 years I've gotten too lazy for that; I just order cabin delivery small bottles at inflated prices for horrible booze! If I roll our cabin delivery cost into the mathematics, the benefit of the beverage package does start to look more attractive. We'd probably never get a "specialty coffee" or milk shake without the package, so on this cruise we're going with the Premier Package as pa
  14. You bring up a good point. A martini well made is a rare bird indeed. I remember once on a Carnival cruise several years ago I asked for a "gin martini, made three parts gin to one part vermouth, shaken until very cold, with two large pimento stuffed olives". The look on the "bartender's" face was not encouraging. Luckily it was a slow time at the bar, so I could coach him through the preparation. I would very much prefer to bring my own condiments and prepare our drinks in our cabin, but now that's not possible unless you smuggle, which I am too lazy to do anymore. The selection of alcohol is
  15. Probably what I ought to do also.....wonder if I can get the martini "to go" in a rocks glass, but casually carry a martini glass with me....full of ice. They in the MDR, "make" my martini!😋
  16. I must be getting excited about the cruise even though it's a year away.....already checked and the Wheelhouse bar is the closest to our cabin.😉
  17. For us it's not so overwhelmingly clear. We are not big <alcohol> drinkers, but when I originally tried to figure the worth of the drink package I compared it to what we usually do: Bring a bottles of wine each, and get one or two bottles of scotch for me and rum for my wife. We also pick up a six pack or two of soft drinks. But the above means buying the awful 0.375l scotch on the ship <last time was Johnny Walker Red>, and getting the soft drinks the night before we sale. And trying to find a close place to our hotel before we hit the sack. We drink only in our cabin, usually on
  18. Thanks. That's what I remember from our last Princess cruise. Used to be handy for lunch on the lido deck. Who knows what those procedures will be in 12 months! Lido might be gone; but hard to believe.
  19. If each of those "parts" above is an ounce, I'd not be able to walk after drinking that martini! 🤪 I'm old fashioned: three parts any good quality London dry gin, 3/4 to 1 part dry Vermouth, shaken not stirred with two Queen olives! At age and/or my meds, that puts me in a mellow mood....but I can still walk to dinner!😎
  20. Roger that on the malts! It's been DECADES since I had one made correctly. You know, the ones with 16,500 calories! Yeah, I miss those also! We are booked on the Caribbean Princess a year from now. We've only sailed on her once or twice before. I think our recent Princess cruise ships had milkshakes. The most recent was on the Crown about a year ago. Great suggestion on the martini glass BTW! Never thought of that. Although I like the "elegance" of a nice stemmed martini glass I must say. Keeps the liquid much colder for one thing. I bought four antique ones for my father about 20
  21. Good point. We always get a table for two. Gotta figure out a way to not hold up on dinner though while we wait for our martinis. We have the early seating, and I know there is a rush between it and the second. No sense making the wait staff's job harder than it is. I may have to switch to scotch for our pre-dinner drink. Get it at a bar on they way to the MDR. I'd not trust their martini to stay cold from the bar to the table. Martini, shaken, not stirred, up. Can't abide ice in my drinks!😎 Thanks for the good suggestions, ya'll! Doug
  22. We have not had a drink package on a Princess ship. We drink very little. With the existing sale (Princess Plus; early Dec 2020), the Premier Beverage package is offered. We normally drink only in our cabin, generally getting a couple of bottles or wine/whisky/etc delivered there. If drinks are only available in bars we'll pass. But we may get the drink package on our next cruise the end of 2021. We would probably have a pre-dinner martini in the dining room. I am assuming drink service is available there? I've never noticed before I am embarrassed to say!🤔 Also, can anyone confirm
  23. This will make you feel better....I bought my 100 shares a few years ago at around 60!😪
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