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  1. Morning Don, sorry to take you off topic but I'm getting on the Golden on Thursday and wondered what you thought of the food. We were on 2 years ago and found the food to be below par, then we got on last year and it was great. I'm hoping that it's still good. Trish
  2. I think it also works well to book early. I booked this cruise one year ago and $4000 was what I paid for a BD cabin on Caribe deck, with $400 OBC an ultimate balcony breakfast, and dinner at a speciality restaurant for 2 nights. I've watched the prices all year and they've never gone lower.
  3. Just an FYI for the kids-Princess usually offers a meet and greet for 18-20 year olds but only on the first or second night, so you have to look for it carefully in the Princess Patter or ask the cruise director about it. It's a great way for young adults to get to know each other and not be completely bored on the ship.
  4. We sailed on Cunard years ago with our kids and the kids club was one of the best we've seen. I also wouldn't be put off by the formal nights because we'd just go to the buffet and eat there, and it was spectacular.
  5. Thank you these pictures are amazing!
  6. Thank you so much now I want a sunset vernada cabin!
  7. Morning everyone, apologies if this question has been asked before but I couldn't find the answer. I've never sailed Celebrity before and I'd like to know if there are any balcony's that are half shaded. I'm a pale skinned Scot, married to an Aussie who tans, so the balcony cabins that have a bit of shade suit us both. I've looked through the cabin information spreadsheet, but any pictures I see appear to have fully covered balconys. Thanks in advance. Trish
  8. We've travelled to NZ a number of times when the kids were under 18 and you've really got no choice but to take the passports ashore with you. There are only a couple of ports that actually ask for the ID but when they do we've always had the passports for the kids. Drivers licences are fine for adults. Trish
  9. I got a move over offer for the Golden Princess sailing 10 January 2019 to NZ, but our adult kids are in an inside cabin and they're not offering it to those cabins as yet.
  10. I send my laundry out on a daily basis and if there is a 24-48 hour turn around it doesn't bother me. I just wish I was elite when the kids were younger but apart from the mini bar it's my favourite elite perk. Enjoy! Trish
  11. Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback. I rang P & O directly and they've confirmed that for a domestic cruise they will accept a passport that has expired in the past 5 years. I was going to get a proof of age card but they need a current passport to issue one. Money is a bit tight so I didn't want to get a passport if I didn't really need to. Trish
  12. Thanks Sinbad-I should have said that she is actually 18 so I just need to see if the expired passport is okay for an adult with P & O. Trish
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