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  1. I did not opt out but mine didn´t work anymore on day 4 and I got a cruise card. steamboats
  2. Seems like transit passengers have priority in MUC... steamboats
  3. I´m using a fanny pack for decades now and never had any problems. In case you´re surrounded by people put your had on the bag. I do have a travel model which has a metal cord in the belt which can´t be cut. Plus the main compartment has a zipper which can be locked. And the clip which opens the belt is covered. I have a shoulder bag too with those safety features. Sorry, I can´t tell you the brand as I´m German and this was sold by a country wide coffee company (Aldi had those too here in Germany). steamboats
  4. You should be able to get off by 7 am, 7:30 am latest. steamboats
  5. The Canal is 171 km long. The regular canal is not wide enough for a ship to turn around. This is possible in the harbor areas like in Nuremberg. Maybe above a lock it´s wider. But I don´t think so. So all ships which were Southbound and already had left Nuremberg are not really able to turn around and go the opposite way. steamboats
  6. @jpalbny I arrived at 2F. Extreme long lines at passport control. I was lucky that I am EU citizen and had the "short" line. Only 2 out of 5 passport machines did work so finally the opened up the line and lead us to a human passport control. Next stop shuttle bus bleu to 2A. The first bus was already packed so I got into the second one. 2A is the last stop on the route and the driver wasn´t in a hurry at all. Then I had to walk the whole terminal building to the utmost end. I´m walking fast and I only had a short restroom stop on the way. But my gate was A37 at the very end... I had more time when I had my stopover in LAX including immigration (I was on Air Tahiti Nui which is a direct flight to Papeete but not non stop and therefore stops in LAX for refueling). steamboats
  7. In a regular balcony cabin you will find 3 US 110V plugs and 1 EU 230V plug plus a USB port next to the bed. Check here for photos. steamboats
  8. I´ve never transited in LHR so far (usually I fly there to go to Southampton). But I totally agree, CDG is a complete mess! I had 2 1/2 hours for transit including passport control and security and I made it to the gate at the beginning of the official boarding time. Unfortunaltey I always had long lines for passport control in FRA plus the long walks. But it´s definitely less stressful than CDG. MUC is even less stressful although we always complain when the luggage needs more time than we think it should need (luxury world problem). steamboats
  9. MSC has EU plugs and US but definitely no UK. So you will need an adapter. We had dispensers in the shower of our Fantastica Balcony - shower gel and shampoo. And browsing through my photos I found a photo of a Yacht Club suite showing exactly the same dispensers. Plus there´s a fluid soap dispenser at the sink. steamboats
  10. Sergei, Once again... to get out of liability both travel agencies and cruise lines will always tell you that you have to take care about the visa. They will never tell you that you need a specfic visa as they don´t know all details (your citizenship, your passport...). They tell you that you need a visa - this doesn´t mean that you actually need a visa and can´t use a visa free travel. This question can be only answered by the visa authorities of the country you want to visit. In your case Singapore told you that you can use the visa free travel. Than print out this information for your travel documents. steamboats
  11. Seems to change... I think my last flight via FRA was in 2017 and there was still an extra security at FRA for connecting flights to the US. But I think currently there isn´t any extra security in MUC either. Lines at passport control were pretty long too in FRA. steamboats
  12. It´ll be out of service til June 19th - that´s the last news. steamboats
  13. @TravelerThom, FRA is an absolute nightmare and I don´t book any flights with less than 2 hours connection time. I´m not sure but as far as I remember FRA guarantees a 45 min connection time. But flying back to the US you definitely have to go through security again. MUC is actually one of the best airports in Europe. Very efficent (unless it´s your final destination than it feels that it takes forever until your bags are delivered). I had problems with broken suitcases but as there is a LH repair shop here in Munich it´s pretty easy for me. steamboats
  14. @TravelerThom transit passengers do not leave the security area at Munich Airport. And they do use a different passport control than those who have their final destination in Munich. It´s pretty efficent and if a flight is delayed you are picked up at the plane by a mini bus which gets you to your connection (and even a separate passport control). This said I talk about connections within the airline alliance (and MUC is a major LH Star Alliance hub). There can be only one problem in case the connection to Nuremberg is with Eurowings. Since June 1st Eurowings does move to terminal 1 while all other Star Alliance flights are at terminal 2. So you have to connect to the other terminal building. There´s a bus connecting the terminals (see here). steamboats (MUC is my "home" airport)
  15. Thanks for adding the credit! He´s at the shipyard for 3 days for research. steamboats
  16. No, it´s not just dredging. There are two plans - one would need a dam and lock plus sort of a new canal to cut off a bend. Raising bridges would mean that you have to build a complete new bridge. That´s a task for several years plus most of the bridges are pretty high in traffic. Any constructions wouldn´t really please the commuters. steamboats
  17. Munich guarantees 30 min for connections. Don´t worry! But actually it doesn´t really make sense to fly from Munich to Nuremberg - it´s a train ride of 1 hour (o.k. you need 45 min to get from the airport to the central station). steamboats
  18. @FreestyleNovice You found my DH´s pix 😉! steamboats
  19. No, Riedenburg is not on the Danube river but on the Canal.... (sic!) steamboats
  20. Sergei, The main problem is that the cruise line won´t (and can´t) tell you anything anyway. They simply don´t know and don´t take the liability for wrong information. I had friends who had the proper paperwork and it took them quite a few time to be allowed to board. The staff at port didn´t have a clue. They always have problems so they saw this coming. The best advice: If you do have a written proof by the Singapore authorities that you don´t need a visa then take it along. steamboats
  21. Actually I have two screws in both of my big toes. They don´t set off the alarm at the airport. But all four screws are titaninum and therefore are not supposed to set the alarm off. So it depends on the material. Get a doctor´s note for the pin and your son should be o.k.. He might be padded but that´s it. steamboats
  22. The cruise line is not responsible for your visa. You have to take care on your own. They might deny boarding if you don´t have the proper paperwork in your passport. You have to ask the authorities in Singapur - you did already and they said no, you don´t need any. steamboats
  23. It´s 1,700 m from Ostseekai to the Central Station in Kiel - so app. 1 mile. The MSC Meraviglia is docked at Ostuferhafen which is farther away. You definitely need a shuttle bus to the Central Station from there. And no, it´s not due to her size. She´s able to dock at Ostseekai too. But MSC has a cooperation with the port of Kiel and paid for the new terminal building there. steamboats
  24. There´s the Kielius bus connecting Kiel Central Station with Hamburg Airport. It runs more often than Flixbus. You can also take the train to Hamburg. For the airport you then have connect at Hamburg Central Station to the S-Bahn out to the airport. Sorry, can´t say anything about Lübeck. steamboats
  25. We had a paper card in our cabin telling us the table number. steamboats
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