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  1. The Encore is going out for another sea trial by the end of the week. No exact date or duration mentioned so far. steamboats
  2. 16.99 for Serenade, Sep 6th, 2020 - got it at it was only 5 Euro more than the 2 device voom. Although I think that ship class is not really worth it. But we wanted to try it out. steamboats
  3. I read reports from cruisers disembarking last weekend. One ship (MSC) did get in late in the evening (instead of an overnight stop). Most ships disembarking did get the people to the airport starting by 5 am to avoid the unrest. All flights by Iberia and Vueling were cancelled. Other airlines were not affected. There was no public transportation available at the airport. I haven´t read anything about taxis. The port area itself is safe. I had friends with a shore stop in Barcelona last weekend and they didn´t leave the ship. steamboats
  4. The Norwegian Encore has arrived back in Bremerhaven. steamboats
  5. The date is Oct 30th. Time? Pretty likely in the morning... something like 10 or 11 am... But this will be inside anyway. The only thing you can see from the outside will be the change of flags. steamboats
  6. BTW, Marinetraffic now say 11 pm as ETA for Bremerhaven. steamboats
  7. You missed out the AIDAnova in your first post 😉 - AIDAnova is the first LNG powered ship, AIDAcosma will be the second for AIDA. The second LNG powered ship will be Costa Smeralda by the end of November, then Iona and Mardi Gras. All ships are based on the same concept (as all are for Carnival brands). But AIDAcosma is not based on Iona or Mardi Gras but on AIDAnova which is the first LNG cruise ship for Carnival. steamboats
  8. Actually the P&O Iona and the Carnival Mardi Gras are built on the same platform as the AIDAnova - AIDAcosma is the second LNG ship for AIDA. steamboats
  9. Here are some photos of the recent refurb of the Europa. https://www.cruisetricks.de/europa-renovierung-zum-20-geburtstag-gewohnter-charme-frisches-flair/ steamboats
  10. 😂😂😂 No, that wasn't me. steamboats
  11. John, on the Med cruises there were a lot of Europeans and first timers who didn´t book any packages. And buying an overpriced drink in a plastic cup is not what they like... Plus there might have been a language barrier too as not everyone might have understood the ordering process. So it was the novelty effect on the first days and then it was more or less empty. I watched... I had my drink and video on the pre inaugural (when it was for free) and even on that 2 nighter the bar was not packed. steamboats
  12. Yeah, but there you get a cocktail mixed by a real barkeeper and served in a fancy glas and not a plastic cup. Rising Tide was always busy in the Med. Wonderland was empty as noone knew there´s a real bar you can go without going to the restaurants. steamboats
  13. According to Jeroen she´s staying in Eemshaven til the 17th. steamboats
  14. On the Med cruises (Symphony last year) the Bionic Bar was empty except for the first two days maybe. Noone was willing to pay the additional 10% Spanish VAT (plus 18% Service Charge - a total of 28% added to the marked price) for those drinks obviously. Might work better in the Caribbean. steamboats
  15. Interesting... yesterday it was still 10/15 Bremerhaven 6 am. steamboats
  16. The Hanseatic inspiration has been named yesterday evening with a great show! All invited guests were in the zodiacs. Public could follow the ceremony from shore. Great light show and projections on the ship. steamboats
  17. My WOW bands are pitch black nothing on them except for the C&A logo on the chip part. I got WOW bands on the Quantum pre inaugural with muster stations on them. No muster station on the Anthem. On the Symphony they simply exchanged the one with muster station for a blank one for no charge. steamboats
  18. MSC usually docks at Isonzo pier at Stazione Marittima. It is walkable from the people mover. The boat shuttles to St. Mark´s are usually only for overnight stays and passenger who want to go ashore. I don´t think they are offered on a turnover day for people embarking or disembarking. I´ve never seen that with any cruise line. Linia Blu from Alilaguna is going to St. Mark´s Square from the port basin. The shuttle ferries stop next to the Alilaguna stop. steamboats
  19. Don´t worry, they are in time... I´ve been on a couple of pre inaugural cruises (meaning those for media, travel agents and invited guests). Some ships are less, some are more finished. Mostly the first ones of a class do have a lot of kinks. But the further ones are usually more finished. Of course - even with experienced crew - the crew is new to the ship and has to find the ways... Some things might take more time than usual but you mainly experience the best of the best crewwise. steamboats
  20. Now she´s gone and already almost up in the Skagerrak. steamboats
  21. The Norwegian Encore hasn´t left Bremerhaven yet... steamboats
  22. She was supposed to leave early in the morning but is still in Bremerhaven. The MS Artania is now docked ahead of the Encore (on Marinetraffic it looks like the Artania is sort of staying off the dock). steamboats
  23. The "open space" is only on Oasis and Allure. On Harmony and Symphony that area is part of the lower level of the Solarium. Only the space above the wing bridges is open. So to add cabins there on Harmony/Symphony they need to "tear" down the lower level of the Solarium which would require a whole new roof construction as the Solarium roof is covering both decks, 15 and 14. steamboats
  24. She has arrived in Bremerhaven early in the morning (meaning in the dark). You can see her on the webcams Webcam 1 Webcam 2 steamboats
  25. The Norwegian Encore is supposed to arrive in Bremerhaven tomorrow morning by 5 am and leave for another round of sea trials at 7 pm. She´s scheduled to return on the 15th and then stay there for the finishing touches. steamboats
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