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  1. Gee, I´ll be boarding the QM2 that day. I haven´t checked the port website yet so I didn´t know. Looks like we´re gonna take the lead which might be a good photo op! The Celebrity Silhouette is listed with 4 pm on the port website. So she might leave first. steamboats
  2. Be aware that most 7 nighters out of Rome (ahem Civitavecchia) by RCI/NCL are interporting. The main turn around port is Barcelona for both lines. Be also aware that Civitavecchia is more than an hour by train from Rome. Regarding Venice, no it´s not the cruise ships killing tourism there. Tourists from cruise ships are only 5 to 6 % of all tourists in Venice. The damage is still not proven. And the ships come in in the morning and leave in the evening. So it´s not all day through... Plus there are a lot of big ferries in Venice too. steamboats
  3. I was referring to the Regal Princess and internal detectors to open/close the door. steamboats
  4. YC includes all beverages in the Top Sail Lounge and you have automatically the premium package for the rest of the ship. As YC pax you don´t have to worry about any queues. The butlers guide you onshore and back onboard. For the full YC experience a Seaside class or a Meraviglia class ship are the best choice and those have the Top Sail Lounge and the YC restaurant inside the YC. steamboats
  5. There are no detectors in the cabin. There is still a card operated master switch next to the door with a white card provided to operate it. It´s just that the outside detector works inside if you are coming to close to the door (the range is much less than when you´re outside as the "signal" is blocked by the metal cabin door). steamboats
  6. There´s just the name and the cruise date on the OM not the cabin number! steamboats
  7. Be aware that the OM even opens the door from the inside when you come too close to the door! So use the security lock when you´re in the cabin or place your OM close to the window. steamboats
  8. When MSC started the status match Elite (or RCI Diamond) matched MSC Black. Last year in October they changed the programm and now you will be "only" MSC Gold. Only Zenith (or RCI Pinnacle) will now match MSC Black. steamboats
  9. He doesn´t need a smart phone. He can use the OM without it. OM will open his cabin door, he can pay anything onboard, he needs it for disembarking and embarking the ship. The smart phone apps are enhancing the experience but are not needed to operate the OM. With the apps you can order a drink, food or anything for the cabin... you can locate people or locations onboard. The only thing you might need a smart phone for is when you want to be able to locate your Dad as he has to allow this (in the Ocean Compass app). steamboats
  10. No, kids (und the age of 18) won´t have the same coupons as the adults. Actually what the kids get is pretty much worthless - like 2 for 1 for a B&J ice cream bar. And all kids have the same coupons (doesn´t depend on the status). As Diamond and above they do get a gift. And the grandkids will only have the same status if they are living in your household and are linked to your account. steamboats
  11. Usually they don´t do formal nights on the 2 nighters. We didn´t have one. Anyway I had a lady from the US moving to Berlin. So she used the QM2 as a ferry from NYC to Hamburg and moved on with her dogs by train. steamboats
  12. @notamermaid Yes, CroisiEurope struggled with the design of the paddlewheels. They first tried out fixed blades. Everyone with a little knowledge about steamboats could have told them that this doesn´t work out. They made totally new paddlewheels for the Elbe Princesse 1. @G.M.T. They already have great bike paths along the Elbe river and where does Dresden (and other towns along the river) get their drinking water from when you pave the river 😉 ? Yes, we have to blame Fulton for the first steamboat.... steamboats
  13. There´s no difference between kids and other people linked to your household regarding the points... I do have my earned points (so does my DD) and I do have "inherited" points. By the age of 18 the kids does lose the "inherited" points but of course keeps the earned (cruised) ones and keeps the status (in case it has less earned points than needed for the status). So my DD lost all her inherited points when she turned 18 last year. In case you have inherited points and you cruise without the person which earned the points your inherited points will get less. Let´s say you have a total of 8 inherited points and now you are on an 11 night cruise (with another person than the one which earned the points) then your total balance will only show 3 more points as those inherited points are "eaten" up. steamboats
  14. Schottel pump jets are built into the hull on the bottom which is better in shallow waters. Anyway the paddlewheel is even above the bottom of the hull (but of course building a good paddlewheel is not an easy matter). steamboats
  15. Our DD did have a Captain´s Club number as a minor. She was linked to our C&A account and got the same status and on our first cruise with X she got a CC number too and got the matched level. Anyway with the new system everyone should have a CC number too. As well as for Azamara. steamboats
  16. Both, the length and the draft are important. Those 90 cm allow the CroisiEurope boats to cruise longer in a low water situation than the Viking boats with 115 cm. The paddlewheel propulsion combined with a flat bottom hull allows a shallower draft. Screws have to be more or less under the hull and are the first parts to tough the bottom of the river. The paddlewheel can be even a little higher than the bottom of the hull as it has only to touch the water. Side wheels make a boat more maneuverable than a stern wheel (independent wheels can be used to more or less turn a boat on a dime as one wheel can propell forward and the other one backwards). The length is important for turning around a bend in low water and also to turn around the boat in the middle of the river. With low water the navigable channel gets narrower. steamboats
  17. You can buy an insert card for 3 $ showing your status or the flag of your home country and more... But also the Ocean Medallion comes in different colors matching your status. These are two different things. Insert cards showing the status (the blue one on the left is the regular one which comes with the OM) plus the different colors of the OM: Here are more insert cards which you can buy: And another one: steamboats
  18. Yes, no loyality level is blue and the others are colored depending on your status. steamboats
  19. @arlowood I´m totally aware of the fact that Dresden is only part of the story but it´s a good reference for non Germans. And as (my screenname) I´m also into paddlewheel steamboats I use the river level at Dresden to check the general situation there. steamboats
  20. It´s 50% refund plus 50% future cruise credit plus up to 300$ for rebooking flights. steamboats
  21. Marseilles is another option. NCL prefers Marseilles for the refurbs. But it all depends on the capacity. steamboats
  22. Wow, only 56 cm at Dresden... that´s quite low... steamboats
  23. The first sailing is invitation only from Bremerhaven to Southampton Oct 31st til Nov 2nd. The first revenue cruise is the TA starting Nov 2nd out of Southampton. steamboats
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